HOLY SHIT you can write here ??!!!


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xbox the one with better specs than the old one

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secret nazi jetpacks and grappling hooks !111!
joking, probably will be the first cod i buy in a long time, hopefully it's anything like world at war.

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knowing ea , they'll probably come up with something worse, get ready to farm those force points

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HIT THE LEVER !!11!1!!!!!

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getting you to click 25 pages worth of one photo and a paragraph each is total clickbait, but then again this is twinfinite; no surprise.

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getting clever with those clickbaits

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Could have at least removed his name, you could put him in trouble

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how did this get approved with a picture of an empty couch ?

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ermagghheerd look amme am a guurll gaiimeer i need wepwesentatiion in games coz im a guuurl ddeerp !! fiy you're becoming the new '''im vegan'', and forcing a female protagonist just for the sake of having one is stupid.

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too bad i'm missing out coz i ain't clicking 5 pages worth of 2 liners

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bought this game on ps4, and on the free weekend i found out my potato can run it decently , so i bought it again for pc at the black friday discount , love it ! , oh and plz lets not forget doom, that game was freaking aweosome too.

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so are we ignoring how this website is an utterly clusterous ads vehicle and is unbearable to see on a cellphone ?

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well played

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if u favor a certain character based on his hole preference there's something wrong u.

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this can be in no shape or form be spinned as a pro-consumer argument, least they could do is continue their practise but keep their mouth shut. Now theyr just putting themselves in a bad situation.

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i know no 1 likes a begger, but if some1 has a spare code plz pm, ill forever love u

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Booooooooooooooooo, ooooooooooo, ooooooooooooooooooooooo

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*rubs hands* eeeeeexcellent

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god-dang it, they are killing the rat-bear-pig at 1:04 arent they, on a side note; they seem to have boosted the graphics, which is nice. Ive learned my lesson tho, i'm not getting attached to that thing.

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here. have some hype, *opens hype jar and pours some

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