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With your damage control you seem to be missing points.

When everyone is bringing up facts, you seem to think truth equates to hate. We all know how innovation comes about. Nobody is even saying not to try. But what people ARE SAYING is that if you're going to be late to the party, you HAVE to have things that are so different that people will have to give their product attention. And I'm sorry, but giving the game an 80's theme when you're trying to bring i...

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He said "sure Cliffy B will" not "Cliffy B did". Less damage control, more reading comprehension please.

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Where do you see "hate"?

Belzenski DID say Kojima's style of games (during the time MGS4 was hot) was a dead genre. His own studios last outing (Lawbreakers) was a bust. And this new game (which is extremely late to the party) more than likely will be a bust too.

If you want to have a discussion or debate, we can do that. But you need more than childish assumptions of "dat blind hate" if you want to go there ...

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Where did anyone say that? All he said was they need to stop playing catch up, which is TRUE.

If the TRULY want their next game to survive, they need to either be ahead of the curve, or be so different that it's hard to ignore. Lawbreakers didn't do that and that's why it fell apart.

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I just find it funny that Blezinski had the nerve to say Kojima's style of games is a dead/dying. Yet HIS own last outing was a bust. And it's probably fair to think this new game will be a bust too.

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Yeah, I had that same thought.

Plus, if they want this new game to do well, it might serve them well to not remind people they made Lawbreakers. Because if the casual audience becomes too aware of that, the first thing they'll remember is how Lawbreakers struggled and was eventually abandoned. Which in turn makes it hard to get an audience for your new project via counsumer distrust.

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Yeah, this is why it doesn't always serve the plantiff well to go around suing everyone. They need to remember, that the court will ask THEM questions too just as much as they will the defendant. Which by extension means any falsehoods or deceptions the plantiff told can come to light as well as the defendant's.

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Yes sales DO say that. Here are some examples. If you have the time to look, go find the others. They aren't that hard to find.


Monster Hunter World
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LP-Eleven is right. The only reason the 360 got where it did was because of the PS3's early problems. Coming out over a year later, having a price 200 dollars over the 360 and developers having issues working with it for a good portion of its life cycle. Once all was said and done the PS3 outsold the 360 because of the worldwide appeal it has.

And due to Microsoft's lack of worldwide appeal, the 360 eventually lost the lead. And the pro...

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Well, just off the top of my head, BloodBorne, Tekken 7, Nier, Nioh, Zelda BOTW, Mario Oddessey, Yakuza 6, etc.

Those are some great ones that I literally just blurted out without even having to think about it. All of which came out within the past 5 years. If I sit down and go through even my list of games I know I'll find more easily.

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Ok, then explain why the Iphone does so well in Japan?

Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc all make smartphones available there yet Iphone outsells them there.

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"You do know that every single Xbox exclusive has outsold BB right?"

Ok, exactly where are you getting that "fact" from? Or yor facts in general. especially since most on your "failures" list, only the order and no man's sky could be considered a failure. And you can't even blame Sony for No man's sky since they aren't even the ones that developed it. All they did was give money to Hello Games ...

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"To put it bluntly, No Man’s Sky over-promised and under-delivered, while Sea of Thieves under-promised and under-delivered. I’ll leave it to the player to decide which is worse"

Neither are good but under-promising and under-delivering is worse in my opinion.

If you over-promised and under-delivered that means you've at least had high hopes in the beginning.

If you under-promised that means you've already set the bar ...

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Wait, what game(s) with less have costed more than 181,000,000?

We're talking close to 1/5 of a billion to make

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Godmars290 is right.

Not only is Guns of Icarus real and been out for a few years now, there is a PS4 version in the process of being made

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You'd be shocked how many people don't know Aniplex is a Sony subsidiary.

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"You bring up the stock market and then argue against bringing up the stock market....do you argue with yourself often?"

You read what you want to read. I didn't "argue" about bringing up the stock market. I said the stock market which he (and apparently you) brag about aren't the same thing/ don't equate to the economy. Which it doesn't.

And as for that "liberal 101" crack. I'm actually an independent. So...

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What are you even talking about? Making up examples you didn't give?

Black unemployment lowest in 17 years...While at the same time Carrier sends jobs to Mexico, Ford sends jobs to China and Coal Mines close.

And as I said, for the job numbers, YES, they are the same numbers that were coming out during Obama's last two years in office and are actually even trailing them by a small amount

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@ theFleXy-

I "common sense" all day long. Do you?

Record Highs in the Stock Market aren't the same thing as Record Highs in the economy. "Record Highs" in the economy aren't record highs if they match the same numbers of guy before him had during the last 2 years of his term.

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Ok, you can hate Obama all you want. But now you're pushing blatant lies

He cut the deficit from the EXPLOSION that George W. Bush made:


If you want to speak about transparancy, you should zip up your own first when you spou...

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