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Here's the problem I see. They waited until the Remastered version was released so that people would have a rejuvenated interest in the game then decided to sell new DLC. This is smart business but the Remastered edition was supposed to have "All" the dlc in it. #1.6
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Warframe. That's about the only one I know. #1.1.3
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For those who don't want to load the page 11 times.

11 Mad Max
10 Batman Arkham Knight
9 Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
8 Dying Light
7 The Crew
6 Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
5 Destiny
4 Tom Clancy's the Division
3 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
2 Assassin's Creed Unity
1 Far Cry 4

These kind of lists annoy me because each image is loaded on a separate URL so the... #14
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I could platinum all 3 games again. And maybe this would revive the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer community. Still my favorite multiplayer to this day. #49
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Just an thought, But couldn't it have simply been the Devs put that color in the corner of the icon they chose for the Trophy? #24
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Man if only there was a way to take a screenshot so we could actually read what was on them. #21
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'Now, you can take all that with a grain of salt if you'd like, or more preferably, you can take that and hang your head in shame with it and learn not to judge others or make assumptions about their life or employment history based on a personal opinion."

"you can take that and hang your head in shame with it and learn not to judge others or make assumptions about their life or employment history based on a personal opinion."

"lea... #3.2.1
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No to your last sentence. It should not be incorporated into any handbook. From reading this rant it is clear to me that you have never worked in any form of customer service (CS) before. So let me explain a few things. It really is a service. As you made a fine point of demonstrating here customer service reps (CSR) get treated like absolute shit from the people they are trying to help. You seem to be thinking that every person who calls CS is the same. They are not. For every 1 person who k... #3
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In my opinion Smoke was the worst power. I hated everytime I was forced to use it. To felt so weak and clunky that I didn't enjoy it. Playing as good Delsin I felt like Neon fit that style the best and Video fit the style of evil Delsin the best. Smoke just seemed boring and not very useful. #1.2
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Launch owner, and supporter long before that. It was quite a while before we saw games on the PSP but in the end the games were awesome. We've seen some good games on the Vita already, Gravity Rush is one of my favorite games ever, but we need more. It's nice to see some interesting games coming out. #4
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Buggy is not broken. A broken vase holds no water. A vase with a chip in it still holds water. Would I buy a chipped vase? Idk, never bought a vase, but I bought a Jacuzzi that was missing a chunk of the side wall, because it had the features I wanted at a price I was ok with, and I could deal with the chunk missing.

While I agree with you that it is not ok for a video game to be released broken there is a difference between BF4 and Skyrim. Skyri... #2.1.2
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Skyrim wasn't that broken. Buggy sure. But not broken. The only time Skyrim ever became close to broken was when the PS3 got the "frame rate fix" that caused the game to crash everytime you went underwater.
Dragons flying backwards, mammoths floating in the air, odd ragdoll physics, doors that stay open, spinning heads, clipping, and other oddities are just that, oddities. The game was still absolutely playable, just buggy as hell, but none of the bugs made it impossibl... #2.1
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I only got one race and wasn't able to really get into customization and such. I can say that the game required you to slow down going around turns, it had those arrows that change from green to red to tell you if you were going to fast to make the turn. It was a nice mix, not to sim like but not to NFS like. There were some other interesting things. Each PS4 was hooked up to a camera and you could take a picture at the start of the race. So as you approac... #4.1.2
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I've actually gotten to play #driveclub, granted it was an old version, but it wasn't very arcady. There was no rubberbanding and you couldn't just throw on the breaks last second to drift through a turn. It wasn't as realistic as GT or Forza but more realistic than NFS. Its a hard mix to describe, sorta an intermediate racing sim. Hard to explain. #4.1
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My point Jazz wasn't to say that Bungie is better than 343 or whatever you seemed to idiotically interpret it as. My point was that Bungie made halo with only 150 people. Now they have over 500 working on Destiny, which means Destiny should be be amazing.

It's clear that you're a 343 lover but try to actually read and think, yes I know this second part must be difficult for you but try, about what someone is actually saying before you open your mouth and spew u... #14.1.2
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It's Pachter. He doesn't ever think, he just opens his mouth and vomits out stuff. #31.1
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*Independent thought alarm*

We've got a free thinker over here! Someone grab the flamethrowers!

You Sir, have a fantastic point. Competition drives innovation and lowers prices. Anyone who wants a console to "crush" another console in this "console war" is simply unintelligent. I understand having an opinion and liking one thing over another thing but the "console war" is simply ridiculous and does nothing but hurt the indus... #36.1
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“If there is a $349 PS4 on the market, Microsoft has a real problem,” Patcher

I'm not sure if I should agree because it sounds reasonable or disagree be Pachter said it. #46
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It seems to take a lot from Borderlands, Halo, and Warframe. However in answer to your question no it is not a clone of borderlands. The reason it seems like that is because Borderlands in the only FPS/RPG. Destiny is also a FPS/RPG but the tones are completely different. Borderlands does not take anything seriously, to the point where it even makes fun of itself at times. Destiny, appears, to be a very serious solemn game. There are also some other differences such as Destiny is an always co... #14.1
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Read the fine print. All the parts to upgrade the bike can be found by playing. It's just a head start. Not P2W at all. #11.2
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