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One that I love is : Fallout- In Japan it bans all mentions of nukes #4
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But we didn't. Not necessarily. Square Enix published the first Tomb Raider reboot, so it was understood that they would be publishing the second one, but once Microsoft came out and said that they were publishing it it became a new question. Why would Microsoft publish a game on a Sony platform? The answer was they aren't. As part of the Exclusivity Microsoft is publishing the game on their own platform first. Then it will be published by Square Enix on other platforms afterwards.... #1.1.30
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Did you actually play Skyrim, like at all? I put over 200 hours in the first few weeks I wouldn't call that unplayable at all. The only time when Skyrim became truely unplayable was the glitch on PS3 when I couldn't go underwater without it crashing. #54.1
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Ubisoft has been worse than EA for a long time. They've come out and said "We won't publish a game unless we can make a franchise out of it." They still do Online passes. Push DLC down people's throats, created their own service which has to be used to play PC games. They've been worse than EA for a while. #58
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Decent enough list I suppose but let me point out the problems with game sharing. If you want to allow someone else to use all your games than you activate their console as the "primary" console. This allows them to download and play your games without having to be signed into your account. You sign into your account on your PS4 (the one not activated as the Primary) and can play your games. The problem is that you (the console not primary) can only play your games when you are sign... #1
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It included 1 person I liked, the developer of Braid, whom I don't remember. Everyone else (Meatboy, and Phil Fish) just complained the whole time about how hard their life is and how hard it was for them to make a game. #4.1.1
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I've always felt this way. Some of my favorite games are Castlevania SOTN, which was ugly by PS1 standards, DAO, Fallout New Vegas, Goldeneye, just to name a few. None of those games looked good compared to other games that came out around the same time but they were all wonderful to play. I play Wasteland 2 which is an ugly game dating back to Fallout 1 style graphics but the gameplay is so fantastic that I don't care.

A game with great gameplay can get by with havi... #11
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"With its many time-gates, the game demands money before it will allow you to continue playing. Battle Nations simultaneously caters to the pay-to-win crowd, allowing players to purchase power and have it right away."

I have to disagree with your opinion of pay to win vs pay for convince. Pay for convince is when you can get to the highest level/most power faster, but once you are there your power is not any higher than anyone who reached it normally.
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I watched Indiegame the movie, a documentary I cannot highly enough encourage you to avoid, and this is the impression I got from him. "Oh whoa is me people are mean to me because I took to long to make a game."

I adamantly refuse to buy or play anything Phil Fish makes or will make. I will be happy when Phil Fish actually leaves the gaming industry like he keeps saying he's going to. #4
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Well sounds like you've already tried it but in case you would like some more time to try it I have a PS4 beta code I can give you if you'd like. I tried it on the PC and actually rather enjoyed it. I do agree that the Storyline was awful, any good lawyer would know to immediately get a GSR (Gun Shot Residue) report, which would have kept the main character out of jail because he wouldn't have any GSR on him (thus killing the story) and the handling was bad at first.
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Are we seriously considering comments from Reddit as news now? #24
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I've considered it but that's not the point of this "blog" he's asking why PC gamers want games on PC. The simplest answer is because that's where they want to play them. #1.3.2
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Have you considered the fact that they don't have that console and don't want to buy a whole new console for 1 game? #1
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Is that really such a bad thing now? I mean Google is pretty much already there. #6.1.1
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Winning would be nice. #133
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I played with Home a bit but eventually just felt like it was pointless. Sure you could decorate a virtual space and play minigames but what was the point?

Here's my vision of the future though. When consoles go always online, and they will, I imagine Home, or something like it, being the main UI. A virtual space where you can run around and virtually physically browse the PS Store. Where you can go to the PS movie theater and watch any of the PS movies by buying a virtu... #6
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It's not guaranteed to get a legendary. The loot tables contain 3 Rare guns and 2 Legendary Armors, however it is a high chance. I played three missions and got 2 helmets and 1 chest. #1.5.1
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I've gotten 5 Legendary items in 30 hours of play time. 1 was for a titan, 2 for a hunter, and 2 were motes of light. I'm a warlock. I was so pissed. #1.1.9
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Light. Your light level is what determines if you level up. I've found that crucible gives you easy marks. So get your crucible rank up to 2 and then you can buy 1-2 legendary gear per week. Also strange coins. Try to get 13 so you can get the class specific exotic from Xii (or whatever his name is). #1.1.3
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Was this actually a hack or a DDOS? The last time Lizard Squad did something it was a simple DDOS. It's an insult to call this group a "Hacker" group. #70
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