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Momentum is proportional to the velocity time mass. The PS4 went from V(initial) to zero. Change in momentum (impulse/impact) is mass*((finalvelocity)-(initial velocity))

If we were to set a coordinate system such that falling is positive velocity and going up is negative the impulse of the PS4 would be (PS4Mass)(V1-0)
which is (PS4Mass)*(-initialvelocity)

The Xbox One on the other hand goes back up (hence negative final velocity), so the equation wou... #4.4
"The PS4 falls FLAT on the surface so the linear momentum variation is BRUTAL (it goes from full speed to 0 in a infinitesimal time)!"

This part is true, the impulse from said velocity to zero in a fraction of a second is very large.

"On the other hand, the XBOX One falls and starts rotating, which shifts some of the translation kinetic energy into rotation kinetic energy which reduces the momentum variation and leads to a weaker impact... &quo... #12.1
Cause curiosity. #11.1
Consoles have no equivalent to DoTA. Your point? #18.1.1
You hesitated. You're not ready. #2.1.1
That's a simile. #1.1.1
If Destiny had it AND KZ Mercenary had it, then it is like Destiny and is also like Mercenary.

If an animal you saw had wings, it would be like both a sparrow and pigeon in respect to wings. You don't argue which came first, the sparrow or the pigeon and declare that the trait of 'having wings' can only be likened to the one that existed first. #21.1.2
"Because PS+ is much better... If you disagree tell me how Games with Gold is better?"

You mean the games which you get from PS+ are better? Let's compare apples to apples here.

"Is it not the truth? Well let me rephrase it for you. PS+ is better IMO."

So it is the truth that PS+ is better because it is your opinion? Cool argument bro.

"If you disagree tell me how Games with Gold is better?"... #2.1.4

I guess you don't understand what the idea of a beta is about then do you? If a company has a beta or a 'taste-test', it sends a very clear image that they want something helpful out of the testers. I'm assuming you have no clue what that is. #34.1.2
The zoom feature on weapons have changed to the CoD style zoom. You remember how in halo 1 when you zoom in with the pistol the gun disappears and it looks like this:


Now with the Battle rifle (at least) the zoom has taken the form of CoD's, looking like this:

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Short battery-life what? #10.2.2

Just because it says review it's level-headed?

Learn to analyse. #1.1.8
There's a difference between a game being a flop and a person wanting a game to flop. You're the latter. #3.3.2
"The horrible spawn system is turning me off"

So what aspect of the game turns you on?

Okay, bad joke. Sorry.... #38.2
It would have been boosted by the population of people that have played Minecraft. #5.1
Again, to reiterate. 'Sales' is not an indication of quality of line-up of games. PS4 may be leading in 'sales', but this does not entail they are leading in the line-up.

Also to add, is it not expected that the PS4 would be selling more games? They are after-all, leading in console sales so it's nothing too special to be selling more software.

The quality of game line-up depends on two factors. The quantity of games AND the quality of t... #28.1.2
What's the ratio of PS cheerleaders to PC and XB1 cheerleaders combined in this article? I'm curious. #26.1.1
It's not ironic, it's just an illogical argument.

You're attempting to use sales figures as a indication of a consoles game line-up. One console could be offering only two games but selling a tonne, while the competitor could be offering six games, but selling less. Applying your logic in this case, the console with only two games has the better game line-up. #28.1
You might want to hit up the definitions if you think that pointing out a security flaw is considered 'trolling'. #31.1
Did you buy the SSO bundle? #20.1
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