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No Helldivers. List automatically sucks. #4
1d 8h ago by LiViNgLeGaCY | View comment
No Helldivers makes your list void! :P #1.2
1d 8h ago by LiViNgLeGaCY | View comment
God yes. My favorite JRPG of last gen. Such a memorable and wonderful game. #4
Dude, same here! This is PERFECT for me!! :D #3.1
So many. But Dark cloud series was one of my favorites. As well as Shadow Hearts 1 & 2. #19
This is one of the best co-op games I've played in quite a while. #13
I know there are a lot people who wanted it. But ultimately, I'm glad they both decided against it to keep the cost of the consoles down. I'm not upset with the decision at all, but I'm sorry to those who really wanted it. #25
Thank you for your reply! :) #14.1.1
So, I'm a little confused I guess. Is the Chalice dungeon the ONLY way to play co-op? Or can you do it with the story mode as well? #14
I agree with Septic. Do it!!! #2.2
$19.99. $17.99 for Plus members. #6.1
Has this been announced for the West yet? #1
I am so incredibly hyped for this game, it's probably unhealthy. #14
What disappointment? I'm not disappointed in the slightest. I'm about 5 hours in and I'm absolutely in love with the game so far! #27
Oh. My. God. YES!!!! #8
My Vita will be pleased. #4
Yeah. For me, it was just a case of getting older, and all the responsibilities that came with that. I now have a full time job, house, wife, and a kid. My backlog is absolutely ridiculous. Haha. xD #7
I've actually never heard of that game. What console is it for? O_o #1.1
Would love for this to be announced for the West. #3
I really want this to come West. This actually looks really fun... #12
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