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Link or its a lie #11.1
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You would think it makes sense at firs glance. I did to. But it doesnt. The way the roster is set up is weird

The very top line looks like medium weight but. Rosalina us a heavy weight and shes in that line up.

The heavy weight has a lightweight koopaling. And a heavy koopaling in the bottom

Yoshi and koopa troopa are in tje same line up but yoshi is a medium weight and troopa is lightweight #3.1
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Trust me don't feel bad.
I had a blast with friends playing nintendoland
Played great platformers like Nsmbu, rayman, 3d world, tropical freeze
Commanded my little army of pikmin, and an army of 100 superheroes in wonderful 101
Soon I'll be defying gravity in mario kart 8 and fighting with friends in super smash bros 5

Feel bad for the ones who DONT have a wii u #1.4
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Nintendo will not stop supporting their console.
I actually do not care for third party software, almost all of it in the wii was shovel ware so I'm glad they are staying far away.

I'm actually getting mk8 and smash on the wiiu this year from Nintendo so I'm good #8.3
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i dont care how their sales are doing, all i care about is the games and nintendo is giving me a portable and home console smash this year
so im happy.

and nintendo wont die no matter what idiots on the internet claim. the internet never shuts up, doesnt mean its fact #8.2
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so does anyone who is not good at mario kart ;) #9.1
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aww how adorable, you learned the words short term and long term.
now try to learn what they actually mean #8.1
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hahah awwwww
you are so adorable ^_^ #1.1.5
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sure ill explain

nintendo never releases games BEFORE they are ready
nintendo will not RUSH games in order to get them out and have them filled with glitches

nintendo will release the game when its READY

one game releasing early or late WILL NOT kill or SAVE the wii u.

nintendo has survived on onlu first party games in the past and it can do so in the future DESPITE what many online articles tend to tell you, because... #1.6
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gotta be honest, the ps4 surprised me but thinking about it, it was the most logical outcome. sony built a lot of loyalty with the support the ps3 got. so people are not afraid of jumping to grab the ps4.
nintendo had a fluke with the wiiu. nintendo consoles were always within N64 and gamecube sales. the wii success just changed the perception. and this is coming from a die hard nintendo fan. i have only bought nintendo products. not because of loyalty but because i like the 1st part... #1.12.1
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problem? #4.6.1
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consoles are part of the game division... ps4's are being sold at a loss and ps3 bled money for years.
great systems, but gushed out buckets of blood #5.1.3
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i know right if only there was 5 uncharted games, 4 gears of war 6 halos, 10 CoD, 6 Assassin Creeds, 13 final fantasies, 3 infamous games
i hate that main mario games come out like 6 times in 1 console generation. they should tone it down and come out only once every several years #4.5
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in his defense he did say "as far as i know"
...sadly he doesnt know alot. #1.4.2
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you mean like how you guys keep on regurgitating the same old criticism over and over and over atleast THEY put "a new sauce" on it
you guys cant seem to change it up.
atleast their games still get 10/10s like 3D world
you however get a .01/10 for lack of trying .001 for originality #1.1.7
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like your doppelganger foxtrot #8.1
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dude have you seen the honest trailers for movies? you will be laughing out loud.
see honest trailers, how it should have ended, and everything wrong with...
you will be delighted. i guarantee it #3.1.3
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i am hardcore nintendo fan. i love this so much i watch 2 times again. they fun of my favorite movies and still find funny. #7.2
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If it doesnt look loke an action movie then it not hardcore, its not AAAAA and it doesnt deserve a 10/10 #2.1
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Fact: bears like beets... bears...beets... battlestar galactica #3.1.8
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