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Hype, not performance? If I find 20 bucks on the street I have 20 bucks thanks to luck, but does that matter? I have the money and could care less. Just wait till the games start coming in steadily. MS is done. #1.1.30
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It's definitely a clever way of getting someone to try a demo. I like this better than the idea of someone taking over the control for me and playing through a tough part like what they announced at the PS4 unveil. #1.1.18
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Since when am I only able to play exclusives on my PS4? Exclusives and the # available are fanboy bull bleep. I'm looking forward to playing exclusives and 3rd party games this year. #1.1.28
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OP called it so kudos to him. Had a feeling this would happen just because to not issue the refund be contrary to everything Sony's been recently. Glad to hear it tho. #1.9
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Not a fan of this at all. If no refund or price match is done then I guess Sony is telling us not to pre-order from PSN. #1.1.30
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Technically, Bungie never "hated" on anything because Bungie is a corporation whose purpose is to make money. Hate is an emotion and a corporation, as a non-living entity, is incapable of feeling emotion. #2.1.3
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Exactly. These games are made by corporations whose sole goal is to earn money. Hate is not a part of that equation. Does EA hate Sony because they made Titan Fall exclusive? No. MS paid enough to make exclusivity a viable option. Same is true for Destiny's "exclusive" DLC.

Personally, I hate any of this timed exclusivity stuff. I suppose it's better than the entire game being exclusive, but it's still annoying. #1.19
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Towerfall and Strider are disappointing? Wow. They can't all be AAA games. And I'm still loving that I get 2 free games every month for all 3 of my Sony consoles. PS4 isn't even a year old. What game are you expecting them to make a Plus game with such a small library? #1.6
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Wasn't it 29.99 or 19.19 during Black Friday? Good deal, but I purchased three years worth last year and I'll probably do that this year. #1.2
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Sony's killing it with this conference. So much to look forward to. This game especially. I'd buy a Morpheus day one if it was compatible with this. #1.1.2
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Luck be a lady....tonight! #61
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Admit defeat? No. BF is a shooter, but it plays nothing like COD. TF and COD are more aligned in terms of play style (for obvious reasons) and, therefore, more likely to have the same fan base. #1.4.2
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If EA's smart, it won't be. PS4 is going to own this generation barring a massive Xbone price cut. So if EA wants this to challenge COD, they BETTER make it available on every platform. #1.4
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Sounds bad, but MS deserves it. For too long they've treated their customers like bleep and now they tried to sell their inferior console for more money thinking the gamers would just be sheep and flock to them. Hopefully, if they even keep the Xbox division, they learn something from this and change their ways.

Gratz to all the gamers who spoke with their wallets. We have more power than we realize. #1.14
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As a console, as a gamer we should all be incredibly happy that both consoles were so successful.

Thankfully our favorite hobby isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

(Sorry Wii U) #1.1
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Looks gorgeous and runs so silky smooth. Glad I didn't listen to Sessler when he said to wait and not preorder. If I had I'd be in a position where I might not be able to play this beautiful game for some time. #1.1.20
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I'm getting the PS4 version, but I honestly didn't see that much of a difference. I guess it's due to the compression and them uploading in 720p. This will be one of those things you have to go to a Best Buy or Gamestop to see the games side by side to really appreciate. Regardless, both versions look fine. #1.1.27
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PS Plus is weird in that I don't buy PSN originals anymore because I know it's only a matter of time before I get it for free because of Plus. And I don't mind waiting because I pay for plus so that I can get those games (and DLC) for free. #1.1.9
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ouch #1.11
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Has any game ever received a 10 in every sub category from IGN? I can only squeeze two games into my budget and I was going to get Batman and BF3, but it looks like the Dark Knight will have to wait a little. #1.1.5
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