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Then make it work differently, because I'd rather the world didn't work like this.

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I agree, but Apple would be even worse than MS is right now. I'd rather have MS gone, but if they were replaced by Apple, hell no.

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Haven't you noticed the state of "professional journalism" these days? Anything that's not American gets criticism far more than they deserve.
They fail to realize, that it takes -time- for a game console to grow in popularity.

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Definitely agree. It was a better Final Fantasy game than FF13

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Lost odyssey is still property of Microsoft :I

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I'm also craving to see Retro's game, the new Xenoblade, the new Zelda games.
I'd also love to know whether Mistwalker is working on anything for the system, because Sakaguchi stated before that he'd like to develop something for it.

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I said I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but knowing EA, it might as well be.
And as for some other devs abandoning the console, I think it's because Wii U's install base is not very big at the moment, so it might not be profitable to develop for it just yet, but once the sales pick up, they've got no reason not to develop for it.

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I'm not completely sure whether this is true or not, but EA dropped the support because they wanted to get Origin on Wii U, but Nintendo refused the deal, resulting in EA being severely butthurt right now.

It's not like Nintendo's and Wii U's success rely on EA anyway.

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It's still good to remember that Wii U is doing better than 360 and PS3 did when they were released. Once the games start rolling later on this year, it'll pick up on sales (duh), which results in more devs starting to develop games for the system.
I'll probably buy it later this year.

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I'm 110% percent sure that the Wii U will pick up on sales later this year when most of Ninty's 1st party games, and some more, are released.
There has pretty much never been a console launch that hasn't struggled with games and sales in the beginning of its life cycle. Wii U is no exception. The only thing people want is games, and that's what Wii U will be getting later this year.

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Cheers. Very excited for this game and the Pokemons look great!

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I think CDPR has done DLC better than any company. Not only do they add lots and lots of extra content to the game, but it's completely free.

i truly love them.

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What are you, 12?

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Guys, hey guys! Think about the bright side: EA decided to kill the series off before it could get any worse.


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That's what you get for ruining yet another one of your studios.

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WoW and Diablo definitely are. I'm not sure about SC. Is it?

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Agreed. While it's nothing new, it still greatly annoys me.

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What reasons did he have to expect a WoW2 announcement when Blizz has no reason whatsoever to make one, nor have there been any rumours about its development. Stupid assumptions, if you ask me.

And he should take the fact that not every PS3 owner has played Diablo 3, so there is definitely a reason to bring it to consoles.

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just..just watch the video, will you? " I mean TW3 is going open world, just like Elder Scrolls. A bit ironic..."
Ehh.. what? They didn't hate the game, just gave their own opinion about it.
Is, for example, Battlefield 3 copying the Doom games just because they both have guns in them?

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Goddamn people are throwing the word "generic" around so much that I doubt you even know the meaning of it.

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