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"Mess with the bull.. You get the horns!"


I was expecting No Man's Sky to come out in 2015 but given that no release date was announced at E3 I am now expecting a higher chance for a 2016 release rather end of 2015. #1.2
Look forward to the update. Still no update to be seen on my Steam as of yet. Don't know what is going on there. #2
Hear, Hear! *Drinks to that* #1.3.1
I'm with you on that one. They shoud not rush the update but also not release it too late. I am holding off until 1.7 is out, I don't want to continue burning through the game and miss out on the new improvements. #1.4
Hmmm.... The remaster scored less than the original game, the point which I am against is losing points for having "Weak story"

Reason being that, remasters normally do not change in remasters, significantly at least. IGN had already mentioned that God Of War 3 on PS3's "story is far from perfect" in which I don't understand why give it negative points on story, didn't know reviewers on IGN are expecting a story fix from a REMASATERED release. #5
Good luck to Jade, but hope she doesn't get screwed over by EA getting pushed and releases unfinished games and all the crap EA pulls. #12
This week a chunky update was released for Witcher 3, size was 2.2GB but apparently that is not 1.07, it was "digital collector's edition deluxe" or whatever they called it content. #2
Watching a video on IGN's player? BLASPHEMY!!!!! Thy shan't leave the path of light and step into the darkness.. Thus YouTube is Light, YouTube is Salvation!

... And the Copyright strikes hammer of justice destroying content creators and eating a big chunk of their monetization revenue :P

Aside from the jokes and the lame remarks,I think you are definitely missing out. I saw the 18 minutes gameplay video and loved it, it is an informative gampelay to... #1.12
Should be able to later today, I am waiting for the steam pre-load as well. I am not going to bother watching the gameplay video. I mean it is coming out tomorrow! #2.3
Hmmm. I won't complain about the small field of view until I try it, should there be a demo booth in later events in the future.

It is still an unfinished product, so let's see whether if it will become "Less limited" at the very least. #23
Exactly. #1.5
One of The best I agree. But THEEE best ever? I wouldn't go that far. #30
They are very identical, the PC definitely has more bells and whistles compared to the PS4 version.

Either way, game unlocks midnight, goodbye social life xD #23
What I did exactly when seeing this opinion piece, I did not bother reading, I rushed to Youtube and saw the Clueless Gamer on Witcher and it was hilarious. #20
"Kojima previously stated that Quiet’s outfit would make sense in the context of MGSV, and that “once you recognize the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds.”

No matter what justification is in the storyline to that sort of outfit, it does not matter because we all know here it is for fan service.

Squeezable boobs on her figurine does not help Kojima's case lol #33
ee LaTeezi #23
No they're not. #7
I hope it does not get delayed. But at the same time, I want the Dev to take it's time with it and not end up with a rushed product.

"Electronic Arts also doesn’t expect unforeseen problems with connectivity at launch" That is something that most multi-player games have at launch. I hope it will be done right this time around or loads of people will be upset on day one.

Day one Purchase for me either way definitely. #18
A friend of mine is not going to be happy about this if it happens in Arkham Knight. But regardless of what he thinks. Still going to play the game and I will love it! ... I hope. #23
Pretty demanding game. My setup can handle ultra, but if it becomes and issue I will play at 720p resolution, definitely not as sharp as 1080p but if I can run other graphics settings on ultra then im happy. #9
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