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My god! Not a single one of you read the whole thing, I mean you can at least read it before commenting...from now on that should be a rule for you peeps

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strangely arbitrary number to report as some sort of a milestone. 1,1 million in three months is impressive, but a report on the total sales reaching say 100 million would be worth reporting, but since no such thing has happened this seems like a strange bit of info.

I expected the revenue to be higher, but a high number nonetheless...hoping this means more investments in next-gen games rather than the peripheries

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Some good classics, possible that one of them could be in the game, although no song is a 'must' in any game.

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He said; 'the Xbox gamer' not 'this Xbox gamer'...or did you attempt to fix his article?

I couldn't give a rats a** about his views on the PS3, XBox, their demographics, the climate, or how one should tie one's shoelaces...since it's the internet and opinions run rampant as facts and nothings gonna change that.

I'm just gonna grab my popcorn cuz these fanboys are getting all worked up XD

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Doesn't take much to get you guys all riled up, does it?

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We already did didn't we? The Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motor Sports '11...althought this would be '12 model...which wouldn't be much point to have to almost identical cars, would there?

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I think you're reading a little bit too much into this...it's just a trailer, keep a lid on your conspiracies until it's released. Pointless to get in a hissy fit about pure speculation.

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Edward75- 1. I am an Atheist 2. Prostitution has do with human rights, infringements on them to be exact and the detriment it does to the person and society...never said anything different, you assume just because I didn't bring up all my points for why I have strong distaste for anti-gay individuals and still think beastiality is very wrong, I made an argument for that...making up and argument for me on the accounts and idea's I haven't said is not a good way to debate, "jus...

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Beastiality is never consenstual, it's performed irregardless of the particular species wish or want to participate...in the practice as supposed to the wish for interspecies sex, the animal is an object for sexual desire not a partner who can comprehend the act...if the animal could actively participate in a consentual act of sex with its full undestanding of the context I'd be happy for both to participate. As it stands its an abuse of the animal.

But perhaps my dis...

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I can see your point Abdou, however I think it could have more of a point allowing gay relationships in games than straight ones, just to provoke, provoke the arguments that ensues. People need to be exposed to an issue which suprisingly still plagues society. The issue of Gay's, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transexuals and Pansexuals STILL not being allowed the same rights in society. In all this is good, even with all the bad press it's getting, the more this issue is pushed in people's...

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You disgust me, comparing homosexuality to beastiality is beyond ignorant beyond homophobic, just beyond reason. Ignorance like yours makes ME sick, such a lack of any kind of acceptance is epidemic and just a reflection of the lack of social evolution in some people...the fear you have of the 'different' can be overcome, with reason, tust me!

Don't tell me... Republican? Religious? Anti-any kind of personal freedom or sexual preference?

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I think it might be something more along the lines of Sony Entertainment Experience, with silly slogans like " SEE the future". All to sound 'serious yet playful' and to mask past dissasters.

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Agreed, I got my bow up to 189 in base damage through legitimate means +30 somthign in shock.

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I did it in two, the way I did it was I took a ring, some gauntlets, a necklace and a helmet, I maxed out my enchanting tree, bought a potion which enhances enchating...then found myself a deadric bow, practiced smithing improved the bow with a good amount of practice on the less rare ebony bows...then at the end I equip all my bow fortifying equipment and I kill a giant in two shots (1 if I am sneaking). Also required to max the Archery tree.

I did this without having to gl...

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Hmm...or just don't cook, don't pick up every peice of raw food, ignore the kids, ignore the spells you don't want to use and the last time I looked I had about 10 different destruction spells, a few I bet I've missed...and guess what? Problem solved!

These activities are novelties for those who wish to actually get a feel of life in Skyrim, I mean for instance 10 hours in I thought I had most of the things figured out when there are just endless things to do...

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I would also want some Koenigseggs in GT5, it would allow me to flaunt some Swedish pride around the tracks instead of shamefully moping around in the Volvo C30

Some tracks and cars I would love are;
Bentley's, like the Continental GT
More Aston Martins (premium models)
Lamborghini Reventon
Maserati MC12
Wiesman GT MF5
Old + rare European cars even from the 1930's (Ferrari's, Buggati's and such) ...

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Keep calm guy's I don't think this will stray too far from the beloved formula, I think you'll still get big areas to explore and get through as you like, the only difference is going to be checkpoints, more focused story and some set-peice moments (which have been in previous hitman games...you just haven't played them, they were cinematics)

I think this is a natural evolution of Hitman, staying too bogged down with the old style formula would prevent pretty ...

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This trailer wasnt THAT good, it wasnt bad but not as impressive as one would have thought...This is not to say Mass Effect 3 will be bad, not by any means do I mean that, simly that the trailer was underwhelming.

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You also don't think they had other games on their plate? I don't think every company is keen on pushing out sequels every year because the room for innnovation shrinks and the fanbase stops growing.

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