Playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and StarCraft II (username Jgggfed char. code 491)


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Bad Company 2 is far superior overall as a respectable military shooter (notice I didn't say simulator...which none of these are) in comparison to MW2 and MOH.

MW2 has no vehicles and crap physics, MoH has very very few vehicles and 2/3rds the frostbite engine.

Bad Company 2 is just more gratifying. Being able to snipe the pilot out of an Apache at a few hundred yards isn't something you'll even have the chance of doing in the other two titles. <...

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Every single one is very, very lame except for number 10.

It's the only realistic rendering of something Microsoft *might* go for.

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It's not my fault you're ignorant of the games that are on PC. Educate yourself.

As for the remainder of your comment: Unnecessary.

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You're kidding me, right? lol

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I own PS3 + PC.

I have a Live account that I use on a friend's 360 (Jgggfed)

The PS3 or 360 =/= PC.

PC blows consoles out of the water as far as functionality goes (obviously), but my gaming PC doesn't have a blu-ray drive as far as the PS3 is concerned.

Performance-wise...a gaming PC (anything with 4+ GB RAM, 512MB 8800GT or higher vid card and Core2Duo or better) wins hands-down against consoles, and it always will....

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The PC version IS better, the only negative is that the textures didn't scale too well (which is not the fault of the PC, but of the developer and their engine).

Obviously the game will perform better on PC.

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YAY! Real scans instead of PICTURES with a lame-ass digital camera! =)

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Now that was just a stupid thing to say.

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I really, really don't care Cliff.

And if he's the "Tony Stark of video games" then I'm a Granola Bar

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PC for the win

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This must have Eidos grinning from ear to ear

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You're a sick and delusional individual if you praise the Taliban. Just sick. No matter what way you look at it. Just play games and stop spreading that horrible misinformation. I don't care if they completely eradicate heroin from the face of the earth and bring perfect regional "stability", that doesn't pardon them or excuse them for being the horrible and vicious people they are.

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Oh my gosh...I watched that video and I felt like puking for the next two days, not only because of the gruesomeness of it all but the plain evilness that poured from the people involved in that...butchery...I will always remember that.

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It WAS a governing Islamic political party. Now it's only a strong insurgency that fights against the governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the countries that make up the ISAF.

If you want to get serious, The Taliban was RENOWNED and INFAMOUS for its horrible, vicious, INHUMANE treatment of women and was/is feared, loathed and hated by locals and the world over.

So don't go exaggerating and calling the ISAF forces the terrorists.


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Ok, I know you're probably British or Australian or something similar, but the game is called Medal of HONOR.

Even on cover of UK release it's called Medal of HONOR. Why? Because the Medal of HONOR is an AMERICAN military medal.

Freakin' UK English, I swear...

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EA is plain DUMB if they think the online pass will work for anything except early access or access to betas.

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@ timmyrulz

You're right, you can't speak for anyone else, because quite frankly you're in the minority now.

Consoles are multi-function devices that serve, in a lot of cases, as the home theater center or hub in a home.

Consumers nowadays typically want product consolidation and want as much function out of one device as they can get. Hence the modern influx of devices like the iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry, etc. Peop...

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@ one of Dylantalon's multiple accounts

Compressed (it's not upscaled) 1080p is better than no type of 1080p at all. And considering the Cell is a master of compression and decompression, I really don't think the picture quality will be that bad at all. In fact, it might be pretty damned good for all you know.

Cry Moar

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Dude. I'm making fun of the incorrect use of an apostrophe in the headline. Relax.

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