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I watched the comparison video on the IGN app. The PS4 and PC versions looked the exact same, I thought. #6
So happy about this!!!! #3
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Prayers for your son and family. This is sad. :( #23
I'm having an absolute blast with this game right now. Gorgeous visuals on top of fantastic gameplay. #8
Just got mine too!! So excited to play this!!! #1.1
Lol, dude, it actually looks better! You proved it's actually an upgrade rather than a downgrade. #10.6
Erm..... just no. I'm a Christian,(non-denomination) and not only are the youth pastors into gaming, but the pastor himself LOVES gaming. He has a Wii-U, and just bought a PS4, haha. #24
Dust is a TON of fun. I really enjoyed it. #2.1
Those gifs...... Just, wow. #26
The first was OlliOlli for the Vita. And I will definitely check out your review! #1.1.3
Hey thanks for the info man. This might be the second game purchase now you've helped me make. Lol. #1.1.1
Wow, is this game THAT good? I may have to check this one out. #1
Crossing my fingers for a new Wipeout!!! :D #9
But do you realize all the realization?? #6.5
Wow, that looks super good!! I get more and more excited each time a see a video of this game. I just hope they do the F2P style the right way. #30
Tell me where to demand it, Square, and I definitely will. I actually really loved XII. #15
I completely agree with everything you just typed. I can't believe people actually defend this awful series. #4.1
Can't wait for this game. #4
Same here. #1.1
To be fair, I actually really like Lightning as a character, and I did beat the first one. I just hated the 'on rails' like gameplay. You literally follow a narrow path from point A to point B, then Cutscene. They took out all the exploration of the world and towns out of it. To me, it just seemed like they took a lot of what made past FF's so great, completely out of XIII. :/ #3.1.1
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