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so not fair!!
this is an outrage.

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cool, I was trying to play this recently on my ps3 and couldn't get it working with mame so a nes rom will be easier.

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click bait.
it's obvious with all the improvements that ND have earned the right for the remastered version to exist.
and he says the old "we want new games, not old ones" well new games ARE coming, they're just not ready yet.
These remasters are filling the gap.

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Quantic Dream is all about the emotional connection. the idea is because you take part in the story you feel more connected. (more than you would while watching a movie)

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let's hope they move to something more meaningful now.

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crytek is shit, the only thing anyone liked them for was pc elitists modding crysis so they could brag about the graphics while ignoring the poor gameplay.
no one is using their engine and crysis 3 sucked.
to hell with crytek I say.

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indies are better on ps4 than wii u anyway.
wii u indies are just shovelware.

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He's talking about their E3 show, but it didn't even happen.
Most people didn't watch Nintendo's private little stream, they only saw the actual live E3 conferences.
Miyamoto's saying Nintendo stood out from the other conferences, but not only did Nintendo showcase the same old junk, but they didn't even have a conference at all!

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pokemon stadium games are a waste IMO, it's just battling in 3D.
We've already got 3D pokemon in the 3DS games so I doubt they'll do a 3D battler (like battle revolution) for the wii u.

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"day one edition"? seriously?
they're copying everything MS have done.
timed exclusives, exclusive content,
these are the things we mocked xbox doing, why is sony doing them?
it's bad enough they copied the controller and we have to pay to play online, there seems to be no end to sony trying to be like MS and Xbox!!

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did you play the original?
I'm guessing you didn't.

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lol so the reasons are, you can play wii games (in 480p plus you need the controllers so who would bother)
then the rest of the reasons are the mediocre games that have been released + smash bros.
I'm getting smash bros for the 3DS since it's coming first and it looks just as good if not better.

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no the sad part is we don't have anything else to look forward to this year.

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why buy a new one when you can buy an old one?
didn't you read the article?
the tech can be improved (signal, latency) the price can be lower, and you can actually get a new unused controller.

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yeah but there's a limited amount of wavebirds out there, it would be hard to find one new.

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let's be honest, Indie games aren't real games.

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we already had an article on this the other day.

it's not a "new" genre, Nintendo have been doing their own thing for a while.

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there was a comment in the last article by someone mocking the framerate and saying it'll have drops, I think ND saw it and responded with these remarks.

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I thought from the headline it had it's own driver for the PS3 rather than some generic USB bluetooth controller driver.

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was it really that hard to hit 60 fps?
I would of thought with all the extra room for processing that the PS4 has over the PS3 that it wouldn't be "life sacrificing".

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