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"You bring up the stock market and then argue against bringing up the stock you argue with yourself often?"

You read what you want to read. I didn't "argue" about bringing up the stock market. I said the stock market which he (and apparently you) brag about aren't the same thing/ don't equate to the economy. Which it doesn't.

And as for that "liberal 101" crack. I'm actually an independent. So...

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What are you even talking about? Making up examples you didn't give?

Black unemployment lowest in 17 years...While at the same time Carrier sends jobs to Mexico, Ford sends jobs to China and Coal Mines close.

And as I said, for the job numbers, YES, they are the same numbers that were coming out during Obama's last two years in office and are actually even trailing them by a small amount

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@ theFleXy-

I "common sense" all day long. Do you?

Record Highs in the Stock Market aren't the same thing as Record Highs in the economy. "Record Highs" in the economy aren't record highs if they match the same numbers of guy before him had during the last 2 years of his term.

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Ok, you can hate Obama all you want. But now you're pushing blatant lies

He cut the deficit from the EXPLOSION that George W. Bush made:

If you want to speak about transparancy, you should zip up your own first when you spou...

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He hasn't done anything for the economy. He hasn't put out a single economic policy to date yet has been bragging about his "accomplishment" from moment he got into the office. The economy was like this during the last two years of Obama's presidency.

He hasn't grown any jobs, he's just taking credit for something he didn't do (as usual)

He bragged about Carrier jobs staying, yet the STILL cl...

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Everything you said is correct. I try to tell people that same thing. But when I do, "I'm just some leftist".

Some of what you said is already coming to pass.

For example, remember when Trump told those coal works they'd go back to work. Well....

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How can you sit there and brag about Walmart giving a 1 dollar raise when at the same time, they are literally giving pink slips and closing 63+ Sam's Club stores? That is not "trickle down" working. That's corporate greed working.

And they aren't given the employees $1000. They said UP TO $1000. Meaning most of them aren't getting anywhere near that.

And as for that crack you said about the economy boom...

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And to think, people still try to make excuses for this lunatic.......

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The Xb360 and PS3 both have games gone from their digital stores. Even steam loses licenses on content. You won't find any game gone from psn yet still on xb live.

Even if a game is delisted, if you paid for it or downloaded it, it's still in your library for you to download anytime you want even if it's no longer in the store.

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Ok, what games have people not been able to download anymore after they've paid for them?

Because I've been able to grab EVERYTHING I've paid for dating back to even launch psn games. If this were true, this would have been a bigger story than the PSN Hack/ Outage. So to me, writer of this opinion piece needs to show proof of what games can no longer be downloaded that he/she paid for. Until then, I claim this as false.

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Except it's on the PC too. The PS4 didn't kill anything. The developers killed it themselves. The PC has a gigantic amount of gamers on it, yet even on the PC it is dropping to under 500 players? For a shooter game? This game would have died on Xbox the same way it's dieing on PC and PS4.

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That's a tough one. I agree and disagree at the same time. Sometimes, being good isn't enough anymore simply because there are many other good games too. So being a good game isn't enough to stand out. But at the same time, being good or bad has nothing to do with it because now it's all about "marketing".

It's not about actually BEING good or great, it's about how many people a company can market their products...

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I signed in just to say I agree with you. Finally, someone understands that being a good or great game doesn't equate to good sales all the time. Too many on this site like to say "if the game was good, it would get the sales".

If that was true, games like Okami, Vagrant Story, Starhawk, etc would have gotten good sales because they were good games.

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This has nothing to do with any sort of fanboyism ( which your comment implies).

The problem is that this article is factually wrong. Sony has been pushing out games all year. The writer of this opinion piece took two games Sony put out that are f2p and tried to make a case with those 2 to say Sony doesn't put out enough non f2p games. Which again, is factually wrong.

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That depends on whether or not Crash actually happens for the xb1.

To be fair, this situation will be more like the "We Happy Few" and "Ark combat evolved" situations. Those were announced as xb1/pc only then went to the PS4 toward the end of their early access phases.

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Educated guess is that it probably will come to the PS4 after all the early access stuff is done.

That's how it was with both We Happy Few and Ark. Both were originally announced as XB/PC initially. Then as the early access phases for both were winding down, PS4 versions were announced.

But this is only me guessing.

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I'm sorry but Phoenix Up and FallenAngel1984 are both right.

Most of us WANT Sega to make hardware again sure. But we can't let what we want cloud reality. And the reality is Sega doesn't have the power (financial strength) to compete in the hardware game anymore. That's why they left in the first place. The Genesis and Dreamcast were both profitable sure.

However, The Sega Master system, Sega Game Gear, Sega 32X, ...

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Demon Souls was the game changer, not Dark Souls.

I'll keep the conspiracies to myself. But I have an idea why everyone likes to say Dark Souls is the "it" souls game rather than Demon Souls

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Not everything is partisan. It's not even about having content on "one platform over another"

If Microsoft themselves don't see any profit in it, they won't do it. If they think they'll profit off it, they'll pursue it, just like any business.

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"The same one that is leaving 30 million out in the Cold . Cause 59.99 + tax × 30 million is still a nice chunk of change . "

Ok, this is just wrong. I get what you're both trying to say, but it's still wrong.

First, there is a BIG difference between leaving 60 million plus gamers over 30 million plus gamers. That's not even debatable.

Second, of course Insomniac is going to "leave 30 million out in the c...

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