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i don't want to have to buy a new move controller. but whatever it takes to make VR work, I hope they do.

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lol and they use blu ray.

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Really? What's so good about the character line up? It's all just the koopa klan and baby versions of the normal characters. (from Double Dash)

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why the disagrees, it was a genuine question. I haven't played Super Princess Peach or the Mario Party games aswell as a few other Mario games.
I wasn't trying to ridicule the character, I don't care if they made it just for Mario Kart.
Edit: Oh wait, I see someone's just gone and neg voted all the comments. Probably didn't even read them.

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"Mario Motors" sounds like Miyamoto.

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wouldn't it make more sense to automatically enable copyright protection for blurays/netflix? what a deterrent to have to change the settings every time you want to watch something.

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the article is right, ports and remasters should only be a small fraction of the library.
though I'm guessing these ports and multiplats and just a result of the console being early in it's life.

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what's the pink gold peach a reference to?

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why did it have it to begin with? just a pain in the arse.

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lol Agent & The Last Guardian? What year is it??

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should call it "Without Release date"
Seriously I'm sick of all these new titles hanging around in limbo, alot of them don't even end up being released.

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October? What a joke.

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no they should wait a little longer. /sarc

we've all said it doesn't need that sh**. ever since the early rumors that MS's new console would have be kinect oriented we've said it shouldn't have kinect. that's years before the Xbox One reveal.

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hahahah that's pretty weird.
buy Mario Kart, get free petrol?

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Like Colosseum but in an art style similar to the handheld games and the anime. and with wild pokemon.

They've never done this, it would be epic.

As it stands every Pokemon game sells exceedingly well, a 3D Pokemon game would be a GOTY and would save the Wii U.

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yeah even without the online components would be great.
people have been saying it for years now, they NEED to make a console reimagining of the series.

the Wii U is perfect too, the right amount of power for really nice looking graphics, and it can use the touch screen like the DS & 3DS Pokemon games do.

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Okay this is stupid,
we're counting up the profit the companies make on the consoles by the parts and labour used to make them, that means by saying 'MS>Sony' you're saying 'poorly made consoles>high quality consoles'.
and we're counting money from consoles?
The PS3 and Nintendo's consoles sell at a loss (or atleast did for a while) the reason they could/can do this is they make enough money from the games to make up for and turn a...

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neither console needs to drop price, they're both very cheap compared to previous consoles.
it's not a price war, it's about the exclusive games, and when it's not about exclusives it's about how well they run the multiplats.

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What a stupid thing to say, why are we even giving Pachter attention anyway?

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