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Put in more than 80 hours into this game and cant wait to put some more time in.

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Well even though ill be playing Driveclub on my beautiful vita screen thanx to almost all games being remote play, i wont mind buying a 40 gt for my vita. I always support good devs and games!

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Also more than likely youll be able to put dynamic themes in the background and such and that will be great just like the ps3!

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Understandable as you have so many haters and ppl paid to downplay a game from the best devs this generation. I bet ppl were foaming at the mouth to find something wrong to say about the game and actually a few did lol

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Ps4 Beast!!!! I cant even fanthom how good games will look a year and a half after Ps4 release!

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This game according to most previewers who tried Gt6, Forza and Driveclub is actually the one with the most online features and the funnest. I have no doubt this game is going to be awesome! and i still cant believe that part of it will be F2p. Honestly games like this and Planetside 2 i will buy a few micro transactions just to support it because i love how even if ppl dont have money to buy games they can still something good!!!!!!

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It is a fallacy that in terms of the actual online play Xbox live was better. If anything Ps3 had more games with dedicated servers but the majority of games both on Live and psn were p2p. Do you guys even know what that means (some of you have said the funniest things)? It means that most games mp were relying on the in game host isp to either have a good or crappy mp experience, not the servers from either Sony or Micro. Playing on psn since day one ive never really experienced no issues un...

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