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Again, disagree with you on all that. I've played most of the characters, and feel the balance is better than most fighting games currently out.

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I completely disagree. I love XIV and think it's by far the best installment yet. Controls like a dream.

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Seeing how those games are super niche, probably not many.

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Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Nier, Horizon, Persona 5, Beserk, Kingdom Hearts Remix, Nioh.

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Thank you!!

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Yeah, I think Horizon is going to be the best game this year.

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The only thing this title did was piss me off and remind me we haven't seen any Wild gameplay/news in a long time. >=[

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Absolutely this!

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Yeah, FF is a household name. They won't buy this. I guarantee it.

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Amazing game.

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I......I just........I need this game NOW! So gorgeous.

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Errr, what? You think of the 8 million people who bought the game, everyone enjoyed it? No, people bought the game because it was a new FF game, and all the hype surrounding it. I bought it, beat it, and hated it. Like many others.

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And XIII was? XIII was god awful
XV will surely be better than that hunk of garbage.

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Yeah, this looks incredible.

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Whoa, eaaaaaasy dude. He just said the BOX, not the console itself. Relax man, haha.

On topic: Yeah I can't wait to get mine on the 10th! Wooooooooo!

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Tuesday seriously can't get here soon enough. The demo was fantastic.

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Exist Archive, anyone?

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I literally see your name and give you a disagree as I scroll down. Just because you're a known troll. I rarely actually read what you post.

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I agree. Pretty hyped for this game.

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