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such a low res image.
that's 299 games, impressive collection.
I knew the N64 didn't have many games but this puts it into prospective.
(PS1 had 2,418, PS2 had 3,870)

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I said "Earthbound .... release 2015" and lost my shit for a second.

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not hard to recreate buildings.
as for the graphics, the image is too small to judge.
even PS2 games can look photo-realistic at that size.

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starting 2016

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720p vs 1080p is a difference.

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well they're redoing 3 of their franchises instead of making a new one for the new gen, and most of their important staff members have fled the company.
but who knows.

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it's two months away, i'd wait.
When I played it on PS3 I couldn't help but notice jaggies, slowdowns, low res textures, etc.

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Yeah true.
I imagined PS4 would repeat what the PS3 did and only have ports after a few years down the line, but it's happening from the start.
I guess it's less of an impact if they do it now than if they waited a couple years. Alot of us still have the old consoles still.

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the more the merrier, but I won't get a next gen console until there's something new on it.

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Special Edition?
It's just the original console, the game, and some figurine that you can probably buy on it's own from some shop.

The title gave me the impression it was a special edition Wii U.

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most core gamers know what the wii u is but don't like it.
edit: looking at the price of the major retailer for my country, it's $430 for the Wii U. ($550 for ps4)
I think a price drop would be nice.

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oh dat shovelware

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home was good before sony decided to let 3rd party devs take over and transform it into IMVU with all the sexy outfits and stuff.

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put it in a game then I'll be interested.
so many of these engine demos don't make it into games or the games end up poorly optimised with slowdowns and choppy framerates.
also gameplay quality is important aswell.

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yeah BC is never 100%, there's always some accessory that doesn't work or something.

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i've already got the old consoles. screw staying on low resolutions I want enhanced versions.

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the 2.5D is nice.

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weren't they already playable in PSP mode?

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dude it's a smartphone app game.

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not too late to change the name.

Remember it took Sony 3 years to change the name of the [i]PLAYSTATION 3[i/] and the Wii U is on it's 2nd year.

Though yes the Wii U's time to shine was when it was released because we didn't have next gen consoles and ipads were all the rage.
They can try to fix it now but it won't have the same impact as it could have.
Atleast games are further into development now I guess.

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