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It's funny though in every movie where he is another person he plays himself. In this is the end everyone is playing themselves but he is totally different

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You actually did get that right. We got 8 new tracks. 3 new characters.(not just skins, they have different animations, voice clips) and 3 new karts
For a very low price. I shrudder to think how much other companies would have handled it.

So yes when nintendo does it, its good

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If you look at the prototypes compared to the final releases they have, the protos always had clear plastic pipes.
These figures don't, Ike has a yellow support, luma is not on a pipe, shulk is not on a pipe etc.

And also, nintendo did not start making them so they don't need the support. They are all modeled after their smash trophies. It just so happens that most of these models don't require support

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i think nintendo is after wiiu next console

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It does have a story.
Once upon a time Smash In HD 60fps, 50+ characters, 400+ songs the end.

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"you only seem to care about Nintendo, so what are you doing on a R&C article "
same thing why all the sony fanboys go to the nintendo section

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so same rehash experience with new paint?
got it

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I wanted everything unlocked :( even the custom specials

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I'm split. I did want a portable smash. It would make waiting in midnight premieres, dr office or any long queue.
I can wait for the wife while she shops or wait for a movie to start since I go to a lot of midnight premieres.

BUT I would have preferred if it was a separate game from the wii u version. Because ultimately the 3ds version did hold it back.

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60Fps even with 3d on.
Sorry, do a little homework

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i love the 3d!!!! i dont play without it. things become solid and the characters have weights. its awesome the backgrounds just go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.
i love it

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Alot of people give up on he 3ds version because of how the controls are.
I admit i kept dying and confused with shield and grab alot. I couldnt really flow with the character. But after several matches your fingers adjust and youre back to smashing like never before.
I love this game, i love the speed its perfect, not too fast not to slow. Im addicted to the demo, i can just imagine how the full game must feel.
Im tired of 2 minute matches :( but i keep going back! ...

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Whe does everybody keep saying this game is cell shaded? Its not, it diesnt look like okami, it doesnt look like windwaker, it doesnt look like no more heroes....
Characters have a black outline and thats it AND you can remove it completely

The models are actually really detailed and polished

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i thought you were gonna take a selfie

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This game is perfect for lines like these.. playing smash bros with the people waiting.

Im taking it to every midnight release to smash while i wait in line with other fellow smashers

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thats good! xD. im playing it alot too. i usually just just "final destination" mode when i play so theres no items. and just 1 on 1. i cant wait for the full game.
the 3D looks great and the game is so fluid and crisp. screenshots and videos on the internet dont do the game justice.

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It is In the full game. I was sad to see it missing from the demo.
The 3d is fantastic. Of I take it off I get cross eyed. Maybe I play in 3d too much xD

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so did it work...? x)

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did it work?

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