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"Mess with the bull.. You get the horns!"


Given this list, I agree with number 15 personally. While I am excited for No Man's Sky but it is not the sort of game I can spend hours a day playing it and I will surely get bored of playing it.

But that does not mean bored all together. It is something I'll be playing off and on.

I am predicting this game coming out sometime mid 2015. #17
Just Cause 3 is looking pretty sharp. I am looking forward to it. I loved JC2 however the AI pisses me the Hell off sometimes.

But if you ask me, clicking TWICE on a picture just to get to the full size is ridiculous! #5
Please don't jinx it... #27
I've never regretted a game purchase as much as I did with this crap of a game DriveClub.

Never again will I make a hasty decision in game purchase. It is not the server issues I am complaining about. Lot's of games get rough launches.

Driveclub just did not agree with me overall.

Live and learn. #35
Lol nope. They'd have to destroy the servers all together quite literally for that. DDoS wont make it go down forever. #28
I agree with you on point number 3. My god the AI on GT5 when I used to play is a total nightmare! They were completely brainless.

I really hope that changes with GT7 otherwise it will end up on my shelf collecting dust, or on my payment history wasting pixels. #47.1
Well, I don't care if the game looks pretty with high graphical fidelity. As long as the gameplay overall improves and most importantly the single-player AI improves. #46
That is what they are out to do, they have mentioned in the video should Lizard Squad attack PSN or Xbox again they will expose them to the FBI even. #31.1
I am not surprised that Anon had finally noticed Lizard Squad.

But Thank you Anonymous for not letting them getaway with their pathetic DDos Attacks just because "why not". #33
I think it is best that everyone wipes out their payment information on their Xbox Live accounts before that happens. IF it happens.

I hope Microsoft are working to strengthen their network sercurity. #59
Good that the core AC fans are taking action. If Ubisoft does not listen and do release this AC Victory, I urge everyone to BOYCOTT the game until we get a stable game. this is at the least. #22
Whoever did it is an A hole, Lizard Squad or not. Steam is one of the best PC platforms I ever used and I would be pissed if I have log-in issues.

When Lizard Squad say attacked Destiny, I didn't care much its just one game but STEAM?! They have got some nerve. At somepoint I get the feeling it will reach Anonymous and when it does they are so screwed. One can only hope. #16
It really would, my prediction is well, at some point in which we don't know when, Activision won't let go of the Crash IP, it may outsource it to perhaps Naughty Dog and they will work on it and bring us the ultimate Nostalgia that we could ever ask for; Full on Old School Crash Bandicoot with authentic level design and soundtrack.

One can only hope. #26
I am not surprised... #8
Don't think there is an indication of a sequel but god I hope its a teaser or at least Sony telling us not to forget about Crash because he is making a come back sooner or later and it better be not one of those stupid re-masters because lots of people will be down right pissed! #51
im getting "CPU limit exceeded" by the web-hosting service the article supposedly to be viewed. #7
There is no telling what modders can do with this when it comes out on PC. #85
Love the part that at the end only got 70 bucks back after paying above a hundred. House always takes a cut. #70
I agree, I wish people would wake up and boycott something until the producer realizes that we don't want quantity we want quality! and unforntunately I cant find that in Ubisoft products such as watch dogs and AC 1 and 2 and the ezio spin offs. #2.2
A very weak justification indeed. #44.1
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