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They'll open the Display one and keep the sealed copies behind the counter.

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Why does Gamestop have 300-400 Funko Pops lining their wall?

Because they sell. Same with the rest of the stuff except the statues. You have to understand how business works. If Gamestop is selling a Funko for $10 that means they bought it for $5 which means it only costs $2.50 to make. It's very unlikely this stuff is operating at a loss because they buy it cheap and sell it for double the price. Especially Funkos. There are companies that sell Funkos exclusively, j...

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That's the issue you'll have with any website that simply links to other sites.

Everyone is trying to cash in on that ad revenue the problem is that most of the big "safe" ad providers aren't going to pay very much to put their ads on crappyunknownvideogamesite1, but crappyunknownvideogamesite1 needs ad money to survive because they aren't quality enough to generate consistent traffic. So they go with "less reputable" ad hosts that don&...

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Oh....We're talking that smurfing. I thought we were talking real smurfing which would be interesting.

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I tried to "cut and run" but Steam forced me to stick with my decision. Hopefully it'll pay off in the end.

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"We hope you enjoy this first proper update. We didn't want to talk about anything in it until it was 100% certain"

If only they had taken this approach from the beginning.

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To be fair, apparently they had exSEALs helping them get it right.

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You don't watch movies with anyone in the military obviously.

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Um. Ok? And this is considered news why?

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His cult following comes from his excellent MGS1 and 3. 2 Was meh and 4 while not my favorite, it did an excellent job of tying the stories of the 6 games before together and answering the questions left by each one.

Kojima games have always been about the story more than anything else. The gameplay was solid but never fantastic, but the story was always amazing and kept you guessing what was really happening until the end.

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Anyone that is surprised about the apparent Sony/Bethesda row hasn't been keeping up with the times. This is nothing new. Lets look at Oblivion, the first Bethesda made game on a PS system. It was released years after the Xbox and still contains many game breaking bugs removed from the Xbox version. Jump to Fallout 3. Time exclusive DLC for xbox and a broken GOTY edition for Sony. Skyrim. We should all know about the issues getting DLC onto the PS3 for that, but also the glitches th...

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The problem with Steam machine has been and always will be Linux. Now don't get me wrong I'm a linux user at home but the majority of gamers aren't and the majority of games aren't coded for Linux. So you're significantly stifling your consumer market.

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I once had a girlfriend who liked to watch story driven games like MGS, Uncharted, and Heavy Rain. She couldn't play but she enjoyed watching. We even recorded a few livestreams from it.

We broke up and my wife doesn't play video games. It's a bummer.

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III definitely doesn't mean anything to Valve.

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You do realize western press like IGN gave Portal 2 GOTY over Skyrim right, and Spike TV gave Bioshock GOTY over MGS4.

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I think Witcher 3 has it for RPG but not overall given everyone's problems with framerates and patches=

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Technically not every Fallout as Fallout Tactics Brotherhood was released on Ps2.

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I thoughouly enjoyed the game but I felt that everything that made the games so awesome was lost on the batmobile. It was very generic, chase this enemy, hit button when prompted, repeat. After a while it just lost its flare. I always enjoyed jumping out of the batmobile to fist fight some thugs but rarely enjoyed jumping in the batmobile to fight tanks.

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"While the PS4 allows you to upgrade the internal hard drive with a larger unit, it’s a touchy process that involves many of the things which make computer users cringe when it comes to doing the same."

I stopped reading there. Replacing PS4 HDD is one of the simplest things around. I have 4 HDDs in my computer that I added myself. The PS4 was easier to replace than any of those.

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The problem is that Superman is too super. The player wouldn't feel vulnerable. And if they did make you feel vulnerable they would have to do so without making Superman feel underpowered.

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