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sounds too much like visual boy advance.

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probably the quality of life things.

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scary but not accurate.
what's the design from? I don't remember zombies in movies looking like that.

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yeah they're in the earliest stages of development.
first there's planning the basic premise, then there's sketching the concept art of their plans.
if they polish it as much as they did with the original TLOU it will be years before seen it. it took them atleast 4 years. (since they were working on it after UC2 came out in 2009)

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maybe crash bandicoot and daxter should show up too?

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Yeah I got a bit confused because there's 2 seperate reports.
I wonder what game Bruce Straley was talking about.

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the first quote, how do you play a sketch? is there's an actual prototype game or just art sketches?

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Wow I'd love to see all the character mock ups. What's Waluigi 2??

It's funny they came up with Gold Peach when they were doing NSMB2 which features characters in the gold plated design.

EDIT! After looking for source on the quotes I came to realize it's a made up article with false quotes and the humour was lost on me.
I know what it says is a bit silly but I assumed it was lost in translation.

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so aslong as the graphics are good, you don't care if it's running at 5fps?

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this isn't gaming, it's jerking over high res dirt and grass.

these textures would look awful ingame next to the standard lower quality ones.

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the images are grainy and pixelated, they've been upscaled.
the game looks good, though I question how difficult or technically impressive it is to render a still car model in high quality. there's no animation or textures, it's just a uniform body with a reflective surface.
it's not hard to make racing games that look nice.

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so what? 30fps is standard. I'd be glad not to have a jumpy 15-25 fps like some older games do.

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shit that his console failed but atleast it was replaced within a day, and this isn't an issue unless the problem is widespread, which it isn't.

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new to Smash Bros.

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When I first saw that game (the 3DSware one) I imagined the character or the game referenced in the new Smash Bros and face palmed since the game looks bad.
The more content the better though, I suppose.

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already posted on this site.

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personally I'm highly looking forward to the Uncharted 4 footage and seeing what Sony will do with their VR headset.

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yeah the new IP would be epic if it were revealed

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new console info? where'd you see that?

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this is something they experimented with the 3DS.
I can't see it working practically. (Oh quick, I want to play X game, where's my X attachment? now I can't play it.)

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