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That's semantic considering it's an upgraded system, not a full blown new one.

Look at it the other way, MS has constantly told us about their sales growth. But they've yet to give us any numbers for years now. They don't even go around saying "we're outpacing the 360" anymore.

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You keep saying that, but how can you prove that?

The PS4 has been #1 in the NPD and the globe for years now. When those NPD numbers come out, Sony doesn't even comment on them anymore. Does that mean the PS4 is under performing?

PSVR was already announced to be approaching 1 million back in February, beating the combined numbers of VIVE and Oculus.

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That's not exactly true.

Just look at how they treat things like the NPD. They've constantly been #1 month after month before the Switch launch. They don't even comment on it. In fact, they haven't commented on NPD numbers for almost 2 years now. And PS VR was announced to have pasted the million mark almost two months ago, beating Oculus and Vive combined sales.

In other words, they're more humble in recent times than what people seem...

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Wait a minute, wasn't it reported almost 2 months ago that PSVR was past the million mark? They outsold Hive and Oculus combined.

The last time Microsoft gave any solid info was when they said they were past the 10 million mark. How many years ago was that?

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I don't know about whoever wrote this piece. But I don't see how Sony and Microsoft need smaller controllers when people already complain about modern controllers being too small. So what would make anyone think the solution would be "to make them smaller"? That's insane.

Nintendo wants to have these toddler sized controls, if that works for them, great. But no, the playstation and/ xbox DO NOT need to follow that toy sized route.

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It would be nice information to know for some people. But to be honest, I respect them as a company for not jumping out and talking about sales all the time. Like even when the NPD comes out, they hardly ever even comment on them anymore. The fact is, you know a company's product is in a good place when they company themselves doesn't have to try to talk about the sales, the media themselves does it for them.

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The "competitor" never once said their games were "Halo Killers". The MEDIA constantly tried to label Killzone as a Halo killer. Sony never once did that. And Killzone was the only game that had that label forced on it by the media, so I have no clue where you're getting this "many" notion.

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I'm not going to say if this employee is wrong or right.

But all I will say is these stories about "working conditions" are "issues" only happens when a game that was meant to be big falls flat.

If this game was given better scores from the major outlets, we'd see more positive employee talk

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That doesn't mean anything. They don't talk about PSVR very much, yet we know they're outselling oculus and Vive. They don't even talk about PS4 sales anymore yet we know the PS4 is doing well.

In fact, they hardly ever even comment on the NPD even.

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Not to come to Stuna1's aid but um, how do you know if he's too young to remember the Half Life series?


You have a point, he might have cherrypicked to drive home a narrative. But then again, doesn't this very article do the exact same thing? Even the title shows that much

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PS NOW has been a subscription model for more than a year now. In fact, that's the only way you can even game on it as they've stopped letting people rent single games long ago

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Sony announced PS Now leaving PS3 and PS Vita on February 15

So again, I'll go back to the point I made above. What makes you think this is a reaction to Xbox Game Pass?

It's obvious PS Now was taken off those devices BECAUSE it would get the addition of PS4 games....

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How do you figure it's a reaction to Xbox Game Pass?

Three weeks ago, Sony announced the service would be leaving PS3 and PS Vita in the summer. That was announced on the PS Blog almost two weeks before Xbox Game Pass was announced. And putting PS4 games on the service could be the very reason why they're taking the service off those devices.

So this is something they could have been planning for a long time.

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I'm pretty sure there aren't enough people like yourself that went and bought a second ps4 to make a difference in the NPD. Same goes for Microsoft's February price cut.

Either way, since they both had a temp cut last month and both cuts lasted an equal amount of time, there was no advantage behind the PS4 win.

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I have to disagree there. The temp price cut probably wouldn't have had an effect on a PS4 win last month because Microsoft put up a temp price cut 3 days after Sony announced their cut. And MS's last just as long. So there wasn't a PS4 temp price advantage

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we'll let's see, Unreal Engine 4 is among the defacto so a plethora of games use that.

Cosmetic unlocks and customization isn't a new thing at all.

Quick to learn/ tricky to master is a phrase that can be put towards a good number of games.

Heavy reliance on online compeitition? that describes about 60% of the games right now.

And that's just for starters.


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if that's the case, then you can lump even more games into that.

The number of games that have a majority of those same features are endless. Many of which are almost standard.

You need something more stand out to make that comparison

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Why do people keep mentioning Rocket League when it comes to this game?

I don't remember the developer trying to compare the game to rocket league (I could be wrong but I never saw them do it).

Instead, the media kept comparing it to rocket league. And now if it falls short, one of the first things people will do is say negative things about it in comparison to rocket league. Case in point, look at the title of this very article

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to be fair, The Last Guardian's development cycle wasn't ten years. It was ten years until it actually released. But it wasn't in active development all that time. Sony even admitted as much already.

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What you just said highlights exactly what I said the moment Sony began PS Plus.

I said that while it's a great idea, it would create an entitlement culture where people think they should get what they want all the time.

People still don't seem to comprehend that these services have to tailor to the WHOLE, not them individually. Nobody is going to get what they want ALL the time. And yes, if you're someone constantly buying games, you SHOULD e...

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