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Daredevil would work much like how Spider-man works in games.

As I said before, the swinging aspect is almost the same. And as for things like sticking to the walls, Daredevil has been known to hang off ledges with his billy clubs, just not the way someone like Spider-man obviously would.

And he doesn't need gadgets. You can play off of his radar sense plenty. And have you seen the way he uses those clubs? He's been known... #5.1.2
I don't see how anyone can disagree with gansta here with the Moon Knight mention. I DO disagree with his part about Daredevil not being an interesting character to use in a game though

True, Daredevil IS marvel's "man without fear" the way Batman is DC's "man without fear"

But Moon Knight's character was made specifically to be similar to Batman. The riches, fighting skills, and vast array of gadgets of Moon Knight was Mar... #5.1
That's why I never bought into MP only games as well.

The problem is not enough people know how to speak with their wallets. They only care about the "instant gratification".

Then to make matters worse, when that game's server eventually goes offline, you have nothing but a useless disc (or digital download) that you can't do ANYTHING with anymore. At least games with a campaign can have the advantage of still being of use even after a s... #7.1
I'm going to get a ton of disagrees for this but who cares.

Honestly, just look at what happened to Titanfall. A good game that has become nearly a ghost town in most of the game modes.

It had nothing to do with the quality of the game. But everything to do with the lack of a campaign. If it had a campaign (not that silly campaign within the mulitiplayer idea), the game would probably be more populated.

Because if nothing else, the campai... #6
I can only go by my own watching of the series.

Some episodes are good while others are pretty average for the most part.

But that can't be helped. The source material (the comic) wasn't exactly a big hit as it was. So the series of it can only be average at best. #1.1.1
It's not much of a shock depending on what you look for here.

Bloodborne came out more than two weeks before Dark Souls SOFS on the PS4. So it's not a big deal that Bloodborne is going down in sales as the newly released game comes out.

But, if you're looking at it in terms of a remake of a last gen game selling that well, then maybe that would be more of the surprise. #1.1

Nobody said it would reduce diversity. What I DID say is it will make diversity more costly. For starters, as time goes on, the prices for things like EA Access will rise because of the ever growing server load.

Then you take into account other companies having similar services, you can see how that can be costly per month.

And as for the diversity itself, no one publisher caters to EVERY genre. So yeah, you can possibly end up payin... #5.1.8
They can't exactly do that even if they want to

If Microsoft suddenly says forget Japan, then Japanese developers will "forget" them in the same manner, even in the west. Which means in order to get games like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and even most of the Japanese fighting games, Microsoft would have to shell out a ton of money to bring them to their system in the west.

Whereas Sony is/will get all those games without having to pay extra liter... #9.1
ok, that was uncalled for.

I admit, that WAS funny. Still foul though #5.1
Hell, if they announce EA Access for the PS4 I'll be pretty fearful of gaming's future.

Because soon, Activision will follow. Then Ubisoft. Then Deep Silver. Then Capcom.....you get the idea.

Soon, we'll be pay each individual publisher for their services. If you're a gamer that likes diversity in his/her library, this could be a nightmare waiting to happen on your wallet.

I'm hoping EA Access fails to be honest. Not to be... #5.1.2
Not to jump in on this but there is also a HUGE difference between a company taking down their network to fix an exploit compared to an unknown anomaly causing issues on it. #12.1.2
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This is closer to the source material than any other comic tv show and/or movie out there by far.

This is how a comic series should be done, being close to the source material. I know many producers don't like to do that because they feel it wouldn't translate out well on screen. But this series pretty much contradicts that. Which is a VERY good thing by the way.

I PRAY they put out season 2. If they do, we may see Kingpin start hiring people like Bullse... #4
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People seem to think he's nothing more than a man that fights like Batman without the equipment.

But yeah, you couldn't really use the detective work angle in Daredevil, you CAN use his lawyer work. Say for example, sometimes play Matt Murdock and delve into the legal parts in lieu of the detective parts that the Batman games pretty much hold your hand in.

Also, on a side note, Punisher had TWO gam... #1.1.4
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Nah, Punisher doesn't simply because he already had a game. Superman had a few as well.

If anyone should get their own game more than Daredevil, it will be a short list for sure.

But it would be a great time for a Daredevil game, especially with how well that Netflix Daredevil series has been received. #1.1
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What avatar world DOESN'T have that problem?

And I like how you call it pointless and useless, yet video games used to be classified the same way, as pointless and useless.

Just because YOU think something is pointless and/or useless doesn't mean everyone shares your opinion. #5.3.2
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WCxAlchemist's comment history could have told you what he or she is all about.

The person has all the "telltale" signs of a troll. One bubble, making attempts at bashing certain games in articles that have nothing to do with them, etc.

That's why sometimes it pays to not bother replying to certain people on this site. #1.3.4
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Someone doesn't know what they're talking about.

HOME made plenty of money for both Sony and the independent developers that worked on it.

Why do you think so many of them are creating their own Avatar worlds to put on the PS4? They KNOW they have an audience. #5.3
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To be fair, this isn't the only thing coming to the PS4. There's Neotopia, Big City Stories, and a few others from the HOME developers. So Atom Universe is going to have some competition. #3
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I've been trying to tell people that very same thing. Zynga was falling long before he took that job.

I'm not a Mattrick fan either. But It's not as if Zynga was the golden company that he solely tarnished. Zynga was losing money way before he came. And their stock drops at the time showed it in spades. #1.8.1
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To be fair, Zynga was already reporting losses and failing well before he even took the job. So it's not like he took a good company and made it crap.

Oddly enough, the founder is taking the job back, which isn't saying much because it was under his watch that the company started to falter in the first place.

Zynga may just be doomed to fall. #33
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