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just make sonic generations 2 and every one wins

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i keep hoarding old consoles boxes and accessories, but valuable games ? nooooooooo sir * slaps self*

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please ban websites like these who don't know how to put their ads and spread their 1 paragraph articles into multiple pages

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nnoiiccee , you true-believer !!

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a res / pt hybrid ? well ill be damned , they got things right after all , gg

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i hate it so much that we are moving away from the normal 7-10 year investments, but i won't lie, cross buy is tempting.

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well , stating that americans are racist isn't the best way to start an insult to someone ( for future cursing reference), and no , unfortunately for you im not american but im black , so yeah, maybe next time. And maybe i got the vibe from how he puts a bandana on his face,or maybe the way he waves the gun. Try again

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a hipster gangsta hacker who does parkour , never thought i'd see the day

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Fudge, been looking forward to this ever since it was announced, still getting it nonetheless, i don't care what reviewers say, they gave less than perfect games 10/10, but oh well, what's sad is that now this WILL be the last mirror's edge

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you willingly took time out of your schedule to mod an online game and make playing against you unfair for tens and thousands of ppl around the globe just for the ''lolz'' or to make you seem more skillful, it's not so ridiculous imo

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there's nothing anyone could do to konami, not with all those pachinko machines guarding their HQ

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gta 4 was the worst of the gtas , forgettable story, protagonist, car driving physics were bad, it just stank. Assassin's creed 1 was hailed as the best thing after sliced bread, needless to say it was repetitive, short, and really just icky, and i have played all of them for some reason hoping that they would conclude the story in 3, but boy did they f it up.

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nothing about any of this is normal

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i really wanna try the game, was out of town during the beta so i never tried it, and team fortress 2 got boring for me after a while, so i dunno how this one is in comparison. On another note, cant also trust the reviewers after they gave near perfect scores for gta 4 / assassins creed/ mgs5 , and for me these games really sucked.

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ads ads ads ADS ADS , u built ur site around ads ? cant even see anything from my cellphone from all these ads

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not a basketball fan, but might give nba a run, heard some good things about it. As for Gone home, well, i played it and its total shit

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hope this fixes the white plug problem, im desperatly trying to enjoy a single match without a problem, never happened to me with any previous uncharteds tho

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ya , because that always works *looks at evolve*

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basketball dont interest me, and i finished gone home, hated it. So yeah, pass for me

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i hope its something army of two-esque with the naughty dog flavour

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