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is it safe to assume that if Zenimax makes vr software that oculus will be left out?

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hosting full blown multiplayer game servers is different from hosting mods. Sure Valve hosts for their own games. But everyone else that isn't valve that uses steam fend for themselves. Why do you think when gamespy went down, only some of the pc games sold on steam were affected rather than all?

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To be honest, they said that when the Wii U first came out about the original Wii as well. So he (or any corporate head) can say anything he wants to, but history never lies.

They cut the Wii's online to try to push people into buying the Wii U shortly after they themselves said they wouldn't abandon the original Wii.

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Yeah I know it's not just him. It's countless people here that do it. His just caught my eye because at the time it was the last comment and a little more visible for me.

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Guys, if any of you are aware of current events in the world (specifically politics), You'd know TheColbernator is being sarcastic. His joke went over everyone's head it seems

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Look, I'm a Sony fan too.

But there's no reason to troll like that (or at all). This is why things never change for the better at this site. Someone always has to antagonize

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Your guess about Gold Accounts being the lion share of XBL subs is probably wrong. And the same goes for PS plus accounts compared to free psn accounts.

I say that because I remember about 6 years ago Microsoft let out statistics of XBL. I don't remember the numbers off hand, but it was XBL silver accounts that had the majority, not the Gold ones. Sure, it's possible that changed, just not very likely when you consider there seem to always...

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You're right, power isn't indicative of value. Value is dictated by the content and options these systems bring to the table.

But that's now how the average customer sees it. The average customer does price comparisons. So being weaker than two competitors that have systems that are stronger doesn't do Nintendo any favors.

When the Wii took off, it didn't take off because people saw value in it. And it didn't take off because of th...

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When they say steep pricing, I think they're referring to in comparison to their competition's hardware being cheaper, yet considerably more powerful.

If the Switch came out around the same time as the other two systems, of course that price doesn't look that bad. But the fact that it's coming out 3+ years after the competitor machines that are both more powerful make the price look suspect.

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They said the same thing when the Wii U was coming out with the Wii not getting replaced.

I hope people realize this "corporate talk" companies dole out and not take them for their word

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That only applies to the xbox 360, not the Xbox One

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The Xbox 360 games you can keep forever. The Xbox1 games operate just like the Playstation machines

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That's only for the xbox 360. The XB1 acts exactly like the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

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Yeah, not keeping them is an issue too.

Granted the PS4, XB1, PS3, and PS Vita, don't let you keep them either (only the 360 allows that). But these games are NES and SNES for god sake. They SHOULD let you keep them on account that they're WAY past their prime.

I can understand the current gen not letting you keep them since we're talking current (and sometimes brand new) games.


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I said that same thing and people called me a fanboy for it.

I don't see how people can jump for joy over games that predate the ps1/ sega saturn era being monthly free games. You can ALREADY get those free with roms and emulators. They SHOULD go the GCN/ N64 route instead like you're saying.

But the problem is instead of pointing out the issues, Nintendo's fans are praising this.

This isn't even about fanboyism of any kind ...

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They said people would get free NES and SNES games monthly.

I know some people will like that. But to me personally, that's a load of crap.

They need to make the same kind of deals sony and microsoft do for free games. Offering old 8 bit and 16 bit games that predate the 32 bit era isn't cutting it for me personally. Especially since you can get roms and emulators free

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I meant starting a trend of having a paid service on Home systems. Not that they started the general idea of subscription based gaming. Maybe I should have just worded it better

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Where do you see me saying microsoft is "evil" All I said was they started a trend. Don't put words in my mouth please lol.

Edit- @aconnellan

It's ok man. I've been known to jump the gun at times like that too so I get it.

I'm a Sony fan yeah, but that doesn't mean I don't see when they do something stupid or when the competitors have something good on their hands.

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Well, Microsoft started a trend.

I wish Sony and Nintendo didn't follow it. But if you're a business and you saw your competition doing it and the customers for the most part accepting it, you'd do it too. So I didn't blame Sony for it and I don't blame Nintendo for it now. Why should the competition get money for it and you don't right?

Still wish both Sony and Nintendo were free online from a customer stand point, but I understan...

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Yeah but Tokyo Jungle ended up being well received.

This game, I'm not so sure about to be honest. I didn't even watch the full video on it because I didn't like it

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