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"Excited to see what happens next. XD"


Same here. I got the $90 Gold Edition at G2A for only $40.
It's still in my account, and I can currently still play it. #3.2
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Okay, this update pushed me to buy the game.
All of these quality updates for free is making me wonder,
what the hell is in the Season Pass...? #12
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The devs only really mention what they have planned during interviews and such.
They haven't talked about the meat of the game on stage, and have really only shown the same planet/flying gameplay.
That's the problem, nobody knows what the game is, or what it will be.

Now, from everything I've gathered, it sounds like it'd be a mix of Starbound and EVE Online. Exploring planets, fighting for resources to upgrade your ship to be able to explore f... #21
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Why do I keep buying these? #1
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Was The Guy Game on PS2 ever rated AO?
I remember they were under fire for the one underage chick that flashed her tits. #14
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"You missed THE best MGS in the series. go play MGS3."

Fixed that. XD #3.3.1
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I sometimes pirate games I'm on the fence about, and there's no demo for me to try.
If I like it, then I buy it. If not, then I usually just don't even play it anymore.
Recent example of this was Alien: Isolation. I pirated it to demo, and ended up loving it.
I played about 4 hours, and then bought it on Steam.
Now, is that an okay thing to do? I dunno, but if I judged the game on only most of the reviews out there, I probably wouldn't have touc... #1
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When did A Realm Reborn get Game of the Year? #8
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I agree on the Co-Op. I feel like they missed out on a huge opportunity.
Also, the game is 5 bucks on Steam right now. Take advantage. #2
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Avermedia's ExtremeCap U3 can already Capture/Record in 1080p60, and is already a bit cheaper than the price ElGato's solution is rumored to launch at.
The only problem with the Extremecap is it uses USB 3.0, which is very picky with what it works with.
I have to imagine the HD60 is going the same route as well, due to the bandwidth limitations of USB 2. #5
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They haven't said whether this is available to Xbox Live Silver members.
I wouldn't pay for both this AND Gold...
Subscribing to EA Access should allow me to play the Vault games, and play online in select EA Games. #74
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If anything, they need to remake the original Metal Gear from MSX, and Solid Snake.
I could see them announcing that as a final surprise with MGSV.
Those two games take place after MGSV, and would probably be pretty easy to roll right in. #11.1.1
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The thing is, most of the people watching these videos are there for the personality, and couldn't give two Fish about what game is being played. #1.1.5
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There's Nut you can play outside.
It's like, a portable Nut. #1.1.7
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Wow, look at that blast processing! #2
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The Wiimote can work with any makeshift IR receiver. There are plenty of cheap alternatives for PC that Dolphin supports natively. #4.2.1
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Playing the beta last weekend really turned me off from purchasing the game at all. My friends feel the same.
I'd expect an Open Beta would have a similar effect on others, but on a much larger scale. #7
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I voted by actually buying Revengeance on PC. Purchases here will speak louder than any amount of Petition. #3
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Criterion's Most Wanted was my favorite NFS game since Hot Pursuit 2, as well as Ghost's Rivals. #14
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Andorid version of The Walking Dead Season 1 is free on Amazon, too.
Whatever poor excuse anyone may have for not playing it by now is invalid. #2
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