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Let's see if I can beat the odds.

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Looks interesting, would be interested in trying it out.

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Why are you trolling this game so much if you have no interest?

Modern War type games are more over-saturated to the mainstream market than a Survival game is. If this is true survival like Naughty Dog makes it seem than there is a wide array of possibilities for originality.

I just don't understand how you can be so judgmental when nothing has been shown yet, and you know very little. Seems just as ludicrous as those proclaiming it GOTY already.

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Yeah, kinda like what some reviewers did with Dead Island =\

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Not surprising, this is only the 2nd score below 8 I've seen

Amazing game, well worth the investment!

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Yup, same thing on 360 version. Have had it since Saturday and honestly the texture pop-ins kill it, but after install it's much better. Those "mega textures" don't appear to exist on console as half the objects in the game look like crap.

The character models, animation, voice acting are great. But the story is shallow and the game is incredibly linear for an open world game.

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Can't remember the last time I was this excited for a game personally.

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Seems fair.../sarcasm

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That's gamingbolt for you

Slideshow articles that require you to give them a new hit because it redirects to a new page.

Also, if you watch the video, the technology is impressive but since they are producing static images with no animation it's easy to have an unlimited amount of models.

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The premise and coop intrigue me greatly.

The gameplay footage I have seen for it on the other hand has left me undecided now.

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If anything I think it changed Publisher and Developer mindsets when they are creating these games.

They are looking at Call of Duty's success and trying to replicate those results very much so. It certainly has shown how online has become a very big selling point for games. I just don't understand why some developers feel the need to tack on useless multiplayer features that may or may not deter from the development of the single player experience.


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What about Crysis 2 beta? :)

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You sure are adamant about something.

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There isn't even a backup loader for PS3 yet, have fun waiting troll.

Pirates are scum.

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In Europe you mean, before all the trolls come in shouting USA.

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More like new troll/fanboy account from a regular user.

Just stating the obvious. Also, I can see this whole topic is trolls. Tinasumsum is a troll too, but unlike you two I'm not complaining.

Gratz to Harmonix though, best game I've played for Kinect. Just mark the trolls as trolling and move along kiddo.

"Don't let Lionhead trick you he's a PS3 stealth troll that generally attacks 360 fans for having different opini...

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Interesting list, especially with Witcher as #1.

I cannot narrow down 5 of my MOST anticipated, don't see how anyone else could either.

Just too much!

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How is 39 old?

Him and Mark Wahlberg are the same age.

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I'm convinced you don't shutupandplay

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