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"Mess with the bull.. You get the horns!"


A friend of mine is not going to be happy about this if it happens in Arkham Knight. But regardless of what he thinks. Still going to play the game and I will love it! ... I hope. #23
Pretty demanding game. My setup can handle ultra, but if it becomes and issue I will play at 720p resolution, definitely not as sharp as 1080p but if I can run other graphics settings on ultra then im happy. #9
For those who are blaming DICE for BF4 for a terrible launch. Correct me if I am wrong but who's fault was it here, it is the publisher EA for pushing them to release an unfinished game to catch up sales wize with the competitors.

I really hope Battlefront would not suffer the same given that it has taking a year and this is the 2nd until its release. But all this boasting of how good battlefront is has really raised the bar really high for all of us.

T... #1.1.6
While GTA V is a great game. Rockstar support unfortunately is pretty poor.

I am playing GTA V single player and multi-player. Single player is fine for the most part but for GTA online, the server stability is just terrible. It might be alright in the US and EU. But for me is a different story. GTA Online takes long period of loading time and even when I get to play it is incosistent, It could be doing okay or it could be severely laggy and sometimes the game freezes and I... #14
These news are making the wait even harder and harder for me until the reveal. Because of said news, my expectations are quite high of this upcoming game now. #4
Aaaaaaaall abooard the Hype train!!!!!!

Honestly I am on the train and I really cannot wait to see gameplay footage of it and hopefully the game when it comes out. #33
I just hope it does not break the game servers upon release which is more than likely to happen and most of us wont be able to play multi-player or Single player should it be DRM oriented. #1.9
Ridiculous good I hope.

AAAAalll aboard the hype train!!! #13
Last time they said there is a new IP or a "Secret game" in the works, it turned out some game that is similar to "Spelunky" which is available on steam.

So I am not taking anything for granted with Square Enix this time. #21

Thanks, all for your responses. Indeed so, I, for one, barely do any physical disc installs. Mostly digital using Steam and Origin for example plus EA and Origin announced they will no longer do any physical copies.

My opinon, while digital downloads are very practical but for me with an incostistant internet connection it can be a pain in the butt. Plus I do love to stack up my game physical copies just like the old days! #8.3.1
This brings me to the question, PCs nowadays and even previously, were capable of reading Blu-Ray discs; providing one has a Blu-Ray drive.

Why is it that physical copies of games still stick to the DVD format and not Blu-ray still? Any clue, anyone? #8
From what I have seen an tried, the boss isn't that hard. He is just annoying with his big HP pool and the confined space you get with fighting the thing.

As long as you time your dodging correctly and not getting cornered you should be fine. #1.3
65GB Plus mods and there will be insane mods! If gamers could not wait for a Zombie appocalypse. Then Modders could not wait any longer for GTA V! #5
Yes, this footage is nothiing new. Title is correct though, but old news. Looking forward to see the reveal tho. #4.2
Said it before and I'll say it again. For those who missed out on God of War 3, go for the re-master if you own a PS4.

However, if you already enjoyed it on your PS3. No point of buying the same game twice. Re-master perks does not matter. #70
IGN never cease to amaze with silly points that dumbs down a score.

Remember the "Too much water" incident? #4.1
I am sold for No Man's Sky since I saw the very first footage of it. Looking forward to it.

But the sentence "Later this year" is not a release date. #24

Okay I do not see why people disagree with you. NO I DISAGREE YOU MUST PRE-ORDER DIS! YOU NO WAIT FOR RELEASE! #2.7
You misunderstood when I said "Fogged up" I don't mean foggy weather, I am referring to the fogged up camera view due to the rain and moist on the "camera lens" in that view whereas Project cars does not have that in the video comparison, well yet. Could have been that I thought I typed "fogged up camera view" but I didn't as I have forgotten in the original comment.

But to be fair though it is a good effect on the F1 2014's part but... #3.1.1
Sigh... I do not know why they are doing this but I am looking forward to see what they do with Battlefront. I hope they don't screw it over. #13
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