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:: reads title:: This must've been on the bottom of the barrel.

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I still haven't played it yet and I agree. :)

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5 reasons they are: Money money money money... MONEY!!

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It tells me that we'll probably be building settlements and that they will come under attack more than once by bandits/witches/goblins etc.

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I lol'd. Hard.

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Paper Koopa Kids confirmed.

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I think Zelda BotW is a step in the right direction for Nintendo. I hope the rest of their franchises can follow suit.

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I've never gotten a full refund for any physical game unless it was unopened.

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I would just settle on an announcement at this point.

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I started a new character for it, and was going to do Nuka World first, but then I heard you had to be level 30, so I just found an old save and started it instead.

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Took awhile just to get to Nuka World. I can't wait to finally be able to play it.

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I can almost see charging for the service as a good thing, but charging people so they can play the online part of the games that they own is crap.

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Well, it's M$'s fault that anyone has to pay for online.

Edit: Lol at the disagrees.

Microsoft started charging players for online and at the time, PS users had it for free. Then Sony realized that they could be making money so they too started charging.

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Right. And I know next to nothing about PCs, modding, and upgrading, which is why I stick to consoles.

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I would just shoot them with my mining laser and then scan them.

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Shen what now?

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Looks like Geralt to me.

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I would play MP with my friend and his dad. If we were playing on a level with windows, that's where his dad could be found. Endlessly shooting the windows. Lol

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I would've liked to have read the story, but I got a security warning instead.

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And a comment that's even slightly negative is inappropriate, even if it's true.

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