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PC's are world wide yes. But not everyone has a GAMING PC.

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"thousands of dollars" Yeah, no just no. They do not cost thousands of $$, you can spend thousands of $$ sure, but do you have to to be able to play the latest and greatest ? NO!

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They had better do something with career mode this time!

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Id be interested to know this myself, what is included in the counts ? as i am sure it cant account for every game sold everywhere, right ? or wrong i dunno hope someone has the answer though.

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I have not even bought it yet, i have a huge back catalog to get through yet, it's the same for most people i know too. And by the time i buy it, it will be super cheap!

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You would need to have some seriously good connection to stream games at 4k i would imagine. And in the uk good luck with that, what with all the data caps and all.

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I dont think a console would even play the game at 4k. The console would overheat too quick i would imagine.

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Id like to see players have desire to win things, if they dont they want to move clubs. Would make it more interesting for career mode.

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I have noticed the choices you make don't seem to effect anything any different, after playing it through a few times. Unlike the walking dead.

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People pirate games on consoles too what your point ? nearly everyone i know that have consoles play pirated games on them, some have got banned from online play, not that that seems to bother them though.

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And no mention of the vast difference in game prices either tut tut. A PC is better value in the end, yes it has a bigger initial start up cost, but it's not that much more. Consoles have a cheaper setup cost, but cost more in the long term.

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You can get the game for £16 it's not worth pirating an amazing game like this. GMG China was selling it for £16. I got my copy from Nuuvem for £20

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I am currently downloading from rockstar, and i am maxing my Virgin 152Mb connection.

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We all know consoles are heading that way. Maybe it is time to ditch the consoles and join the PC's

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No excuse for pirating games this cheap! common guys you can get it for £13 quid!

Unless you wanted to try before you buy then I personally have no problem with that, most games don't have demo's or anyway to try them before you buy. They need to bring demo's back in my opinion.

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Yeah forgot the HD add £30 to that, dont need windows because i already have it. I already added for keyboard and mouse. Dont need a monitor as i am using a TV that i had spare, and i dont need speakers either since i am using the TV.

I could very easily shave money off that if i needed to by buying some used stuff if needed to save money.

I have a PS4 as well Wicked so am playing them as well :P

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Does not cost that much to build a PC. I built one for around £450 not an amazing GPU but it aint bad.

CPU i5 £140
GPU R9 270 £100
Memory 8GIG - £40
PSU - £60
Case - £50
Keyboard n Mouse - £30
Motherboard £40

Total £460

PC gaming is not that expensive anymore. Stop saying it is.

Using the spare tv for monitor so no need for that, and ...

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And then PC gamers will most likely leave. Why would they pay for something when they can get it for FREE elsewhere.

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say what o.O

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Not all PC gamers think they are the master race.

brush and tar my friend.

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