HOLY SHIT you can write here ??!!!


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That's beyond sugar coating, we'r in diabetes coating now

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Just 1 million short to unlock all the starcards

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IGN: check out our balls, 10/10

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Reddit did it right, they started linking gambling + disney + starwars, and it made headlines. Ea, you gunna learn today !

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I wish EA gets destroyed beyond redemption, let's not forget they wanted to get away with this in the first place, and that's just bf2. Other games are also stained with their shitboxes. It's like a thief who got cough and just returned half of the stuff back. GTFO

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oh look, satan

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its a good strategy: target 300%, start at 800%, keep lowering it bit by bit and see how much you could get away with, they win either way and we get screwed. STOP....BUYING....EA GAMES

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Harrassing female employers, not cool, 10/10

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Soooooo r we still forgetting that its p2w ? And starcards starcards starcards ?

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Only thing to take away from his post is that u get credit depending on how u perform, probably a 20 points bonus which is basically nothing. Maaan this was soooo unnecessary... all this bs . Honestly ppl forgot the compaign and the mp and just focused on mts, i hope reviewers dont let it slide.

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Lel i hope Ea realise they done fed it up and killed all the hype surrounding this game. That golden poop award was rightfully deserved

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Best things bout this game were the soundtrack and the cutscenes, gameplay was way beyond sh**

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Lol f**k

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Sir, we need to talk about your misplaced balls

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just get amy to continue the story ffs, or a proper remaster for the series, i would actually pre-order a game

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It's not that linear games are not profitable, it's that Ea wants more lootboxes and more microtransactions

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