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Tri Ace games have been known to share some soundtracks.

Star Ocean series, Valkyrie Profiles series, and Radiata Stories all share different versions of a song called "Incarnation of the devil".

They all sound good, but the song is produced in a way to fit each franchise. #4
Yeah, they've really been playing to both the PS4 and the XB1 with their bundles and marketing it's true. #5.1
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I hate when websites act like they speak for everyone else with their opinion pieces.

I don't know what "the author" wants, but I damn sure know he doesn't speak for me or any other gamers that have their own tastes or opinions.

But then again, I know and the history of the site, so I'm not shocked #31
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It's hard to believe something like this is even real.

It's even harder to believe the man is really pressing a lawsuit over his own lack of self control ruining his life. #39
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It may be a great game, but this here is just PR fodder whether anyone likes it or not.

Case in point.

They had no issue speaking on behalf of Halo 5 sales

But they didn't speak of Forza 6 sales, a game that came out before Halo 5, and they aren't mentioning Rise of the Tomb Raide... #33
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They don't talk about them 24/7. Hell, they talk about VR more than they do indies.

What you choose to see/ not see is another issue. #2
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Big deal, it's not like they have ONLY indies. They have a ton of things that aren't indie coming out. More so than their competitor.

Besides, it's not like Microsoft's been quiet with talking about indies either. #1.1
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Half of those games you mentioned did NOT sell well on Xbox. Blue Dragon didn't even hit 1 million. Jet Set Radio Future didn't even it HALF OF HALF a million.

Ninja Gaiden however did sell and Dead or Alive did decent on XBox. But there is no mistaking those would have sold more on Playstation. Just look at the multiplatform sales of Dead or Alive 5.

Some of you seem to think that just because it came out on Xbox, that... #1.2.5
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If that's your list, with the exception of background music, nothing else was copied from xbox.

If anything STEAM were the ones to have all that first. Or maybe you just decided to not pay attention UNTIL Xbox had it.

But since we're going off trivial things like that, Xbox copied

-making your console double as a DVD player
-making your console double as a CD player
-games use DVD
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I'm not sure about most of your list Pancit, but I'm sure Lunar is older than both Arc the lad and Wild arms. Those were both PS1 games.

I know Lunar was on the PS1 as well. But it was on the Sega CD first which came out before the PS1/Saturn/N64 began. #5.3
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Kojima said it was a collaboration in the video. That means "making with" Sony, as in developing.

And where are you getting this idea that Marketing is part of development? Because it sure as hell is NOT. #3.2.3
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It doesn't

But people have been trying to make that comparison on the site here since this announcement became official #3.3.1
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I agree with Foxtrot fully

I've been telling everyone that same thing.

There is a BIG difference with deals like the Tomb Raider situation as compared to this Kojima thing or Street Fighter 5.

Tomb Raider is a franchise MAINLY tied to Playstation even though it's been almost everywhere. It gets majority of sales from Playstation and it's deeply rooted in Sony's history. And it's been like that since the PS1, you know, before... #3.2
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Obviously zod and AlexKingX100 are the same person.

They LITERALLY word for word posted the SAME FUD. Go ahead and see it for yourselves right here in this very article #43.1
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People need to stop the "crowded season" excuse.

If your product is wanted by the audience, the people are going to find a way to buy it regardless.

Uncharted 3 faced a similar "crowded season" when it came out. Skyrim, Assassin's Creed Revelations, and Call of Duty MW3 came out during the same November month Uncharted 3 did. Uncharted 3 got their sales and didn't get crushed. And to add to that, UC3 was only on ONE system
... #41.1.1
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"Not true..It was in PS2 era when Sony paid SE to stop the release of TR games on Gamecube nd all"

It doesn't matter what Sony did or any other company did, it doesn't change the fact that out of all the console makers, Tomb Raider was always closest aligned to Playstation. And that's the way it's been from the PS1 era onward

"In 360 era..Xbox was getting all the exclusive content like skins nd all for Underworld. T... #27.1.3
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I have to agree with Blacktar on this.

Just what did Sony copy outside of the example of making people pay to play their games online? #8.1.2
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Oh yeah, I'm well aware that Tomb Raider is a franchise that was always more popular and aligned to Sony than it ever was Microsoft.

But with your quality thesis, by the same account (according to the media) Tomb Raider 2013 reboot was a quality game, so ROTR should have done well off the quality success of that game.

In reality, the only thing that makes sense is that ROTR was exclusive to the wrong system/platform. It's that simple. #27.1.1
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I know people are going to whine "fanboy" here, but who cares. I have a question here?

Why does everyone think that ROTR sales are bad because of the cramped season?

Look at when Uncharted 3 released. It released with Call of Duty MW3, Skyrim, and Assassin Creed Revelations. Uncharted 3 still got its sales just fine.

And Tomb Raider is a much older, long standing series than Uncharted as well.

I can understand most... #27
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to be fair, that's not just an xbox live problem. PSN and PC have the same issue.

Now if people aren't playing with their friends, people opt to not bother.

When people are causing arguments, being racists, yelling at people over something as tiny as a game, etc. It becomes a pain.

I don't even use my own headset anymore because of that stuff.

It's an online problem in general. #11
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