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what "powers" part of the presentation? I saw it but I don't know what that's referring to.

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there's too much hype for this game. what happened to not caring about framerates?
i think it's embarrassing that they're going to bundle this game with the console.

I'm sure it looks better but come on.
edit: also, I thought this game was delayed until August.

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everyone's allowed to have an opinion, that doesn't make it right though.

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flower? sonic generations? loco roco?
nice list.

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bioshock infinite is all the same dreary color.
it had a nice art style but I wouldn't call it a colourful game.

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10 years later and still the same shit, "Forza"... "Halo"...
Not that I really care, but it's just a bit embarrassing that no progress has been made for the Xbox.

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it's ONE GAME.
and it's one of the greatest games of all time.

all 3 of the consoles are spouting out sequels to well known titles, that's how the game industry works.

I can see why this guy only has 2 bubbles.

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always interesting to read into how they go about porting games from console to console.
sounds like alot of work was put into this game and it's not just a "cash in".
part of my still wishes they added new things (such as new enemies or just some surprises for people who already played the original) but I guess they're right in saying additions could have a negative impact.
looking forward to playing it, all those high detail assets!

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those beard hairs!

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we already knew this.

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sad to see so much homophobia here.

it's not like an objective of the game would be to bone another man. it's simply an option to be dating friends with Mii's of the same gender. does that really gross you people out?

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wow I'm surprised to see people offended by gay relations in videogames. did you guys get pissed off at the Sims? I don't remember any lashback from it.

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I doubt parents would even be aware of it being included. (nor care)
And this is not old news, the game isn't even out yet. People are doing new campaigns to get the issue fixed.
The news article is about a statement from Nintendo less than 24 hours old.

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what part of the original posting does anyone say anything about a new console??

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in brazil the legal age of consent is 14.

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no wonder there was 130-ish layers in the image.

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Survivor mode was crap, you have to stealth the whole game and strangle the enemies. it's not as enjoyable IMO and it's not really survival horror IMO.

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basically all of them had one really bad game just before they shut down.

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