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Im counting tje seconds!!

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And my dad helped make this game and says on xbox the game os so bad its almost like 2d graphics like a playstaion 1 because the xbox isnt as good enough hahaha. Just watch the trailer and cry xbox fanboys!!!

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Whoa!! It looks almost real life. This will be the best game of my life i cant wait till it!! I will show my stupid friends who dpnt understand good games and just play with their xbox hahaha. Nothing can compare to the playstation and ps4 will show everyone!

I heard you can explore the whole planet in this game and in every house. Try that in your dreams xbox hahaha

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These vids are making me racist, why dont they shut up??

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I didnt really like SA cos i think im a bit racist :(

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I know its awesome! Me and my mates were in a chinnock dropping cars on other players and taking their wallets witch a huge bounty on my head. Most fun ive had i a videogame

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What map does it have?

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Well it's always fun pissing you sensitive nerds off, it's way too easy. Good for Daniel, that's pretty sweet.

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Does anyone know if there's gambling in gta 5? Cos Red dead had poker which was sweet!

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I bet he's shit

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GTA was based on a movie you cretins!

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What about the really addictive drug running you do in Chinatown wars?? I hope they bring that back

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2 years too late lol

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*clicked on article
*saw god of war was number 25
*closed article
*expressed disappointment on n4g comment section

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Probably not but it's kind of funny to me though

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Looks cool though

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You are a massive cunt

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The maps remade are operation firestorm, gulf of omen, caspian border and operation metro ;)

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Tdm!?!? Gtfo!

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Typical sony fan making up stats to make yourself feel better about wasting your time defending the suck fest which is GAYstation 4. Ask yourself this, does your precious console have anything which can match the power of cloud?? That's what I thought haha

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