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Ok, I get you point and thanks for the comments. I think you are right, and I think I need to evaluate the score - maybe drop it down to a solid 6 or even 5.5 #10.1.1
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In reply to #1.1.1 (jimbobwahey). Although I have seen some of the films a long time ago, I'm really not "a huge fan". The game was crap, granted, but not as bad as say Inversion. I forgave it enough for its shortcomings to be able to finish it. I suspect I might have scored it a point or two too high (compared to the other reviews that will come out), but I won't give it anything lower than a 6/10. Oh, by the way: to me anything lower than 80% is a suspicious purchase, so t... #10
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The local distributor in South Africa failed to mention to me that there is a review embargo on Colonial Marines. So I had to pull the article, but it will be back up in a couple of hours. #7
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Oh, and what does Gamekult, Edge Magazine, Giant Bomb, Metro GameCentral, Gamereactor Sweden and Destructoid have in common? They all gave the game 80 or less. #1.2
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The image has since been changed. #2.1
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Actually not... but that's your view. The multiplayer is beyond awesome, but the SP brings it down. Look at the whole picture, and you'll see the SP is very flawed in many ways. An 8 is justified, although maybe an 8.5 or 8.7 would have been better. #1.1
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Oh, and can I point out: Destructoid - 80% and Gamekult - 80%. So there are lower scores out there. You're pulling a CliffyB... #5.3
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Actually, the controls are sticky and not flowing properly. How can the game be a minimum of a 9? Every person is entitled to their opinion. Just because you liked it, doesn't mean everybody has to. It's the same as GT5 vs Forza. Either like it or you don't. Everything in the review is justified - I suggest you read it again.

Fanboi, pft! #5.2
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