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You can't win a generation until the generation is over. That's like saying so and so won the 100m sprint when they're only at the 50m mark.

How do you even define win?? Sales? Net profit? How much fun you had with your system?

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What they need is one punch to get their heads back to reality. Hah....

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It would be unnecessary though. If Xbox sales were doing well, I would rather say 'Xbox is selling well' than 'When it comes to xbox sales, xbox is selling well'.

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Just saying, some people don't sit in front of the computer the whole day waiting for replies...

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However, there's a difference in keeping the aim on the enemy for three bullets of an assault rifle and 4 perfect bursts of a battle rifle.

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It's a comparison to show what the two platforms are capable of.

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"Mods =/= DLC (but i hate both)"

On PC you have to CHOICE to use mods. On consoles, you're not given a choice. You've only got what's handed to you on the CD.

"free online , but garbage servers same as PSN but far away from XBL
more work on PC = extra money "

We have to pay extra money where? I don't remember ever having to put in extra costs to go game online on PC.

"and all...

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Part of service down =/= service is down. Djplonker's argument is that 'the service' has been down 9 times in the past 18 days. His argument fails materially and therefore does not stand.

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"There are people who have beaten dark souls without dying..."

Key words 'there are'. You are making an existential argument that there exists at least 2 people who have accomplished this. That does not mean they represent the entire population. Just because there was one person who finished it without dying does not mean everyone can do it.

With the same logic, cars don't need seatbelts and the world does not ...

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Should probably add in the price of a tv and home theater system for the PS4 then shouldn't you? Let's also not forget to mention the on-going costs to even play online and take into account the difference in price of said multiplatform games on PC and PS4.

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How can you come to a conclusion with an assumption made from a vague premise? It makes no sense to form arguments off assumptions because they hold no credibility and cannot be proven.

Anyone who had taken philosophy will know this is a fallacy of ambiguity. You're riding off this assumption that ambiguous premise Z is a comparison of X2 and Y2, and not X1 and X2.
The lesson to be learned here is that an argument only make sense if the supporting evidence is evi...

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Yes, I would discredit this conclusion of blind loyalty and have the means to prove it.

This article makes such an unrealistic assumption and uses it as evidence to prove the conclusion. As a matter of fact, you even go as far as acknowledging that there is an symptom but continue to claim it's credibility.

Let's firstly understand how this survey was conducted. Let's say you've got the previous generation of console X. If I were to ask you wh...

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Septic is completely correct with this fallacious argument. The grounds of evidence to prove delusion is delusional in itself. Here's why.

If you were upgrading from a PS3 to PS4 and said a reason for doing so is because of its faster processing power, could I not conclude that you are delusional because PC clearly had more processing power? This is precisely what this argument uses as it's basis, an empty claims fallacy.

These people surveyed were qu...

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Just giving you a heads up, the D in CAD is 'design', so you don't need 'design' after 'CAD'.

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That would be correct assuming all campers are snipers, but as you probably would know, it isn't the case.

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He's not telling you what to do. He's telling you what's correct. If you were making a cake, you don't say 'I'm cooking a cake'. You say 'I'm baking a cake'. Cooking and baking is just like hacking and ddosing.

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Momentum is proportional to the velocity time mass. The PS4 went from V(initial) to zero. Change in momentum (impulse/impact) is mass*((finalvelocity)-(initial velocity))

If we were to set a coordinate system such that falling is positive velocity and going up is negative the impulse of the PS4 would be (PS4Mass)(V1-0)
which is (PS4Mass)*(-initialvelocity)

The Xbox One on the other hand goes back up (hence negative final velocity), so the equation wou...

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"The PS4 falls FLAT on the surface so the linear momentum variation is BRUTAL (it goes from full speed to 0 in a infinitesimal time)!"

This part is true, the impulse from said velocity to zero in a fraction of a second is very large.

"On the other hand, the XBOX One falls and starts rotating, which shifts some of the translation kinetic energy into rotation kinetic energy which reduces the momentum variation and leads to a weaker impact... &quo...

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Cause curiosity.

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Consoles have no equivalent to DoTA. Your point?

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