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Are you suggesting that games and movies featuring homosexual people *should* be a problem? :/

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No. They're making several experimental mini-games, then one full game. They've always been clear on that. But Molyneux's never said it would be HIS last game before.

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What gave you the impression that he hadn't? Heck, even the blurb here refers to his new company.

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I imagine the artist cares because someone is profiting out of his work for free, without permission.

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Opposing Force came first, actually, and it wasn't a combined story - it was the story seen through the eyes of one of the cover-up soldiers. :-)

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NAVEL battles?!?!


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You're right that this had nothing to do with PAX. In fact I think this headline is really problematic. "Minecraft PAX Party" is simply not true - it was a private party held by Notch that just happened to be close to PAX. And "blonde girl" - her hair colour is relevant? Really? Huh.

HOWEVER, I'm not really sure what you mean by your other points. If I grab your hand now and you're not expecting it, I will be able to move your hand somewhere. B...

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I read the article in full before commenting, so I'm intrigued by what you said. Because the article I read said "Lots of people ask if girls can be gamers - and it turns out, they can!" just strung out to 500 words. No insight, no angle, no real information - just a statement that lots of gamers are girls and that's cool.

Which, of course, it is. Games are for everyone. But the framing of the article was really weird.

Gender issues in gamin...

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This is a weird article.

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Reading through the comments, it emerges that a lot of people do not understand satire. Just to be clear: Rockstar did not actually say this. Come on, guys!

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Er. Blogspot URL, dreadful writing, horrible spammy adverts and malware warnings. Reports said as much... yet this still got approved?

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Yeah Black Ops 2. The editor posted a disgruntled comment on Facebook about it. Basically they were asked to hold their issue on account of getting a big exclusive. Then Activision changed their minds last minute and allowed everyone to release the information at once.

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Both Valve and Gamescom have already said the HL3 listing was an "error".

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Completely bizarre nonsense. We can't do emotion without photorealism? What about, y'know, all the counter-examples to that? We can't do new genres without it? What the crapping hell are you TALKING about?

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Baffled by what people are 'disagreeing' with here. It was!

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Not necessarily. Take Two have a history of confirming release dates during investor meetings before officially announcing them to the press. It's not out of the question.

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And? Does that mean it's immune to criticism?

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Interesting how the experts cited no evidence whatsoever. Children tend to socialise less because of technology? I thought we'd finally dispelled that myth. Facebook! Online games! My goodness.

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Because sexual identity reaches far beyond the act of sex and relationships. Games are steeped in heteronormativity, there's no denying that. But more tangibly, games are increasingly story-driven, and enjoy featuring romantic subplots. The LGBTQ community - as with many ethnic groups - is horrendously under-represented. This stuff matters.

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You are an extraordinary bigot. Go away.

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