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PS3 # 7, XBOX 360 # 4, Wii # 3. All 3 consoles made the top ten.

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a blu ray player?? YES!!

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Just wait till you see what Resistance 2 did. I would like to say that the PS3 is on life support. But it might not even be that good.

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"Then again, they seem to be aiming the PS3 to exit the world backwards, because these are the same folks who are not planning on cutting the PS3's price during the holidays or soon after the holidays, so says So I guess Sony is just running their entertainment division butt-backwards from here on out, which is not too surprising given that they thought people would be thrilled to pay $700 for the PS3 back in 2006"

The PS3 is in a lot of trouble.

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This was suppose to be a good year for PS3, instead Sony fell asleep at the wheel thinking all they needed was Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 or something.

Microsoft has just steamrolled them with there aggressive price cuts and marketing, and Sony has done nothing but watched, thinking that things would just take care of themselves or something.

But I can easily see the PS3 getting outsold 2-1 maybe even 3-1 this holiday, and if that happeneds, it's over. No...

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But I don't agree. Little Big Planet Belongs on there.

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But it's the only gaming console with a blu ray player, and I'm pretty sure if blu ray was more in demand, the PS3's blu ray advantage would be more of a factor.

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It makes me angry that people just shopping get that rabid. If people are gonna act like animals, maybe they should be treated like animals.

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But It's still Blu ray that makes the PS3 more expensive and a result it's taking a pounding to the XBOX 360 right now.

PS3 needs Blu ray to be more in demand because that justifies the extra price of PS3. Without a Price cut PS3 only goes as Blu ray goes. It's just the fight Sony created for themselves.

So far it's been a losing fight.

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It's almost like there is only 1 console this holiday, and Sony is just letting it happen. They are letting Microsoft promote everything, their $199 price especially.

Whatever, When sales figured come out, I hope Sony is shocked.

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people want some idea of how things are going before the NPD. But VG chartz usually fails.

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Why all these Japanese RPGS for XBOX 360? The Last Remnent, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean, those are games that the japanese crowd would buy. I understand why most developers choose XBOX 360, it's just business, it has a larger install base than PS3. But the XBOX 360 has the smallest install base in Japan, so logic doesn't work here. And you can see this by the sales results of those games.

It would be hard to convince me that Microsoft hasn't paid Square Enix a large amoun...

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I'm shocked by those sales numbers in October.

I just hope Sony continues to push this game and word gets out because it's something really special. All the qualities of a game that could keep on selling well after it's release are there in Little Big Planet.

I don't bullsh*t around or create false stories or go easy on the PS3. I just say the truth. I'm as hardcore a gamer as any with my favorites franchises in the past being the likes of Silent Hill, Resident ...

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Why take a pounding this holiday, if they're planning to cut price anyway in early 2009?

The most important time is now. Still surprised that Sony is not fighting back this holiday with a price cut of their own.

I think they're misjudging just how bad this holiday will be for them.

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