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Yeah that's the workaround so MS doesnt publish it and still gets paid, I think they did that with viva pinata or some other game

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IMO they have yet to release a masterpiece, but it does look amazing graphically. Need to see more gameplay.

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90k that's alot lol, but I think the user average was alot higher right?

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I was trolling lol, this game imo just looks significantly better, so I wouldn't be surprised if it influences tsushima which wouldn't be a bad thing

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Something tells me ghost of tsushima is going to get delayed. This game looks ridiculously good.

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Enjoying the game so far. Kudos to ubi for trying new things, everyone is doing the same ish, but they're really trying to bring something fresh

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Imo the best killzone,

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EA is definitely hurting now. We'll see if they can turn things around

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@gamesforever only on ps4 but that was sonys doing. Lol

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Get into sales kids! That's real talk!

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People upgraded to the X cuz it does 4k with better graphics on most games, just like many upgraded from ps4 to pro for the same reason

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Xbox has tons of indies lol

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@Anthony Davis lol then why are you in here lol 🤔

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Ori looks incredible

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I agree to an extent but when it comes to their art, they dont want things censored, at least that has been my experience with these people. The media just shows extreme cases of left or right and that's for agendas and to keep our nation divided. Sony doing this is just strange.

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How long have you had the LG? I'm curious about reliability.

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Democratic leftist are less concerned about censorship, look at Hollywood. Alot of artists in CA no one wants to be censored. This is a Sony thing, not sure why it's happening, considering they have games like GOW and last of us with plenty of creative freedom.

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Nah its not heres the link
Check the 1 hour and 37 minute mark or so

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Yeah very odd that they elected to censor that scene, not ver lewd at all, the witcher definitely had some more interesting scenes

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