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Nobody is knocking them for trying to right the wrong. But the fact of the matter is if the price isn't reduced, it's not enough.

And the VR is just semantic at best because it's not like everyone is going to have PSVR. So even if square said "VR justifies the price", that would mean anyone who purchases this game brand new would be forced to spend extra on a feature they don't either want/or won't use.

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I can only speak for myself on this one.

But even this doesn't get them in my good graces as a PS4 owner. It's great that this will have all the DLC and even a VR portion. But unless the price is reduced, nothing they do will erase the "second fiddle" treatment Square Enix willingly took part in.

And even the VR doesn't make a $60 price tag legitimate because that doesn't take into account people that won't buy PSVR.

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Personal opinion, but for me, I'd call it scraps.

I bought both this and UC4 the day I bought UC4. I don't really play UC4 on multiplayer much because I've never been a fan of multiplayer games.

That aside. I beat Rise of the Tomb Raider once and didn't bother with it again. I beat Uncharted 4 three times. That right there should tell you which one I liked more

But yeah this is scraps because it's a year late. So to ...

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Wait a minute

Back when Sony wanted to do this, Microsoft was quick to say no and disregard it. Now that MS is behind the 8ball, you hear all this stuff about changing their mind and suddenly wanting cross play with Sony.

Sony's done cross play with the PC numerous times over the years so I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue. But why SHOULD they do it now when MS didn't even want to entertain the notion before?

IF MS was win...

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The Vita has been solely about Japanese games and indie games for a few years now.

It's been called "dead" for 3 years now. Yet it's still getting games. The Wii U came out AFTER the Vita, look how much it's getting in comparison.

Oh and yeah, nice biggot card you pulled. With that notion of " dead in a real gamers eyes tbh"

I'll need to remember that I'm not a real ...

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How do you figure that?

Just because it's set in it's own universe doesn't mean it won't contain the story or lore we all know.

All it means is that the story of the game isn't tied to any of the comics or movies.

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Everyone has an opinion sure enough, but I have to disagree with you here.

Scalebound doesn't look exciting at all. In fact, from that E3 2016 stage demo, they made it look rather boring.

Nier on the other hand seems to be getting the Platinum Games attention level that Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising got.

On a personal note, I THINK (not know) that Avatar, Transformers, TMNT, Starfox, and Scalebound (potentially given the stage dem...

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This is why I don't like their anti-cheat idea of banning someone forever.

Are they going to let everyone that seems like they're cheating prove themselves or is this just a one off?

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I've heard nothing about it. Would be nice if they did bring it west though

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You and me both.

I'd be even happier if they made a physical release of it as well. But they probably won't. But I'd take Yakuza digital (although not my preference)

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Any setting where there is ancient God lore would have been fine.

I think they went the Norse route because it was the easiest to go. The ancient Egyptian route would probably have been fairly challenging compared to either the Greek, Norse, or Roman Gods idea.

BUT, the Egyptian route would have definitely set itself apart as idea is far different from the other three.

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Are you joking?

MS moving away from timed exclusives? You say that yet you saw what they just did with Dead Rising 4 JUST TWO DAYS AGO at E3?

Microsoft are the ones more likely to do that than Sony. And as for clinging to it, You do realize MS has (and continues) to do that far more than Sony has.

A good portion of the games even published by Microsoft Studios are being developed by third parties as either timed or full XB1/ Windows 10 ...

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lol when they say outpace, the meant year-for-year. The 360 being discontinued doesn't factor into that (not yet anyway)

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Even if this does come to the PS4 a year later, it's going to suffer. They can even give all the dlc along with it and I'm almost sure it wont' sell well.

If there is one thing the last gen taught us, is that games don't normally sell well when you give gamers something x amount of time later than the other platforms. And the sales showed it.

Hell, Rise of the Tomb Raider is set to come to the PS4 this holiday. But you have to ask yourself...

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That's a tough pill to swallow (my opinion)

Unless the NX has some sort of gimmicky control that catches on, it won't recapture the original Wii's audience.

People have to remember why the Wii caught fire to start with. It wasn't because of the games. It was because of the gimmick. Sure games contribute because you obviously needs games to use said gimmick on, but the controller was definitely the draw.

The Wii U didn...

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Ah, I get where you're coming from now.

But truth be told, that's the story of Kamiya's career for the most part. Even when he was with Capcom WAY before he form Platinum, his games never got the acclaim they deserved. Just look at Okami and Godhand as prime examples

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I'd have to disagree to a minor extent.

Their talent surely is acknowledged. That's why everyone is contracting them to make their games.

Honestly, it feels like Platinum have the the "street walkers" of this generation. Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision, Square Enix, etc. All of them contracted Platinum this generation.. Lord only knows who else will. And there is a rumor going around that Konami is considering contracting them for anothe...

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Ok, I had people disagree with me yesterday on this. But this video proves what I said before. Platinum is giving Square Enix more preference and attention with Nier than Platinum is doing for Microsoft, Activision, or Nintendo.

It's not even about "fanboyism" as someone tried to point out.

Just look at the gameplay compared to Scalebound or the Activision games (TMNT, Transformers, Avatar).

They are treating Nier: Automat...

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To be fair, we don't even know if that "outpacing the 360" is true anymore at this point.

The NPD keeps saying MS is down YoY. And when you combine that with the fact that the U.S. is really the only place they have a fighting chance, you have to wonder if they're still outpacing the 360 anymore. The last time they even said that was a year and a half ago. Since then, they've stopped mentioning it.

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Sunny-D beat me to it. I was going to say the same thing.

Everyone knew the PS4 was coming when GT6 came out. That right there would kill just about any game's sales no matter how big.

I used to tell people how Yakuza 1's sales got hammered for that same reason. It came out literally when the PS3 was shown.

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