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"Mess with the bull.. You get the horns!"


For those who love post apocalyptic zombie or zombie-like survival games who missed out on Last of Us on PS3 and bought PS4s?


For those who played it already on PS3?

No. #45
hahahah NICE! Now I'm excited to see Sheldon weighing in the console war! #61
Well, my question is, has it been downgraded on all platforms or just consoles? #66
Yes, I'd love day/night cycle. I didn't know it wasn't there in the first place xD

Because I planned to play smoke in the day time and neon at night. I fell in love with neon and I don't want to neglect smoke forever. #19
Yup... That's enought internet for today. #27
I was never an Oculus backer, and I must admit, the facebook deal now made me lose excitement for their final product. The claims say, that Oculus Rift will still be an independent developer even though it is owned by Facebook. But later down the road who knows what may happen with it. #14
Oh i am buying it. The downgrade is annoying and a let down. but the gameplay and content to play with is fun. #19
Indeed, the only game that I can think of uses the light bar is, The Playroom. #2.4
My last Cod game was World At War. Aside from that, goes to show how bad Activition has become. They are not too bothered about investigating if players violated codes of conduct properly and instead they just went on a ban spree if they keep this up, they WILL get sued; that is if they weren't sued already...

Ghosts is a $hit game anyway. For those of you who are thinking about either getting ghosts or black ops before it. DO NOT buy ghosts. Go for Black ops 1 and/or 2. #34
From context, contract expiring, Sony would not renew in order to have a new CEO take over and that's normal... I think. #1.20
I will miss seeing a familiar face in the E3 press conferences from now on. Im guessing Andrew House will take over(JUST A GUESS).

Anybody else read his statement in his voice too? #54
I am not really fussed about the delay. However I wish that they'd release comparisons between the original watch dogs and the "polished" version to prove to us that it was worth the wait. #20
Opinion comment
If the first Titanfall generates a lot of profit, pretty sure already did with pre-orders, Titanfall 2 will come; Afterall, it is still EA and they will want the gold coming from Respawn.

I just hope Titanfall 2 doesn't go only on Xbox though. #29
Sounds like something GAME shop would do. I barely buy anything from them. I always get my games from Amazon.co.uk because of the price tag difference.

And Royal Mail always screws me over, if it is a game I REALLY want, it gets delayed in the mail -_- if not I get it even before the estimated delivery date lol. #1.1.4
Opinion comment
Honestly, at first, running games at 1080p won't be a problem. Sony brags about how games run at full HD on the PS4; What is the point when either 1st or 3rd party titles don't have good graphics fidelity?

Eventually games will become more demanding and we will start seeing lower resolutions to have smooth gameplay on the PS4. I, for one, would rather sacrifice 1080p for highly detailed graphics in return than going full HD and looking at mediocrely renedered models.... #98
@Title, that's what they all say honestly. Game dev companies have different methods and definitions for 'Maxing out consoles'

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I said "if I had a nickle every time a game dev said that". Oh look, I just got one nickle richer, Now I can go buy an Ice-cream sandwich!

Believe me, that's a lot of nickles! :P #14
At least Agent was officially announced but never came to be xD #1.1.5
Not even Tretton has the slightest idea of whats going on with it. He was asked in a interview by IGN last E3. I think they are going to keep asking every year as they did in the previous years lol and the answer will still be nothing. #1.3
lol. #57
Nice world play... Last year sales was just a few months ago :P

Either way, good for Sony. #34
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