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our apologies. fixed #2
woah #4
gg skylanders #8
Could care less #3
Nope you should try Dota! #1.1
Poor Aquaman :( #7.1
you'll enjoy it if you liked MK #1.1
So wait you can rate a game without playing it? your an expert. #1.1
Look Kazumao ... it's not just about the launch lineup. Wii U has the same third party support as it did with Nintendo Wii, which isn't a good thing. Once the flair is gone, the Wii U will be left in the dust. #2
you can disagree with me all you want, but it's a good thing that Hedo Kojima is allowing other developers to explore the metal gear franchise. This is a game built around Raiden, not around snake that's why you see the difference. #1.1
Good point, but very few indie developers are getting wii U dev kits. the big publishers have the gear, but it's going to be awhile before the indie develops anything for the next gen. #2
It's early but it's deffinitly a game to keep out for. #1.1
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Thanks for reading #5.1
Can Everyone Please disagree. I don't know why I got hit with it. If you do thanks #3
yep i would agree. anybody who played the first, should of found this disappointing. #2
Hey this is my article!!!!

@Slapedurmomsace Yeah I think Star Wars Kinect is going to be a joke also. Hopefully Metal Gear isn't like that. #3
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