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You're right. I've watched a couple videos of Ys, Dragon's Crown and Demon Gaze and they DO look interesting.
The thing is that I've got too many games to play at the moment so I'll look into those at a later date.

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I am playing FFX HD at the moment. I got my Vita a couple days ago along with Project Diva f and I'm liking it so far.
I got P4G and Muramasa ordered.

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Oh yeah, I meant to type 2015. My fault.

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I'm quite sure the trailer said 2014, but a delay wouldn't be impossible.

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To come up with new and refreshing ideas and games. That's pretty much all I can think of.

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Not as big a difference as I would've expected as both look pretty good.
PS4 looks to have darker colors and higher resolution compared to the Xbone version.

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Yeah, it needs excessive use of bloom to look next gen!
Even the N64 version of OoT would look next-gen if we applied a little bloom to it.

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yeah, and Sony was the first one to come up with VR?
Holy balls, man.

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Of course Remedy has more freedom to do what they want, because they aren't owned by MS
And thank god for that
Besides, what has Lion Head done other than Fable?

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"A Kinect-less Xbox One would be a real shame" -Microsoft

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Looks very nice!

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Nah, I'd rather they don't.

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Yeah, just like Knack was great and not completely rushed to meet the launch of Playstation 4?

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Well, atrocious story and writing, horrible level design coupled with blind guards are not Thief is about.

I could start listing all the negative reviews to counter your argument (only listing positive reviws) as to why THIAF is a horrible game.

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The comments section of this article is basically :"If Sony does it, then it's OK :^)"

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Happy birthday! I hope you'll be around at least for another 124 years.

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Yes, but that doesn't apply to this article, though.
While the opinion you used as an example doesn't make any sense, the author's opinion is well presented and he really makes some great points.

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Most likely 2nd screen gaming wouldn't be as huge as it is now, since the DS really did make the whole idea popular.

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But why is his opinion "worthless"? That's a stupid thing to say. He raised many valid points, but also commended the system.
Plus, you proved that you hadn't read the article when you said "Don't like it, don't buy it", which is wrong, since he did state that he likes the system now.

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Really? when a person's opinions don't align with yours, they're immediately crap?
Cry me a river

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