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Are stacking up on toilet roll for E3 ? #1.2.4
'the return of Shenmue possibly'
When did Sega sell the Shenmue franchise? #1
What game is being played? #5
Can't wait for footage of uncharted in may, but one can't help what new ip ideas are maniefested within Naughty Dog's studio. #6
Thanks man. #2.1.1
One of the best looking 2D games I've seen. Does anyone know what platforms this is being released on and at what price #2
My words exactly #4.1
>>Sorry double post<< #7.1.2
Exactly, how fast you progress through the game depends on your skill level which increases with practice. It took me 3 hrs and 20 minutes to beat mgs 4 on Boss Extreme difficulty. But before carrying out that venture I played multiple walkthroughs on easier difficulties. The first walkthrough took me at least 15 hrs to complete. #7.1.1
Hopefully the hidden fees arent as bad as that Simpson game Waterworld
http://www.youtube.com/watc... #2.1.2
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@ scott182
'Why on earth is Sony having such a hard time manufacturing a crap ton of these? Don't they own a lot of production facilities also? Why can't they make more?'

Manufacturing is not like printing money where you have a simple template and you an print millions copies from that one template.

Manufacturing takes time. Each stage of production needs to be evaluated (quality assurance). Once a product is completed it needs needs... #1.8
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They need to bring back spiders, sharks, giant snakes and man eating plants. You know the very things that prompt an animal control officer to retire. #1.3
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Rush hour #1
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Or an X-Files quote #11.1.1
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Tried to platinum GT5, completed every special event except GT5 Grand Tour Eiger Nordwand. Finger crossed and hopefully one day I'll beat it. #1.1
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We should hire those firefighters used in 1960s civil rights movement and get them to turn the hoses on you. #10.1
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Can't wait.

Did Kojima give an estimate of the campaign length? #1
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Nintendo would be stupid not to continue to capitalise on the best selling franchise in video game history. With that being they should release new 1st party franchises to draw in new audience. #1
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Activison own Crash Bandicoot. If the franchise is destined to the same fate as Spyro and if sony wasnt interested in the franchise I wouldn't mind Nintendo buying the rights. #13.1
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'My ps4 collects dust, they just can't compete with nintendo when it comes to quality games and gameplay.'
Like you really own a ps4. Why did have steep to this level an make up rubbish. Not only is your comment counterproductive but it goes against everything your N4G name stands for #4.4.1
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