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CDKeys is often my go to place lately. Picked up Arkham Knight on release day (yes, the broken game, but that's a separate discussion) for just over £20 while Steam had it listed for £40.

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All episodes are already out, so even better!

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Imagine your Xbone is your Xbox 360, that's literally all there is to it. No transferring, no mess - just download and play the game.

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If it takes anything from the XIII series, take from Lightning Returns. Much more involving than XIII or XIII-2 and really fast-paced. Instead of swapping costumes like Lightning did though, swap characters.

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I think the thing that'll sway more towards Rock Band than Guitar Hero is the support for older hardware and DLC. Guitar Hero's ideas are actually interesting but being forced to pay extra for yet another plastic guitar is sure to turn a lot of people away.

The fact that I'll be able to buy the RB4 disc and have hundreds of songs ready to go with all my current plastic tat makes it a winner.

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FFXII HD Remaster with all the Zodiac content and you can have all my money.

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Single player BUT have the option of joining someone else's world. Not like MMO style, just two people having fun together.

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I own an Xbox One and I still think you're an idiot.

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Rayman Legends?

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GOTY Edition that includes 2.4 comes out on November 14th. So either on that day or before then some time. Less than a month either way.

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Then don't pay for it? By what you're saying it's as if Square Enix are forcing you to pay for it.

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I've hyped up Sleeping Dogs to anyone that will listen but this... eh.

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SR4 is the most fun I've had playing Saints Row and Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic game. Opinions and all that, but you're mad.

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Nice clickbait headline. No one has said Campbell will actually be in it, it was only joked at because Raimi is attached. And even if he is, I highly doubt he'll be Joel.

Maisie Williams though, I'd back that.

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Easily my favourite cover of the The Last of Us Main Theme.

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I was with you until you said Tomb Raider adds nothing. It's actually considerably better than the previous gen versions and even has some fancy new effects the PC versions lacks. Worth double dipping? Maybe not, but it's still a lot better looking.

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I'm still hoping for Skyward Sword's Ghirahim. He'd fit perfectly.

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Amazing trailer. Shame there wasn't a release date though. Well, a real one at least.

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I liked what Revelations tried to do with mixing old and new but the plot and characters were some of the worst the series has seen.

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I liked Portal 2 (a lot) but no way was it the second best game of the generation.

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