I need to break bad.


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How do you figure it'd be the cheapest entry?

@ your comment below, the console wouldn't bundle Oculus. The chespest option without a doubt is PSVR, factoring all costs.

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Was hated by the vocal minority of whiny bitches.

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It's being reviewed as a game, not a Metal Gear. It's a fantastic game, but a shit Metal Gear. The shock was also not a shock and fell flat, Kojima seemed out of crazy ideas.

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Looks like a rushed out "review" of a preview build for hits and general interest for being 'first'.

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They'll all release 50 years apart anyway, no competition.

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Just don't play it.

If you earned money like they do, you'd milk it too, simple.

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I want a Pro Clubs overhaul and customization that varies from Fifa 10.

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Heh, I was discussing this at work yesterday. How someone creating artwork for a movie would overlook the fact gamers would pick up on it is crazy.

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It's not really a big problem, get back to reality guys, nothing to see here.

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The fuck you chatting blud? Motorstorm looked fantastic.

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This is a big thing, yes, it absolutely blows PSNow away, but won't kill anything.

I had the original PS3, and maybe played 2 or 3 PS2 games, I moved with the times like many people are doing and will do.

I am far more excited to play Deus Ex Mankind Divided, The Division or Battlefront than I am for replaying old gems. Though it is a nice feature to have, so props to them.

Also, why announce GoW trilogy remaster and then basically tell...

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Don't care. Give someone the pleasure. No skin off my nose.

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He was pretty much reconstructed from parts of Solidus, he says it himself. Thus, no strange scaring or robot arm.

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I dislike Mario, let's kill his franchise.

Oh,doesn't work like that. Let those who enjoy it, enjoy it.

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I'd certainly buy a remaster of the directors cut. Aside from being one of my favourite games of the last few years, it'd be a great opportunity to catch up with the story prior to Mankind, with potential save progression. Mainly because I do not PC game and sold my last gen.

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Don't call this independent developer independent.

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I fully expect this in '15.


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06 :/

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They have another year of development, based purely on aesthetics it'll improve much like Driveclub did.

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