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Positively believe Silent Hills will happen.

The rawness of P.T. will continue and be even more frightening. #13
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For sure a nude video game mod sequence will be out soon..

Tons out there besides Skyrim ( Lollipop Chainsaw - Juliet Starling, all DOA, Blade and Soul, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Cortana ( Halo ), Ivy of Soul Caliber and others even Ellie from The Last of Us. ) #37
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I absolutely love the story/the plot/fantastical conspiracies on this game., it's quite compelling honestly.

Can't wait to see the back stories behind some of the sequences featured on the game be answered/or may even be a continuing saga.

I do hope for the game to succeed even further the developers' need to lessen or completely do away the QTE kill sequence, give back the controls to the gamers' because it just feels more rewarding that way. #8
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720p 24fps at best.. #38
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Another Japanese company ( Sony ) teaming up with a highly regarded master of Japanese gaming ( Hideo Kojima ) and complimented by a most respected Mexican film giant who made some of the best fantasy/horror films to date ( Guillermo del Torro ) really must happen.

There is a big history with the first Silent Hills game and Sony.

Think everybody and the gaming community included will benefit if a team-up of Sony/Kojima/del Torro does happen.

... #17
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Jessica Cambensy - Assassin's Creed model. #22
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Wishful thinking - would be great news if they can put out DLC updates for the old G25/27's on their website that would make them be compatible ( again ) for the PS3/PS4/XBox360/Xbox ONE consoles.. #6
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Hope it's timed exclusivity won't be too long though. #33
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More city/urban tracks from some parts of the globe would be a great addition just so to see their iconic buildings. #12
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Besides the obvious various PS buttons, noticed a G and a 7 ( GT7 ) with the logo.

Would be nice to see a rev counter ( ala Ferrari wheel ) be built-in with the wheel.. #10
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Very true.

Focus must now be on this gen. Also develop and experiment games for Oculus/Morpheus and even Hololens. Get games to hit the 1080p 60fps mark for the PS4/XBox ONE.

Leave the nostalgia with the gamers'. #7
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Along with 4K-game enable and 3D I'd also like to see Dolby Atmos/DTS-X and hopefully more HDMI/USB port connections built-in as standard feature with the next Sony and Microsoft consoles. #22
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I'd like to see modders' put more flesh to those hips.. #15
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Project CARS - nearly each and every car drives/behaves differently, constant practice and patience needed and a good sense of tuning to your liking.

DriveClub - the sense of speed this game gives is impressive and scary. Great look too.

GranTurismo 6 - still holding out very well with it's very good physics.. but not so much it's incremental damage system.

Only played Forza4/Horizon on XBox360 so can't really give out valid comme... #7
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Quantum Break is the game I'm really waiting for before getting myself an XBox ONE console, but think that doesn't come out till 2016?.. #54
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In the article it sort of reminded when I saw the film Don Jon. #11
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Another thing you'll notice while playing both games:

DriveClub - depth perception ( cars look farther/smaller ) while playing gives a real and even terrifying sense of speed.

Project CARS - depth perception is more life like so the sense of speed isn't as defined. #44
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Maybe didn't have enough time to tweak all the settings because of excitement to play the game and post a youtube feed? #16
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DriveClub looks good because there's a sense of tonal atmospherics with the lighting/background. You could even see the grass(!) being animated and moving about with the environment.

Project CARS didn't really dwell on it even though it also looks brilliant graphically., but their focus was more straightforward simulation with the solo/multi-player driving environment and giving proper weather effects system plus tuning options. #25
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Remember getting addicted to PS1 Colin McRae rally for the simple fact the game has great game play and is just legendary, the late great Colin McRae was at his peak and was considered the "god" of the WRC world during those times and the Subaru WRX STI 22B in it's signature "blue 555" British American Tobacco livery is up there with the Gulf oil and Martini Racing liveries. #8
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