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Looks incredible. Beyond hyped for this. #5
This game looks absolutely outstanding!! Can't wait for The Order!! #11
God this game looks so amazing!!! Wish it was coming out this year!! :( #2
I'm so incredibly excited for this. This was such a pleasant surprise for me. #9
This was such a beautiful and wonderful experience. Definitely recommend this. #2
This was soooooo good!! #3
Lol! Holy crap! I almost thought they were gonna say "coming exclusively to Xbox One!" #6
I was 'meh' at this game. #4
Final Fantasy XII HD would make me extremely happy. #4
Why not? I had an absolute blast with the first one. #1.5.1
Completely agree. I'm beyond disgusted with Sega since they have told us gamers in the U.S to more or less go fuck ourselves. #6.1
Yay, two more games that won't come West. Go to hell Sega. #7
Wow. Just wow. #14
This game is a ton of fun on PC. I've played the crap out of it. Big win here for PS4 owners in my opinion. #1.1.2
Absolutely, brother. #3.2.1
Lmfao! I laughed at your comment for a ridiculous amount of time. #2.2.3
Such a horrible game. #5
Figures SMH. #6.1.1
From what I've seen so far, the graphics look amazing, and the gameplay looks like great fun. #14
I know what you mean. I'm only doing 50cc as well, but I'm constantly getting hammered by shells. Definitely more so than any other Mario Kart. #1.3
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