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Whenever as long as it's SP game.
If I do decide to cheat, it's always after I beat the game first.
Never in an online MP game.

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RIP Bullfrog. Dungeon Keeper 3 would've been epic.

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2 games? That's it? You're going to have a lot of spare time between those 2 games.

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I'd rather pay $60 for a great game with great content. Like Super Mario Odyssey. Great content and amiibos are optional. You can get everything in the game without the amiibos.

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I need to see some reviews first.

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Good marketing strategy for them.

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You beat me to it.

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I'd say most are looking forward to animated boobs in 4k. lol

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The first video isn't available.

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I've never wanted to play. Lol

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I really liked Red Dead Redemption's mp. Wildlands also had good mp.

I haven't played a lot of online multiplayer games, because the community is generally cancer. From what I've played.

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I'm aloud to dislike games, right? It may not be popular opinion, but so what.

You want me to add something about blood, gore, demons, or killing Nazis?
Because that has nothing to do with it.

I've played them and it's just more of the same and these franchises are very old. Someone needs to put them out to pasture. (I think that's how you say it.)

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They are old crappy franchises.

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I wish Wolfenstein and Doom would just die already.

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Same here. I got to Act 2 yesterday. I can't wait to play it again.

Also never had to buy anything.

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*whilst GG gets started on the sequel.

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*large lineup of OLD games ready.

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Square did the first one, so letting them make a new is a great idea.

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I bet they will cost a lot more than Hot Wheels.

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