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Won't be surprised if it's pulled to be honest - FPS vets will hate it being in the game. #1.1
I don't think you actually read the article... :P #5.2
Are... are you being a penguin racist? #6.1
Thanks :) ... I think. Glad you liked the article. The topic's been bothering me for quite a while, just never put pen to paper as I thought there was never a right time (because it's so convoluted). Also fear of backlash/people not actually reading the piece, yet having a strongly worded opinion on it (see above). #5.1
You obviously didn't read the article. #2.3
How would like to send those 10 bucks? #2.1
I like the idea that they are already sorting certain issues with the patch, but as that article reads 'unfortunately our contact would not provide us with the actual list of the fixes' you have to wonder whether this update will actually include a whole new dialogue system for the he/she issue. #1.1.1
Haha guys just for the record, the girl in the pic isn't the girl attempting the challenge, I simply thought it was humorous. #7
Looks pretty good for a fan-made vid. Don't know if it deserved a countdown though... but only time will tell! #7
Sorry we couldn't help you further with your... err... research :P #8.1
Its only multiplayer. #2.1
It would be pretty cool to have on PSN or XBLA. It does however have full Xbox controller support on the PC :) #1.1
Hope your site is going well. Thanks for checking ours out. #5.1
Machinma has made many, many videos. This is our first, so you can't really compare the two. #4.1
I'm used to the haters, its ok :)

Cheers for checking it out! #3.1
You did say that, but you also said it was free, that was all I was trying to get across. I agree it was a sheer waste of memory, as I wrote my own review of it. It didn't get the best score :P #7.2
The Fable 3 content was 400msp?... and you get the (4) guns with the purchase and the quests. #7.1
I wrote that because its funny that it has porno music (hence the 'What we liked'), but it is still pretty crap music (hence the 'What we disliked').

Hope that clears the sarcasm slightly. #1.1
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