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I won't go through all your claims but I will say this much.

Them starting DLC can be seen as both good AND bad.

And Microsoft was NOT the first company to support indies. Sony did that with the PS1. Ever heard of the Net Yarozee?

And even before Sony, Atari did it. So if anything, Microsoft would be third at best in supporting indies.

And Sony was first with cloud computing with Folding@ HOME #3.1.4
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"If you waited 8 months you obviously didn't care much for the game. Anyone who was truly interested would want the full experience anyway. "

You couldn't be me wrong if you tried. I cared for the game from day 1.


When you're told a potential "FREE" version is waiting in the background, many people (like myself) are going to have the "I can try before I fully buy" mentality.

It'... #15.1.2
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Not true

If those people that cared "got wind" of a free version coming around, MANY of them would have held off.

I say that because I had waited a while for that very reason before I eventually just bought the retail version.

Now, I waited 8 months before I bought the full game, so who is to say other people didn't wait even longer than me for that free version? #15.1
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Of course people still care. What kind of nonsense question is this?

Look at Evolution's facebook and THEN ask this question. A year later, people are STILL asking for it to come out.

Thank god this is just some person's "opinion" piece.

Hell, I have the game's retail version and I still care.

And when it finally does release (which is obviously extremely soon) and all those downloads start happening, you&#... #23
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".....but keep trying, you're doing a great job at posting objectively.

Dude, you must not know me very well if you think I have the fanboy mentality you do.

I can care less what the Xbox "tally" is. I'm just going by the number Becuzisaid put up.

And what makes you think port cost would be inconsequential just because it would take days? What about things like distribu... #8.2
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And that $60 million might not be enough to cover the port cost for a game as massive as Square Enix is claiming it is.

The potential sales are one thing. The REALITY/ACTUAL sales are EXTREMELY different.

Hell, 11 million xbox1 owners are out in the wild right now. How many of them bought Final Fantasy Type-0? Do you think the XB1 version was profitable for SE?

The fact of the matter is unless Microsoft is going to help them foot the bill, Sq... #8.1.1
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I think this will end up being a PS4/PC affair

Think about it for a moment. They said it goes to the PS4 FIRST.

Now we all know damn well Final Fantasy sells leaps and bounds better on the Playstation than it does Xbox. Just look at Final Fantasy 13 series last generation. And Final Fantasy Type-0 sold over 85% better on PS4 than it did XB1.

So with that in mind, why would they bother bringing it to the Xbox at a later time when they know gam... #8
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I hate to say I laughed when I read this comment, but I did. #6.1.1
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But isn't killer instinct f2p in the first place?

Unless I'm missing the idea of the /s of course #4.3.1
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No way in hell am I going to dig up that article here. But it IS at this site...somewhere

Which is why I said this is old news. If I could dig it up for you, I would. But that's like asking me to hit a target in total darkness with all the articles at this site, even in the Vita section alone. #1.2.3
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Obviously mostly and completely are two different things.

What point are you trying to make here?

It's still the same old news we already had. And it's the same story of most of the support will be from japan and indies.

It's the EXACT same thing they told us last year. The other half of that "most" comes from indies. #1.2.1
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They said this like a year and a half ago,

Why is everyone acting like this is new?

And even just a month ago didn't Andrew House, said most of the support for the Vita from here on would be from localized imports from japan? #1
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Mincing words is all that gets done on this site.

People always reading the headlines (or at best the good parts of a story) and not pay much attention to the rest. #5.1
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If they would have spent a lot of time on Morpheus, people would have complained about it.

So now if they spend a little bit of time it's cause for concern?

Come on man, they're more than a VR company. It's not like they're Oculus where VR is all they have.

They knew their audience would rather see traditional games so that's what they devoted majority of the time for. I wouldn't be concerned with Morpheus considering... #5
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Just because Sony prides themselves on taking risks doesn't mean they should take EVERY and ANY risk there is

Deadpoolio is right. Shenmue 1 nor 2 never banked much for the budget that went into them. Even review wise it was mixed. Some people loved it and others hated it.

I would like if Sony fully funded the game as well. But from a business standpoint, given the past Shenmue games I can totally understand why they didn't fully back it. #2.2.3
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SOE doesn't exist anymore.

They're now and called Daybreak Studios

Edit- Charybdis, yes. They're part of Colubmus nova now #1.1.2
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@ The_Eternal_One

Well, you tell me, with all the buy download services out there like Amazon prime and such, have ANY of them come remotely close to killing Netflix yet?

Edit- then you have to take into account not every game will be backward compatible. As per the article, it's the individual developer that makes the choice.

At first glance, I can see how people THINK this will kill PS Now, but people need to read everything rather tha... #41.1.2
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PS NOW was never about renting on a console. It's on the PS3 and PS4 as a bonus.

The REAL target were the smart tvs, smartphones, and tablets. Generally, the people that don't buy consoles. #41.1
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The good:

Backward Compatibility

The bad:

Developers pick what they decide to make backward compatible.

So at first thought, the backward thing is great. But it's only as good as the companies and developers that care to allow it. #54
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Some people did complain about that.

BUT that doesn't change the fact that EVO has been sponsored by Microsoft the past 2 or more years. Sony hasn't been a sponsor since 2012.

And the fact that they aren't sponsoring it is the SOLE reason they haven't used PS3 stuff those years, not the complaints. If it were the complaints that had any weight, they wouldn't have been using the PS3 for EVO 2012 and any EVO prior to that. #1.1.3
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