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"Mess with the bull.. You get the horns!"


Last quarter of 2014 is pretty packed. Full of releases from end of september all the way to december. At least I've got 9 games to buy during this time! #18
Another re-re-re-mastered collection? No thanks. #35
Be that as it may, a touch screen phone will never replace traditional gaming, whether if it is PC or console and this is mainly why I dislike apps on a phone with "imaginary" thumb sticks. #52
As soon as I saw the girl on the cover picture of the video, I knew what was coming without even playing it.

Looks like it is a trend now, girl doesn't know what the hell she's talking about, just standing there in the video looking "pretty" with her squeaky voice making stuff up.

At least, let's say IGN daily Fix, "Pretty" girl with squeaky voice reading scripted news by IGN... In which I still wouldn't bother to watch. #1.2
*sigh* I need a new Flight Simulator in my life. I am tired of the buggy unsupported FSX -_- #23
Woootsh! Nice one, TableCloth. #2.1.2
Your "Me time" will be like never before! #24
Easy he'll shred the whole console instead. #1.1.3
I think it is as simple as that:

MS talked to Insomniac about a first party game to their platform

MS offered Insomniac a some of money

Insomniac accepted the offer

A contract has been negotiated.

Done. #78
First, Ubisoft had already released the official trailer, at least on their facebook page not too long ago.

Second, 2 AC titles in one year... This is effing bull$hit it cannot get any clearer than this; Cash grab. Bad game, bad quality, repetitive game-play, shallow story.

I am not sure if Ubisoft is becoming worse than EA or Activision now. #10
Update. Nevermind I missunderstood this piece. I don't care for remastered Uncharted as I have already played them on PS3 but I look forward to see Crash and Jak in the future indeed. #19
@Title. No I don't want something to be "re-mastered" I want new stuff! #18
Isn't it already like WoW? -_- #6
To me, given that I played The Last of Us on PS3 already, its remaster is getting a lot of hype. It is a good game indeed, but I dont understand why is it getting so much attention. #15
Signed. Hope it makes a difference. #20
To the consumer, it may sound too soon. But to the developer it may be the best time to start thinking next-gen.

Sony for example, mentioned that they started the PS4 project in 2008 just 2 years after PS3 launched. #1.6
If this is true, hackers such as anonymous won't be very happy EA is stealing users' info. #31
Could be just a color coded trophy icons made by ubisoft for watch_dogs. I have yet to see it on other games. #8
Sony should have never let go of the Crash Bandicoot IP... Don't know why they did so in the first place. #42
hope so, E3 this year was boring to me. #65
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