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yeah, plus new engines and mechanics will be created. even if the devs made use of 100% of the hardware there's still improvements to be made, things can be optimised.

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what a troll thing to ask him.

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it's supposed to spur good PR.

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more than half are asians.
asian women are less feminine than western women so it doesn't really count.

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Nah I think a reboot would be the better choice.

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well Socom 4 flopped, it probably wasn't worth doing another one.
It flopped so bad that they shut down the company making it and effectively ended the series.

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lol this guy's profile is filled with xbot ranting.
I guess he's upset that this game is PS4 exclusive.

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misleading title, downloading the beta without being able to even launch it is near pointless.

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well personally I loved Home, and Sony supported it very well, with new content literally every week and lots of special events.
Move support, well we saw a few games using the Move controllers at E3 last year for the PS4. Most recently we've seen the controller being used with the Morpheus.
It seems to be more supported than the actual dualshock 4, as far as Morpheus support goes.

Backwards compatibility was removed to cut the cost of the PS4, Sony then c...

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How exactly does that Kotaku article negate this one?
It's the exactly same quotes, just with a spin put on the perspective of them.
What M$ has said is "it's not gonna happen" and then "wait I'm not sure if I mean that".
There's no clear statement regarding what the actual situation is, and that's what this article is about. The fact that there's a vague lack of clarity.

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I wonder what the other mock ups looked like.

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Microsoft are so bad.
They're just the evils of gaming.
It's beyond me why anyone would support them.

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not a single game worth playing, that's how strong the lineup is.

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what exclusives?

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why SHOULD I get a PS4?
the only games coming out for it are shoddy remasters of games I'm already sick of.
Evil Within is coming out next month, but the graphics look pretty bad so I think having the 'worse' version won't make much of a difference.
Plus I suspect hackers will figure out how to get the game rendering at full screen instead of letterboxed, the way they did for Beyond Two Souls. If they do that, the PS3 version will be heaps better.

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more like Project Brownstreak!

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fake troll article.
why does this stuff make front page?

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not only is it an old pic, but it's not even an ingame screenshot.

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ah that's from the DLC, you find a bottle and it prompts to drink it. I chose no.

Obviously the difference in the rating is there because this version of the game contains the Left Behind DLC.

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I'm sure the novelty would run out pretty quick.
it was nice seeing the naked women in the game, but I wish they had tit physics and more variation in body type.

Edit: Oh yes, and just nips isn't "completely naked".
We're still to see the female genitals in a console game AFAIK.

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