HOLY SHIT you can write here ??!!!


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*rubs hands* eeeeeexcellent

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god-dang it, they are killing the rat-bear-pig at 1:04 arent they, on a side note; they seem to have boosted the graphics, which is nice. Ive learned my lesson tho, i'm not getting attached to that thing.

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here. have some hype, *opens hype jar and pours some

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this is a let-down for naughty dogs, a win for gamers, and a complete disappointment if fake, i dunno what to feel.

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well at least now i know i wont be buying a lnch ps5

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this game is just oozing with atmosphere and personality

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stsly interested how it fares compared to pc, plz do share what u think

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srsly i cant remember the last game that hooked me this much, i literally cant stop playing it on ps4 , but for some reason im reaaallllyyy inclined to buy it again on pc, i hope they plan an open weekend on pc too sometimes so i can give it a try

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i hope the reputation hit is worth those hypothetical few extra $$

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as a mgs fanboy i hated the twist and ending so bad i wish i never experienced them, contrary to ppl, for me mgs4 was the best mgs, along with mgs3. And To be fair that ending wouldnt have added anything for me coz the twist was just sooo...... lets just hope kojima's next game turn up good.

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we srsly need the open zone back, it was hillarious seeing ppl trolling and fighting each others. i say cvilized comments go to this section and whatever else goes there.

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YAAAYY!!, i mean ermm, burn the heretics !

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don't play with ppls emotions !!!11!

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ill buy it and play every dlc and side mission, but in my head, in the deep area where lost memories are just waiting to be found; i know the ending of me3 is just waiting for me at the end of the journey.

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ill probably get both, but tbh i like cod's more fast paced mp than battlefield's

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gameplay was good , story was utter garbage, just dont open this door again, let it fade away

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most intruiging

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one paragraph of article, a whole webpage for ads, class

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just imagine: activision holding on 3 characters as pre-orders bonuses, and having half the rooster removed to be sold later as dlc. Oh the times we live in

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