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thanks guys i see im not the only smart person here. btw i hate when people say the U has no games even though the thread wasn't even about that. im not gonna name a list of games for a system that just came out. but it has awesome games

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what they need to do is punish loser that leave the game more than twice.

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this is a set up so Activision wont port the other games to the U. think about it, we don't even have the map packs yet

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ok so some people agreed with this propaganda. if they need to grow up, what do they need to do? show boobies and blood? ive been a gamer for almost 30years, nintendo is a company i can rely on unlike xbox(making you pay for everything and making Fps after Fps) and even sony(who just follows what everyone else does). point is nintendo is great with great games and great tech.

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graphics? dude go outside and run around. graphics don't matter games matter.

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thats funny... i thought xbox was the one making games for casuals.... hmmm am i n the twilight zone? this guy is a casual gamer.

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persona is ok... its for hardcore noobs. never will be better than street fighter, kof, guilty gear or even mortal kombat

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stop hating on wii u, its amazing. u guys get mad when we talk about xbox and its4 games that people buy every year. gears and halo dont make a system. games make a system and that something americans no nothing about. playing FPS's doesn't make u a gamer and just cuz nintendo doesn't follow others it "sucks" get outta here. theres just basisness that's why G4 is getting cancelled

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stupid post

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it cool till they put naruto n it

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y so much hate on nintendo? cuz there totally original? i remember when everyone hated the wiimote... few months later sony and microsoft both pretty much stole it. launch mite not of been what some people wanted but ill tell u the system itself rocks hard

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ive had every single system and nintendo rocks. wii u is awesome only haters say bad things about it. ok launch line, tekken, zombie u, mario, nintendo land ill even throw n COD for the fan boys, totally worth it. the system itself is even worth it even if u didn't by games. hulu, netflix, a better youtube, a better internet. wii u rocks. shut this site down like G4 lol

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totally agree, im glad to see this crap go

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gaming can b bad for kids but u gotta remember, kids r having babies now. blame MTV for showing that its ok to have [email protected] 16. those r the fools that r pretty much doing it. ima gamer but yes games can drive u to doing things like that. not force u but drive u to doing it

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this guy is dumb, people already own BO:2 that's y it didn't sell like they wanted. everyone will support wii u bcuz its awesome so far

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i have 360 ps3 wii and wii u and this guy has no idea about games just like so many other people in the industry. its sad how many people r blind and only play shooters. my 360 is a paper wait like it was created to b.

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