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And what you said right there is EXACTLY the problem. Just because a certain developer is making so and so game, right off the back you're ready to say "it will be good" without ANY evidence to show such.

Like I said, people put certain developers on a pedestal like they can do no wrong. This is a PRIME example.

And it's not like it's the first time that's happened. Remember Silicon Knights? Everyone us... #1.2.4
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It's because people like to view some developers as "Gods".

People "expected" it to be golden JUST because Platinum Games was developing it.

It's a testament to how blind people can be. #1.2.2
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What I find funny here is the faith people have in "reviews". Not only are they JUST opinions, if the past 8 years has taught us anything is that even these "reviews" can't be trusted.

Hell remember how Gamespot fired Grettsman for giving an honest review of Kane and Lynch. Or how about when Gamespot gave Ratchet and Clank FTOD a 7.5 because the game had "too much variety".

Whatever happened to the days where we could come to o... #2.1.4
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That's because POSITIVE news people don't care about (especially if they're fanboys of the opposite side).

It's the nature of the internet and this site in general.

Instead of seeing the REALITY of the business people would rather jump to "doom" conclusions.

Stick around this site long enough and you'll see very sadly, it's the norm. #1.1.2

I mean, they DO know they're selling TETRIS of all things right? How can they ask so much for a TETRIS game?

They need to get more reasonable with that price. #4
Yes, and no

Yes in the sense that they'll be interested. But at the same time, if you already have a PS3, you're already connected to the PSN store where you get the same and often better deals for the same games you KEEP.

PS Now is about trying to reach basically the people that don't have the PS3 ,PS Vita, and or PS4.

Look at it this way, why would you rent say crazy taxi as the poster above mentioned if you can buy it for the same... #8.1.1
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People aren't seeing the bigger picture
Yeah, I agree, the service does need a subscriber fee. It may even need price adjusting.

But if you're a person that already has a PS3, chances are you wouldn't use this service. Same for the PS4 when they start putting PS4 games on it.

The thing people don't realize is that even though the service will be on Sony's platforms, it is REALLY meant for all those that don't have a PS system.

That's why it will be for Smart... #8
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I have 3 of the games on that list and I still say it's a great month. Hell, even if I had them all it would still be a great month (not for me for obvious reasons in that case lol)

But of course, you'll find a few whiners no matter what they offer #24
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Well honestly,
This game was in development while 2 GT games and 4 Forza games were developed AND released.

So for all that time they were working on this ONE game. After all this time it SHOULD look/be spectacular.

To be fair though, Gran Turismo hasn't made its PS4 appearance yet so that's an unfair comparison to make. You'd have a better argument if you mentioned Driveclub instead. #7
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Microsoft Game Studios ONLY published it.

They didn't develop it or own the IP. #1.2.1
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"Sony is more stingy about their exclusives. Microsoft seems to be more willing to allow their games over on the PlayStation side. "

What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with Sony being "stingy" or Microsoft being willing.

Microsoft ONLY published the game. They didn't develop it and since it's going to the rival system they clearly don't own the IP either.

Because if Microsoft OWNED and/or DEVELOPED... #1.1.4
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Why should they pay the FBI for doing their jobs that they don't even do half the time while being payed tax payer money? #1.2.2
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I've been online all night. Not to mention I logged off an hour ago and logged on again just now.

So I'm not sure what this "hacker" group is talking about with taking PSN down. And looking at my friend list, it's apparent I'm not the one online during this "attack" #59
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Everyone IS titled to an opinion.

The problem with this "article" is that it's not an opinion. It comes off more as hate rant. He has no particular reasoning to back up WHY he dislikes the game PLUS he makes a point to bash ANY product under Sony's banner (such as that Beyond: Two Souls being garbage comment he makes in the article among others).

Whoever wrote this, considering how unprofessional and misinformed this article is probably didn... #79.1.1
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touching "part" of a product isn't enough to come to a conclusion for the whole.

See, because if people are going to do that, why not just base reviews off of playing those 5 minute demos you get at your gaming stores? It would be the same thing as what this person is doing now with this misinformed opinion. #2.1.3
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The first sentence of the description says it all here folks
"A disclaimer: no I did not play the full game, and no the final product is not out."

This right here is EXACTLY why nobody should have an "opinion" of the game right now whether it be good, bad, and/or otherwise.

It amazes me how these days people have an opinion without so much as touching a product these days. #2
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Anti subscription?

Are you high or something? I assume you never heard of PS+ (Playstation Plus) or any of their subscription MMO games for that matter.

You don't even make sense #2.3
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That only goes for the Xbox 360.

On the XB1 GWG functions exactly like PS Plus games do. So if stop paying for Live you DO lose your XB1 license for the games. #3.1.3
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I don't see a problem with the $29.99 for 90 days for ANY game. Why you ask? because that's only $0.33 a day. 33 cents per day guys.

If you can BUY the games for less for most sure. But NOW is a rental service. For a RENTAL service the $29.99 for 90 days is good. Even when you rent a game for redbox it's a $1 a day. And that's regardless of how new/old it is.

The problem I DO have in terms of price is that $4.99 for 4 hours. I understand t... #50
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One trick pony?

Don't people know FROM Software develop the Armored Core games as well? #1
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