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And personally I feel the same way about single player games. To be quite honest, I don't like that I have to pay more for a game like Black Ops, when I personally couldn't care less about the campaign. So there are both sides. I'm assuming Activision has done their research and due diligence and come to the conclusion that the majority of players do not play or finish the campaign.

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Huh? First of all, what did I say to make you think I needed to chill? Second, I never even replied to your original comment, so what are you going on about?

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#4 already exists. You can drive the pathfinder underwater like a submarine, you don't have to swim.

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I swear Konami and Kojima are super trolling and are somehow going to weave it all into some sort of marketing gimmick related to the Phantom Pain

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Sounds like he just had a crappy password, end of story

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If anything, I'd say that's a good thing. Means they're hard at work.

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If they refund him, what does this say to the public? It says "go to your friends house, buy games on your account, play them, then later call us and we'll refund you!"

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This article fails to mention that if you hit skip when searching for your ps4, you can choose to direct connect to ps4 which is the best way to play. You just have to be in the same room as the ps4.

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What? What happened to Sears?

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Super excited!

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Very true, for example... This guy

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Darn. Was hoping to see gameplay not read it...

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That's a grenade... Not a special

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@koolaid You mean 127,000? And Who's tod?

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They told you this?

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One of their interview videos he said everything is persistent. So if you put something down for example, it'll be there even when you leave and come back

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Cool, I may actually play this now. Not a huge single player fan. Get lonely.

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Seriously though, why was this not in the game at launch? They kept advertising that it would be. None of my friends play Watch Dogs anymore.

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Ya, I jumped the gun before I heard the news. I'm pretty pissed. It definitely didn't make the cut this year. On the ostco website on the game page, the back of the cover says local coop up to 4 players (stupid, since Xbox can do 8) and xbox live is capped at 2. Which means only 1v1. I hate this SOOOO Much! I may cancel my preorder

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