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Aw, damn really? I'm already on the 2nd to last part of the entire chain so might as well chug on at this point.

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The worst is the Lord Shaxx weekly pvp chain...

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1 sign you're a real writer: "You're Pro-Kojima"

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Pretty sure there are settings you can do to turn off the between play animations to make games quicker

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I, too, have yet to score an aerial goal. I think trying so hard to do so has actually made me a worse player overall.

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Until Dawn definitely for me, and maybe Disney Infinity but I'm too broke for all those toys :P

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This is coming like, 2 years too late.

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I submitted it though. If I had seen the dupes I don't submit

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Sorry, when I went to put it up, nothing else popped up with the "related articles" tag. Not everyone is on N4G 24/7. No need to rage dude.

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Removing an entire feature that has been in every game in the franchise is hardly "a slight deviation".

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Oh boy.... lol

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So consumers expressing their opinion now is considered an embarrassment?

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This month. June 23rd.

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Probably May. That's typically when Activision "reveals" it, although we probably won't see any gameplay until E3 in June.

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This reeks of fanboy.

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I LOVE Valiant Hearts!

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@DarkOcelet I wouldn't want my wife in porn either because I think sex is bond that should be shared between an established couple.

But not everyone shares my viewpoint and I respect that. If her significant other is cool with her having sex and making a living out of it, and it's legal, then I have no problem with it.

And another thing, why do we always frown upon female porn stars? How come no one ever talks about the man in the scene?

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Let's not act like the people who work on Wall Street are saints either. I'd venture to guess there's more cocaine sniffed on Wall Street than on the set of a porno.

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