Mess with the bull.. You get the horns!
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@ title. If now the console wars stooped to the level of a resolution being exclusive to one system then that is a new low.

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And from the shit they keep pulling, I agree. They'd better not screw this up.

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This screenshot leak looks impressive honestly. However, It is still a Ubisoft game. I will be extremely careful with it. If they brings us another shameful release, my boycott continues.

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If it is going to have decent content expansions then sure, I think this could be very plausible. However, it if is going to be tedious grinding simulator, then it wont last very long for me to say the least

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Agreed the attention to detail in the original is much better than the remaster. Goes to show that there is no excuse that developers could do better.

I'd still buy it though. I am not going to prevent myself to re-live the best moments in gaming during my childhood.

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Of all games I have bought and played. Hello Games NMS is the very first game that receives patches which are NOT accompanied by patch notes. That is not okay.

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So the "Mystery item" is a space pen?

... "Take the pen! ... Come on, Jerry take the pen!!"

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Again, Ubisoft desperately trying to treat us like we are stupid, like we just fell off the me the turnip truck. This is an absolute joke.

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I would love to play this when it comes out, this will definitely take me back to Spiderman2 on PS2 days

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I am happy to see the consumer is standing up to the evil corporate. This is what happens when you get too arrogant, Activision. Let that be a lesson to you and all other publishers for pulling bull cap like that.

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Either way, not gonna pay for a brand new console to replace my perfectly working fine console just for more power. Unless they do one hell of a trade-in deal in my local retailers.

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If I understand this correctly, they are going for quality over quantity. Good on ya, CD Projekt Red!

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Hmm I was expecting the NX to debut in this E3. my best guess it will this fall or end of summer.

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Honestly I wish I could refund my pledge. I lost interest in the game and even having played the demo for it I still don't care.

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There are people out there who don't like VR and that is fine.

But What I don't like is people who pointlessly trying to find reasons not to like it and mock it at the same time.

At the end of the day, I don't take those people seriously. However, regardless of attitude, they'd better have a very good reason as to why they're doing this.

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Could not agree more, the vehicle system was an absolute joke.

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Add to that Better driving and vehicle physics, better and larger variety of hacking mini games and a protagonist that doesn't talk like Batman.

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I don't know about how much 'open' is the Oculus rift platform.

All I know that, you can still run unsupported VR content through Oculus home, you just need to go through a caution thing saying you are about to launch unsupported content, are you sure you would like to continue?

However, I still do not know whether if it is just a disclaimer for legal reasons or will I run into something that will be blocked all together and this is exactly why I...

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Haha I didn't know that, but still you added a nice touch with the cookie. Well done still.

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