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Historically, Ubisoft has always been highly supportive of Nintendo. Especially in the early stages. Just look at the Wii and the early Wii U. Then as their software sales on the system(s) fall flat, they port their games to the competitors. So I'm not convinced until other big publishers say the same.

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Yeah but they would have done this even if it wasn't a flop. Nintendo needs to fix their operating culture as a whole.

Remember, the Wii sold over 100 million. That didn't stop them from cutting the Wii from the network and abandoning all of those customers for the Wii U. So flop or not, this was bound to happen. See how they said they weren't going to abandon the Wii U for the NX. They said the exact same thing for the Wii when the Wii U was releasing.

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Is anyone really shocked by this?

Nintendo would have cut the Wii U whether it was a success or not. Look at the original Wii as the example. It sold past 100 million. Yet Nintendo still cut the Wii's Network support and product support when the Wii U was coming.

In essence, Nintendo left the vast majority of their customers hanging. And it's not like every Wii U owner had a Wii.

My opinion, there's no excuse for them doing ...

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Well, if this is something that had to be made from the ground up, then I can understand charging.

If this is something that required some patchwork, then it should probably be free or at the very least a SMALL fee for those that own the original DC and normal price for those that don't have the original DC.

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My opinion, this is just about as bad as that Sonic Mania Collector's edition (has no physical disc either).

I can only speak for myself here. But there is NO WAY IN HELL that I'm buying a collector's edition (or boxed edition) of a game if it doesn't have a physical disc of said game

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That's how it is when people want to push agendas. Put out the facts that might make the product they choose look good. And make a point to neglect the facts that will put the product they choose in a negative light.

It's a pathetic, yet daily occurrence.

Edit- the headline is corrected now lol

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The PS4 version runs at 60 fps though compared to the 30 fps on the xb1.

Plus to be fair, they had almost 10 months extra time to work on the xb1 version so it makes sense some things get tweeked

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Even though what he said is true, he sounds like he's just piggy backing off the hate.

Konami was WELL into their decline when he was working on the Castlevania games. He didn't seem to feel their lack of vision when the first Castlevania lord of shadows was getting praise. He was in fact praising them during that time even with Konami's poor practices.

It's funny the things that come out of people when they're aren't employed at a...

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I agree with a lot of what you said. But unfortunately, appealing to the common denominators is how companies need to survive these days (some of them anyway).

As for the reused assets, Call of Duty was/ is notorious for that, Activision still makes bank regardless.

I especially agree with you on it being dlc rather than a stand alone game. But then again, I'm not sure we even know if this is going to be dlc or a stand alone from what I can tell. Pri...

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I'm sorry but I don't put much faith in Youtube backlash. People these days use youtube and social media to in a sense hijack things if they don't seem to be what they want. And then get shamed when they get shown up.

Case in point, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. It gets announced and shown. Youtube hits it with LOADS of hate, dislikes, and backlash.

Fast forward to E3, Sony's conference. they show this space fps game. People were raving a...

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This game does not look horrible. Sure, it's a cash grab. But so what. Most of the games we play could be considered cash grabs. Especially the milked yearly sequel ones.

But on point, too many people are using their "Kojima love" to knock the game. I'm a fan of his sure, but I'm not going to sit here and act like everything with his name attached is gold.

Metal Gear= Critical and financial success
Z.O.E.= Critical success ...

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I'm offended that I'm not added to this list.....

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I agree with Silly gameAr on this one

Being lied to is one thing sure.

But you have customers playing the game for 50 hours plus, then turning around saying "we've been lied to". If you are a customer that sat there and played the game for more than 2 days, I'm sure you figured what you were getting by that point. So yeah, Steam SHOULD clamp down.

If you're someone that played the game for an hour or two, then clai...

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They will if the numbers and data are in their favor.

Companies have done this before there was ever a such thing as consumer electronics. If they numbers are good, companies will more than likely (not all the time) make a point to announce said numbers.

And the vice versa is true. If the numbers and data are unsatisfactory, they aren't always going to be quick to let that be known (not all the time).

So yeah, it is considered sensi...

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Yeah, back then the Angela character was part of image comics. In the Spawn series, she was an angel initially sent to kill Spawn.

I'm not well versed on the legal matters but now Marvel owns the character. And Marvel made her the sister of Thor and Loki.

Personally, she doesn't seem to really fit in Marvel. But that's my own opinion. But that's not the first former image property that Marvel now owns. In fact, the PSN show "Powers&q...

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Doesn't have to be. Doesn't change the fact that a few years ago the competition did the same thing

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While that's a nice idea, that's not exactly feasable.

Where talking about a streaming service with PSNOW, not a digital license you own. They aren't going to let you use their servers to stream a game just because you already own it OUTSIDE the service of PS Now.

Look at it this way. Think about if you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime account and they are currently streaming a movie or show that you own digital or physical. Are they going to le...

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I don't see how you figure it isn't doing well just because it's being brought to the PC. That was their very intention when they announced the service. They outright told everyone that after it comes to the PS3 and PS4, it would come to Smart TVs (Sony and Samsung already have it), Smartphones, and Personal Computers.

And as for the $10 more for PS Plus, It's not different from when Microsoft raise their price $10.

"$20 a month to pl...

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I've notice that too.

It goes back to a statement I made two years ago.

SJW's don't want "equality", they want dominance.

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Ah I get you. That makes sense.

At least for once we get an independent author without an ulterior motive or deception behind his/her article. So I'm sorry for even implying such.

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