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"Mess with the bull.. You get the horns!"


Update. Nevermind I missunderstood this piece. I don't care for remastered Uncharted as I have already played them on PS3 but I look forward to see Crash and Jak in the future indeed. #19
@Title. No I don't want something to be "re-mastered" I want new stuff! #18
Isn't it already like WoW? -_- #6
To me, given that I played The Last of Us on PS3 already, its remaster is getting a lot of hype. It is a good game indeed, but I dont understand why is it getting so much attention. #15
Signed. Hope it makes a difference. #20
To the consumer, it may sound too soon. But to the developer it may be the best time to start thinking next-gen.

Sony for example, mentioned that they started the PS4 project in 2008 just 2 years after PS3 launched. #1.6
If this is true, hackers such as anonymous won't be very happy EA is stealing users' info. #31
Could be just a color coded trophy icons made by ubisoft for watch_dogs. I have yet to see it on other games. #8
Sony should have never let go of the Crash Bandicoot IP... Don't know why they did so in the first place. #42
hope so, E3 this year was boring to me. #65
Damn you beat me to it @Football-Soccer first thing that popped into my mind was the pizza scene XD #1.2.8
According to Polygon from a search I have done just now, it is said that is is a system error and not intentional.

However it is still EA we are talking about and I really won't be surprised if they actually do this.

http://www.polygon.com/2014... #1.1.15
Sounds like the game I'd by from Steam in the future. #28
Opinion Comment
I will be frank here,

If I want to start comparing graphics fidelity, Watch_Dogs of course has the upper hand in lighting visuals for one thing (PC Xbox One and PS4 versions) and aliasing too. But in terms of quality, I am going to go with GTA V.

Why is that you might ask? Personally, I do pay attention to the small details. With GTA, I never complained about poor quality because RockStar really put a lot of effort to deliver a beautiful experience.
... #21
Lol if this was GTA, pointing a gun at the arms dealer will get you on the floor before you can say bang! On a side note, good Job Ubisoft for putting hipsters bobbing their heads as weapon salesmen -_- #25
The plot thickens... #16
Didn't buy it on PS3 and Im sure as hell won't get it on PS4. #92
Im not buying another CoD but I am interested to see what other devs would do with it compared to the oblivious Infinity Ward. #57
For those who love post apocalyptic zombie or zombie-like survival games who missed out on Last of Us on PS3 and bought PS4s?


For those who played it already on PS3?

No. #45
hahahah NICE! Now I'm excited to see Sheldon weighing in the console war! #61
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