Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?


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NiOh was an excellent game.

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Would love to see a modern day setting for The Within Evil 2.

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Those GIFs look insane! Can't wait to get my hands on GT Sport.

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The last image is fantastic. Would definitely play that game.

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Absolutely love Avatar, looking forward to seeing where Massive take the game.

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Silent Hill is synonymous with the horror genre. I hope KONAMI still has plans for the series.

Loved Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2.

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Silent Hill is such a great series! sure, possibly the last 2 entries didn't do the series justice but we need Silent Hill. Konami has shown little to no respect for one of survival horrors biggest titles.

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Heard nothing but great things about this game. Agony will be one of the games to look out for in 2017.

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The music box looks amazing!

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I can't see there ever being a need for this for the opposite sex lol..

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There are males in America's Next Top Model Now but that's besides the point, I enjoy playing as a female character but not overly fussed if there isn't any in a game based during WW1.

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Overload isn't trolling anyone, the image is 110% legit. It is part of Xbox Wire's press assets for Dead Rising 4.

If you check out XboxWire's press assets for Dead Rising 4 you will see that the image with Xbox One Exclusive is available for download. This is also the same place a lot of publications would get the image from.

Here is the link and the image is still there ...

My thoughts exactly, why did he even rise to it? They are never going to change their opinion regardless of what he says. Obviously, he's never heard to not feed the trolls!

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Can't say I'm overly interested in the Movie to be honest. Loved the first 2 though :)

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Yeah I can't wait either, although I'm scared at the amount of heart attacks I'm going to have when someone comes in the room and touches me without me knowing lol

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Me too! Hopefully Xbox players won't have to wait too long to try this.

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Awww man , sucks that PlayStation get it first.

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Not all of us do, some of us just like to game.

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I hate articles like this, they only incite hate and create a divide between gamers. I have an Xbox One and PS4 and can see that both consoles have their unique selling points. I am a gamer, so I game on everything and don't feel the need to pretend I'm superior to someone because they play a console different than mine.

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