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"Hyped as f*** for The Last of Us"


Lol I don't use c*** unless I'm pissed but what are you? A choirboy? Grow a sack. #2.4.2
What you said was perfectly logical and factual. The ppl who disagreed are monkey brained sacks of shit. My god, use your brain you idiots. This dude tells the truth and you disagree with him as if he's wrong? The skys blue, doesn't matter what you think of that, you dipshits. #2.1.1
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DO NOT even mention that pos game in the same sentence as rising. Rising is made by platinum games, possibly the best hack n slash company this gen. Dmc is broken and hampered at every stage whereas this game is shaping up to be the best hack n slash since gow3. Shame on you. #1.3
For everyone who's unaware, Kohima practically made the story and everything non gameplay related to rising. So rising will be as official in epic story telling as msg4 was if not better ;) #5
I hate the idea of multiplayer in a game like this. Why naughty dog? Nobody asks for this stuff. #9
Good. Pump them games out Nintendo. Tear it up. #15
So now Xbox sales place wise are in question? Is it 2nd now or 3rd? Gamespot doesn't quite know... #30
The gameplay looks alright but the characters are so generic it makes me sick...what happened after rekka no ken and sacred stones? Even radiance was great.. #2.2
You are an idiot if you believe that the same people who created companies like ea and made franchises popular with their wallets don't have the right to complain and get angry etc when those companies try to f*** them over. Please desist. #20.2
A new jak game and ratchet game would be off the hook. Hell yes. #11
Drugs are bad, mmkay? #30.2.3
Your going to camp out just to give Sony $600? I'm getting a ps4 too but only when it gets a decent price cut. You must work two jobs or somethin... #4.2.3
I definitely don't want the wiiu to fail. I want to see so many of my fave game series on the wiiu so that I can justify buying it. Give us new fire emblem, advance wars, Mario and luigi RPGs, donkey kong, Zelda, metroid, Kirby etc. THE NEW GAMES THEY COULD PUMP OUT ARE LITERALLY ENDLESS. Iwata needs to stop talking out his anus about the friggin console and devs need to start making some great games. #26
Dude, don't wait around for a company that YOU help keep afloat to do the right thing. I've had a 360 since 2008 and a ps3 since 2011. Ps3 without a doubt was a better purchase. Move on from Microsoft buddy. In the paraphrased words of sweet brown, ain't nobody got time fo no games on a game console! Gotta go with the company that's cared about games and games only for the last 17 years or so. Good times comin' #31.2
If even one of those 4 is a kinect game I will my ass off :) #46
Greed happened. And it's as blind a mole. #5.1
7 for a mario game is pretty low dude... Won't stop me but ;) #5.1.1
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Fuck off, lame ass. I have a 360 and a ps3. I'm a fanboy because I state a relevant fact? ok. Your the one comparing a game that's done the same thing from day dot like halo to an upcoming game that explores a genre like survival action which could be ground breaking thanks to the first person shooters that are overused in the game market. #12
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I don't give a shit how good this halo is. 10/10 is used nowadays wayyyy too flippantly. #11
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First 0 I've ever seen in my life o_o #3
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