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Drop open world, focus on story/ story missions/ more alien species/ ironing bugs

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Repeated characters and dlc milk, what's not to like ! Day 1000000000000000~

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Fuuuuucckk this clickbait article, there's also a shenmue one three stories away. Plz delete them

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But hey, they still got ms in a full 60$ single player game, sure this can stirr up the winds a lil bit xD

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microtransactions ? just make it f2p then.

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NOTHING of this makes sense, you are forcing ppl to be online for a SINGLE PLAYER GAME !!!. and you are doing so coz ''ppl dont have time'' and ''ppl want a shortcut'' , so f'n generous of you ! . give them cheat codes then you f ups !

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I remember seeing the trailer on the geko disc, and i was like i need this game in my life. Did not disappoint, my best game of all time

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Nowadays you'd actually put the effort to miss a jump or nor grab a ledge (uncharted , ac, tomb raider, etc..)

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If they ever release samurai showdown 4with online play, that i will buy in a heartbeat

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That's one of the worst articles i have ever read, it gave meaningless words a whole new prespective. Its not even fit to be a comment.

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I'm smoking reality, maybe u should try it once instead of worshipping any game that bioware throws at us despite them being crap.

I did play andromeda and the game was crap story-wise and missions wise. I dont give a rat's behind about graphics when playing mass effects. They didnt even try, period.

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Na, Frostbite engine is capable, just take a look at andromeda.
Its just a question of will the game be good ? Again , look at andromeda, a terrible game that was partially saved by the engine.

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Mother of ads and clickbaits !!!

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Imo both games were trash

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Ppl dont complain about bc on switch because they get shafted by nintendo on a regular basis, Sony in the other hand has been listening to fans and CAN deliver the goods.

About the servers; nintendo live is still in its infancy unlike the PSN, so they would be wise to use live. As for sony and ms they can find common ground on the server issue, they just didnt try.

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It's seriously idiotic that ppl still try to defend sony for this thing. Same goes for backward compatibiliy. when sony fs up call them on their bs !!!!!

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Sure, let's praise the company that hinders the performance and ownership of games. GTFO square

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"The campaign in this game is about finding that line of quality entertainment with respect for the world's greatest conflict and the people who sacrificed and died," Condrey said. "We tell that narrative in a way we think honours the cause''
anyways, about the nazi zombies...

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soooooo that means we will get atari fanboys too ? that'll be a nice change of scenery

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the competition offered the stronger console and better exclusives, fans were upset because of weaker game versions and lack of exclusive lineup. So basically it was because of the competition, now all that remains are the exclusives, but i guess that should have taken priority huh ?

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