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I have nothing against pac-man, galaga and the rest.

But where are the complaints of "they're making us pay for the same games again" or "we already own these" cries that everyone likes to through around?

We already had most of these games sold to us in numerous ways and versions on both PSN and XBL.

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Well, in honesty, I can see why people would ask this.

After Soul Sacrifice, what has came out from this guy?

I had totally forgot about Red Ash failed kickstarter, Mighty No 9 still hasn't come out yet. And Recore doesn't even have a release date.

Personally, I think ( not know) that Sony probably pushed him to finish Soul Sacrifice and SS Delta. Microsoft will probably have to push him to finish Recore. Because if they don't, th...

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I've known about this for at least 3 years now. But for anyone looking into this kind of thing, "Andy" is much better than Bluestacks

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"Remedy Games has often been described as Microsofts version of what Naughty Dog is to Sony"

Ok, I can't speak for anyone else, but I damn sure don't remember Remedy often being seen as Microsoft's version of Naughty Dog.

Not to mention before we even make such a comparison, Remedy would have to be owned by MS.

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This is one of the biggest problem with people now. Everything thinks and "assumes" something is going to be given free at some point.

Then they get pissed off when it doesn't happen. Remember Fuse? People thought just because it didn't sell well it would be given free on PS Plus or GWG. Yet it still hasn't happened.

Me, I'm buying this rather than "hope" it becomes free one day.

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I'm not sure and it wasn't stated. But honestly, it probably would have been a class action suit. So divided among millions of customers, nobody would have gotten any more than a few dollars at best.

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They did, but this is from a different part

This one was from the disclaimer survey they had going about 6 months after it all happened. If you took it and said you wouldn't press a lawsuit, they promised you an extra game.

I got my code last week so this news is pretty late.

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These weren't the same games. You mean the game selection that they let everyone pick from when the breach happened.

The codes they're sending out now was from a disclaimer agreement that was on their site that basically said if you forfeit a lawsuit on them, you get another free game of your choice. The selection was different from the first games they gave. This time, you only got 1 extra game though

Many people (like myself) got both sets of free g...

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@- halfblackcanadian First off, thanks for the correct up there,

First point- Listen to the customers can be one way to consider it. But if they were truly listening to the customers from the start they wouldn't have let it fester and then finally take kinect out of the xb1 defacto bundle due to sales.

Second point point- that sounds good. But he directly spoke if it in his keynote.

Third point- The man got on stage and told people it was X...

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" You'll need kinect to use your XB1" - Less than a year later, that were forced to drop that idea

"You won't need extra hardware to upgrade, the cloud can handle the extra work"- Now he's talking about making XB1's that can be upgraded to do just that

"Quantum Break won't be going to PC"- A Win10 version is coming day to date with the XB1 version.

Moral here is it doesn't matter what he s...

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Ok, how do you know Capcom can do that if they wanted to? You said it yourself, NONE of us know the full details of their deal. So with that said, how do you know there isn't anything in this agreement between the two companies that bars such a thing from happening.

And yes, I'll keep putting things an ALL CAPS as much as I feel like it as much as YOU DO. Why you're getting heated about that is beyond me

When Sony says...

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I like the looks of both characters too.

But I can understand why they went with the classic tried and true look(s).

They probably remember how DMC was received when it was first shown

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Yeah I caught that too.

Every once, certain members of the gaming media world accidentally show where their allegiances lie rather than have no allegiance at all as it should be

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Even though there is some truth to what he says, he's more a part of what's wrong than what's right.

His Epic Mickey games didn't exactly set the platforming genre ablaze with change.

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It actually has plenty of community support. I will say this much though, that dlc can get expensive over the course of all the lbp games since it can use dlc from lbp1, lbp2, and lbp karting.

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Ok, while I remember all the hypocritical things said by people hear, did you really have to say that?

All a comment like that does is add to the arguments that constantly swirl this place.

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I don't know if I'd used the XB1 reveal as an excuse at this point. It's almost 2 1/2 years removed now.

The excuse more than likely has to do with the strong lineage that the Playstation brand has.

That's why it the PS3 ended up catching up and passing the XB360 even though it came out a year to a year and a half later and had a $200 plus price disadvantage. And even when prices went down, the PS3 didn&...

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Look, it's cool if you want to disagree. But just show me some examples that from this point on, Microsoft won't have their crossplay games exclusive to Windows 10. From what I'm seeing as I said, from this point onward, their crossplay looks relegated to Windows 10.

Like I said, I could be wrong, I don't pay attention to MS like that. So, instead of just disagreeing, just show me examples that I'm wrong is all I'm asking. And no, it's not me troll...

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Microsoft has no problem with cross play as long as it's with Windows 10, at least that's how it looks to me. From what we've been reading/ seeing, moving forward XB1/PC crossplay is only happening as long as it's a windows 10 game. I could be wrong though.

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I can't believe I even have to explain this like a child but ok.

When I refer to "the rules", I meant the fact that Capcom can/did tell you anything they wanted WHEN IT WAS ONLY THEIR MONEY USED. But now since SOMEONE ELSE is funding their project, they can't simply just say and do whatever they want offhand.

And no I'm not taking any company's word ( in this case Capcom). What I AM doing is looking at the agreeme...

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