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I'm so excited for the game. The stuff they've shown and talked about sounds really great.
I just cannot wait for open beta.

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Look, where did I contradict myself after admitting that due to Microsoft's online service, Sony has improved on theirs? I did admit that it's something positive Microsoft has done after you mentioned about it.
However, Microsoft has done more harm than good to the industry in my opinion (see my previous posts).
And no, I'm not a fanboy of any kind. Criticizing a company does NOT mean you are a fan of another one. I do give credit where it's due, but there...

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How come you didn't see it from the start? This whole conversation was about what Microsoft has or hasn't done for the gaming industry. I listed, what I think are some pretty significant flaws with MS' business model.

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I don't agree that including a CD/DVD player in a console counts as making one a media -centered- device. The PSX and PS2 certainly did not shove music and television down our throats at the expense of games. The moment Microsoft decided to start focusing on media/tv, they started to give us less and less new and exciting IPs.

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Sure, they did push Sony to improve their online service, but they also introduced paid online, timed exclusives and changed the idea of gaming consoles to some kind of TV/music/gaming hybrids. That's just not something I seee as a positive.

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I partially agree with you, however, I would be completely fine if Microsoft decided, or were forced to leave the gaming industry. I can't come up with anything positive when I think about Microsoft's part in the gaming scene.

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According to Japanese laws, it's impossible for a Western company to buy Atlus, or any Japanese company for that matter, so rest easy.

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Well, you'd better watch a few gameplay videos from Youtube and see if the game interests you in any way. What you see is what you'll get. It's a pretty simple life simulator and a game you'll pick up when you want to relax and get immersed in the game world.
It's certainly not for everyone, though.

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Don't worry, it'll arrive in Europe before long. Nintendo will be publishing it here.

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Yeah, Sony sure is the best choice if you want Atlus to be closed a year or two after its acquisition

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Seriously, go play on a PC if graphics are all that matter to you.
Graphical fidelity is the least important thing in games.

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What Atlus needs is a company that lets them do what they want to do, which means no Western company should buy them.
And I don't see any of the big 3 buying Atlus. Sony's financial situation is unstable to say the least and Nintendo hardly ever buys companies, with the exception of Monolith Soft.

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The game was announced way back in 2008 if my memory servers, so I doubt it's that one

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Except it's already showing signs of recovery, at least in Japan that is. Wii U's sales got a boost when Pikmin 3 launched and after 2 days, the game had already sold approximately 100k copies and Wii U was 2nd place in hardware sales, just behind the 3DS LL.

You really underestimate the number of Nintendo fans. When the games they desire (Usually SSB, 3D Mario, Zelda etc) are released, they'll buy it, which in turn results in 3rd party support rising.

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Best studio there is at the moment if you ask me.
It's just amazing how consumer-friendly these devs are and they make amazing games to boot!

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Ohoh, it really is 2011 all over again, isn't it?

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I'd like to know how many sales he thinks is enough to warrant Bayonetta 3 and the fact is that Wii U's userbase will be much larger next year than what it is now.
Pikmin3 is already boosting Wii U sales in Japan and the upcoming games will also most likely sell Wii Us

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Uhmm, as Firan already said, we ARE talking about EOIV here.
I never had a DS and picked up a 3DS just recently so I haven't had the chance to get the other EO games

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I'm so going to get this game!
It'll be my first EO game

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I'm glad the mainline SMT series is getting some recognition!

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