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video doesn't play for me.
weird that the devs wasted their time making this joke AI when no one would see it and it's not even funny.

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So many people have left NG after TLOU. I'd be surprised if UC4 is any good. (though I hope it is)

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yeah this isn't even gaming, it's just getting images to look nice.

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still images aren't the same as playing the game. these have extra effects that aren't visible in regular gameplay.

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Have you played GTA V?
There's aliens and you control a dog at one part.

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I wonder if R* just put it there as a joke, since there's been widespread searching for a jetpack, and people have been going through the coding of updates.

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pointless to port it to PS4, no one wants it on PS3 why would they want it on PS4.

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you're missing out.

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plus the game is basically a tech demo anyway.

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you can buy stuff from the US store.
make a psn account with an american address, and buy PSN cards digitally online.

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with piracy these sales and free games are pointless.
bring these prices to PS4 then I'll care.

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PS4 sold around 370k, and it's around double the price of the Wii U.

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I hate it when people misuse the word "literally".
There goes a bubble for you.
Also you sighed at the set of numbers, your comment doesn't make any sense.

On topic, Nintendo walked right into this and it's their problem now.

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oh yeah, because porting NES games to your next gen system (that are already playable in Wii mode) is TOTALLY bringing life to the platform..

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it certainly seems they are.

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future games don't count. it's funny that you took his comment seriously yet weren't even able to defend it.

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or an actual gba. >.>

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I've got it on NES too, but the game's so long that you need a save function IMO. (which is missing on the NES version but the Wii and Wii U have save functions)

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Is this news?

Are quality games so rare for the Wii U that an old nes port is of significance?

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"The game was centered on a young and experienced Lara"
Yeah, WAS. The new one will be the full on ass-kicking Lara that we know and love from the PS1 era.

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