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*a new Smash Bros

I thought the people at the end of the video were going to a Smash Bros tourney. Oh well.

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I had to rewatch that part.

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I thought I was going to see Smash Bros. at the end.

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I just saw some at Walmart.

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My list:

1. Cowboys
2. Horses
3. Revolvers
4. Rifles
5. Tumbleweed
6. Saloons
7. Poker
8. Showdowns in the street
9. Lasso
10. Indians

In no particular order.

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He rose from that pine box as a zombie.

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I actually liked grinding on RDR's online, especially with my friend and I usually hate grinding.

Edit: Anyone else seen their Twitter page today? It says Fall 2017?!?! And trailer coming this Thursday?!

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If they took a page out of Bethesda's book, wouldn't it release in a few months like Fallout 4?

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Oh come on. We're not talking about a Zelda teaser here.

Edit: Summer 2017. Fall 2017 at the latest.

Edit 2: Called it! Fall 2017 according to their Twitter page.

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That's why you can go to options and change it if you don't like it.

Edit: You can't pick flowers and skin animals on horseback. And that was the most fun I've ever had picking flowers btw. ;-)

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Writing a story about it, however...

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:: reads title:: This must've been on the bottom of the barrel.

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I still haven't played it yet and I agree. :)

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5 reasons they are: Money money money money... MONEY!!

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It tells me that we'll probably be building settlements and that they will come under attack more than once by bandits/witches/goblins etc.

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I lol'd. Hard.

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Paper Koopa Kids confirmed.

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I think Zelda BotW is a step in the right direction for Nintendo. I hope the rest of their franchises can follow suit.

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I've never gotten a full refund for any physical game unless it was unopened.

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I would just settle on an announcement at this point.

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