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I agree. FC4 looks and plays pretty great on my PC, but I have this funny feeling I have not only played it before, but have been driven to do the same things before by the same antagonists. I most likely will not buy FC5.

Also.. I HATE UPLAY! The idea that I need to run a service on top of my primary service (steam) is not only annoying, but it is completely unneeded and UPLAY will not be used, not for the friends list, not for the rewards, but simply to play the game. #1
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I don't buy EA games anymore. I even closed my origin account. Will be doing same with uplay, after I get a cracked version of Farcry 3 and 4 which I bought. #14.2
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I already pre-purchased farcry 4 through steam. If this is the case than this will be my very last game from ubisoft.

See YA. Steam is the only PC Service I want running with my games. I hate UPLAY. #21
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I think it is just ubisoft's decision and most likely got some pressure from Microsoft, because they have some friends in higher places. Either way, it is anti-consumer and should not be accepted regardless if you like xbox or playstation.

Only a brainwashed moron would push for parity and accept an anti-consumer agenda, seeing as how you are THE CONSUMER! #15
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I'm looking at a lot of NON-TECHNICAL users comment on things they haven't the slightest clue about.

#1 All these severs are running VMs. This is industry standard.

#2 You cannot accurately simulate 100s of thousands of users connecting from all over the globe. (Hence they have betas) Errors will pop up which you never thought even existed.

#3 It seems their netcode is running good, since they will not allocated BEYOND CAPACITY... #20
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This isn't final fantasy. This is an action rpg. It should have it's own name. Man how far they have come from greatness. I watched them peak at FF7 and slowly drop off one game after another.

FFX was the tipping point where the FF formula was changed drastically (linear, no world map). It has been a shit show every since. This (although neat looking) is not a final fantasy and I will probably pass AGAIN! ugh. #8
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Literally just bought the game because of this video. I need to support this game. Period. Looks fantastic and i'm sure it'll play just as well. #19
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The trailer showed years ago showed promise. I thought it may be a throw back to ff7 with a dark theme and quick paced yet thoughtful battles (ffx).

Well seems like they ducked it up again. It is simply an action game named "final fantasy". I hope they go bankrupt and Sony buys them. I believe song would kindly direct them to what the players actually want. You know then people who made them successful in the first place.

I own every FF GAME and I s... #1.7
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DVS-Zev said it best.

Well Played. Sony gives the customers what they want. They invest in GAMING as a platform for entertainment. Period.

Microsoft has never thought long-term and to be honest they never really cared. They are in it for the bread & butter. $$$$. Two different companies and two different styles of business and I will always support the one who does right by the consumer and the sector they are involved with. #20
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I keep seeing lots of comments always comparing ps4 to high end gaming pc.

Since I have both I can make a comment. The entire 1080p/60 is irrelevant in high end gaming PCs. We've been able to do this for years. I'm at 2.5k monitor (30in) running high frames with all the bells and whistles.

1080p is nice and all but when you move up in resolution you can't go back. While 4k looks tempting the hardware isn't up to snuff to really handle it... #24
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I generally hate Microsoft but dx12 looks like a good way to rid us of the windows driver overhead.

But will Microsoft restrict it to win8 and win9 only? You bet your ass. If they do I'll allow the hate to consume me and grow more anti Microsoft.

I develop on win 8/win rt everyday and it isn't close to as good of a desktop OS as win 7. #4
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I don't think sony payed for this though. I think it was strictly a development choice. #4
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Genius Commment.

Completely sums it up.

Look at how Sony recovered last gen. They pushed Exclusives, In-house, Unique etc... They took the RISK in investment into new IP and it payed off. This isn't even a new concept. Sony has done this since PS1. Aquire 1st party devs, work closely with developers to produce games THEY FUND etc...

Microsoft is and always has been a parasite on the gaming industry. Nothing new here, but atleast lets all... #1.4.6
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Agreed. Dota is industry standard.

Get on the bus it's an awesome ride. Think of it like soccer meets basketball meets chess. #4.1
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I'm a Sony freak but dota 2 is the best game I've ever played. It is highly competitive, easy to pick up and have fun and exceptionally rewarding. It is here to stay and will grow even more over time. And it's completely free.

Highly recommend it to those who don't really understand or know about it. #1.1.2
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<3 all stars. Can't wait to see them improve on the mechanics. #1.9
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I've always like the idea of PhysX, but Nvidia needs to make it Open Sourced Industry Standard, because it will never evolve properly if only 1 or 2 games here and there use it.

I'd much prefer it to be in ALL GAMES!
I'm a Nvidia user and even I can see the benefit if AMD adopted Physix. #9
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It is an additional service which requires your email so they can leech money from you. Advertising their products and selling your email to their partners. :-P

Point is. It really isn't needed and most could do without it. Ofcourse if you love putting your CC# in everyone's hands then don't complain when one of the 10 under-developed and unwanted services gets hacked. \

PSN I understand. They have a hardware platform.
XBL I understand. Th... #1.6.3
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I hope I don't come off as a PC elitist, because I am certainly not. I am however frustrated with the fact that Microsoft fans have become "enablers" for Sony to follow the same anti-consumer policies. Once Xbox360 did well it was a matter of time before Sony followed suit and charged for online gaming.

Point is simple. Do not endorse paying MORE and getting LESS. It is not only anti-consumer, it is in opposition to sound logic.

... #9.2.1
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Not sure you made a lick of sense.

Are you talking about the "Leased/Free" games you get with PS+ or XBLG? Either way, they are not justification to pay 5$ a month to maintain a server.

If steam can do it for FREE<--- and have superior functionality then I KNOW Sony and Microsoft could easily do it. Do not question that.

I cannot justify paying MORE and playing INFERIOR console games. To someone who has both a PC and PS4, it mak... #9.1.1
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