Mess with the bull.. You get the horns!
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Again, Ubisoft desperately trying to treat us like we are stupid, like we just fell off the me the turnip truck. This is an absolute joke.

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I would love to play this when it comes out, this will definitely take me back to Spiderman2 on PS2 days

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I am happy to see the consumer is standing up to the evil corporate. This is what happens when you get too arrogant, Activision. Let that be a lesson to you and all other publishers for pulling bull cap like that.

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Either way, not gonna pay for a brand new console to replace my perfectly working fine console just for more power. Unless they do one hell of a trade-in deal in my local retailers.

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If I understand this correctly, they are going for quality over quantity. Good on ya, CD Projekt Red!

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Hmm I was expecting the NX to debut in this E3. my best guess it will this fall or end of summer.

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Honestly I wish I could refund my pledge. I lost interest in the game and even having played the demo for it I still don't care.

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There are people out there who don't like VR and that is fine.

But What I don't like is people who pointlessly trying to find reasons not to like it and mock it at the same time.

At the end of the day, I don't take those people seriously. However, regardless of attitude, they'd better have a very good reason as to why they're doing this.

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Could not agree more, the vehicle system was an absolute joke.

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Add to that Better driving and vehicle physics, better and larger variety of hacking mini games and a protagonist that doesn't talk like Batman.

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I don't know about how much 'open' is the Oculus rift platform.

All I know that, you can still run unsupported VR content through Oculus home, you just need to go through a caution thing saying you are about to launch unsupported content, are you sure you would like to continue?

However, I still do not know whether if it is just a disclaimer for legal reasons or will I run into something that will be blocked all together and this is exactly why I...

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Haha I didn't know that, but still you added a nice touch with the cookie. Well done still.

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It unlocks tomorrow in my time-zone. Cannot wait to re-live one of the most fantastic moments in gaming I had in my childhood!!!

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I wanted to say "Daisy Ridley hands you a lightsaber" but you beat me to the joke by 10 hours lol

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Indeed we do, as a gamer, I will always watch the E3 press conferences, Sony or otherwise, you never know what sort of surprises they have in store.

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Taking one for the team, thanks dude! But my prediction is somewhere along those lines, I am expecting something between the 200 to 400 dollar range.

Looking forward to see how the VR kicks off and how will it do in the future.

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I really hope the ACCC turns in favor of the Australian consumer for Rift purchases. This is flippin' ridiculous.

This could very well impact Rift headset sales in Australia. For a company CEO and a business man, he'd better do something or he wont get the figures they are looking for as a company from Australian sales.

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This had been debunked by CD Projekt Red, no Enhanced editions coming out.

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Another hoax kickstarter...

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Damn, you beat me to it


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