HOLY SHIT you can write here ??!!!


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or you can just ripoff a video game in china and profit

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says the noob, Git Gud, son !! /joking

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Lol, actually no, this would be one of the greatest remasters if they include all the DLCs, instead of getting advanced warefare in the legendary iw bundle, you could get it bundled with aw 2 / 3 , which is a freaking dream come true. But like the article states, its just speculations

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EA: one step forward and a million steps back

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i swear to god, it seems like im the only one digging the mutiplayer, i find that its the perfect mix between old and new school.But hey, thats just me

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Hey hey hey, the spirit that possessed me platinumed demon souls, and beat me at chess, so i would apprectiate some respect for it.

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while i partily agree with u, i always remember rayman and rocksmith

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the title is clickbait, the article belongs in the trash, the analogy is as stupid as it gets. Congratulations, you won the golden shit award.

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ok, mom

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wow... just wow. that's taking "lame" to a whole new level

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ppl use the term mvp for these kind of situations, but you sir are above mvp, chapeau

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i have mad respect for her, i mean not only for uncharted, but legacy of kain as well

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godamnit its like every year, i say im not gonna buy it then the trailer gets me excited and i cave in, i actually managed to stay clear of ghosts, and bo3. But im definetly gonna get this one, i noticed something like a double jump in the trailer where a soldier did it on a car, guess we'll have to wait to see which gimmicks are included in this one. Def gonna buy it tho

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it means that i'm not getting the best experience as the ones who bought neo, it means now i'm not sure developers are going to try to squeeze everything out of the base model as there's a better one available. Bottom line is; if i wanted a better output from the hardware i bought, i could've just stuck with my pc.

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you know what ? i'm a ps fanboy and i'm not afraid to admit it. But if Microsoft says at E3 that it's not doing a mid console upgrade and they are really sticking by the statements of Spencer and holding true to the ''console'' concept. Than screw it, i'm moving to xbox, bad move sony, bad move.

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same thing with pc, you dont get exclusive content with specific video cards, you just get better perks ; physics, hairFx and whatnot. Its the concept of "parity" , consoles were always about parity when it came to graphics and experience, now ita not. Would you honestly not buy the ps4 neo if it got uncharted 4 running stable 60 fps on single player and mp ? im not saying its bad, im just saying it looses the purpose of console, might as well release every game with ita own upgrade

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im not saying you should bring the open zone back, but you should bring the open zone back, PLEASE BRING IT BACK !, it was the best part of n4g back in the dayz and it was also hillarious

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i have to say i hate this news , and dont start with the "this is optional" bs. We knew very well when we purchased the ps4 that it was a long investment, otherwise i would have stuck with pc. i knew that when i got my ps4 i would get the same experience be it graphics or so as every1 else who owned the same hardware, and i knew that down the line companies would start squeezing the ps4 to get the last drop of it as we are seeing now with uncharted . But now its ppl enjoying the sa...

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i just hope sjw leave this game alone

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