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The problem is that Superman is too super. The player wouldn't feel vulnerable. And if they did make you feel vulnerable they would have to do so without making Superman feel underpowered. #5.1.1
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The issue with a superman game is he's too super. It would be hard to make the player feel vulnerable while still making superman as super as he is. A DLC where you are batman and have to fight Superman would be cool though. #3.1
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I feel so old now. I had to go look up what Wigger meant. #14
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No. Just shows that they're working on it. Besides they don't take that long. #51
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I look forward to the day when sexuality no longer makes the news. Not because it doesn't happen but because it has become so commonplace and people are comfortable enough with it that it is no longer considered news. #73
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But it could be so so good. #3.2.1
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This partially has to do with legality. Allowing children to view porn is illegal and then hosting a service where porn can be viewed means you fall under rules of porn distribution. Twitch would rather avoid the whole thing so they "ban" it. #1.1.4
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Anyone know how to get the external HDD to read by the PS4? Does it have to be formatted a certain way or something? #13
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Some people like short games, some like massive open world games. That's the great thing about being a gamer in the world today, we have the freedom to choose.

It doesn't matter how long a game is if you don't find enjoyment in it.

The problem comes in with validation. No one likes being told they made a wrong choice, and as such some people will go out of their way to venomously defend their choice by attack others' choices. #1
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Good thing you didn't need to play it on release day because no one could play it on release day. #5.1.1
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It's a lot faster pace than BF3/4. The maps are smaller and more chaotic. The inclusion of cars and other ridiculous things like the reload animations make it more of an enjoyable silly experience and opposed to a more tactical military shooter. #2.3
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I disagree. Sony has stated that they want to get PSNOW out on as much as possible. The reason is because Sony can claim royalties off that. Let's say you don't own a PS4 but you own a PC and there's a game you want to play on the PS4. Well you're probably not going to go out and spend $400 on a PS4 just to play one game. But you might spend $30 to rent the game via PS Now. Sony claims royalties off those sales, so they have now made at least some money where they originally w... #3.1
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The thing people seem to forget a lot when they talk about Sony's "financial problems" is that they're a multibillion dollar company. They make excellent HDTVs, Smartphones, tablets, and sound systems. You put a Sony Tv near any other TV and people will pick the Sony TV everytime even if they don't know it's Sony because the picture quality is so much better. Professional artists in the music industry use Sony headphones when they're recording. Most notably "... #5
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In fairness to Sony the dual OS feature was never advertised for the PS3 and honestly how many people actually used it? I'm "sure" everyone used it everyday and I am the only person who never used the feature. The majority of people who complain about this feature are (probably, IMO) bandwagoners who are looking for something to complain about.

As for data caps you bring up a good point, and something that I've never actually thought about. I've always... #2
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Pictures take up so little memory you will hardly even notice it, and it seems like it does it automatically. #6.3
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He means a notification on when you're friends come online, which guess what, is not an option. You can be notified when they join a party but not when they come online.

I do wish they had the option to appear offline though. I don't want to come off a jerk to my friends but I don't want to be in a party everytime I play. #7.5.1
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It was originally called Video Unlimted. Sony just rebranded it to Playstation Videos. Same program though. #13.1
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That's good to know. Thanks for the follow up. I was unaware of this. #2.1
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Disney owns the film franchise. EA owns the video game franchise. So they wouldn't need permission from Disney. People just think Disney owns it all because they don't count video games. #4.1
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Let's not forget it is still early in these consoles' lifespan. We didn't start seeing quality graphics and games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 until many years into their life cycle. Don't judge this generation too fast as it's just begun. #30
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