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Noticeable with Sony/GT is their trademark bird's eye view which can make things farther, so is good for viewing the surrounding background.
XBox/Forza has a more natural sense of perspective.
Both have pretty much great sense of graphics, so nothing to complain.
With audio I think XBox/Forza nails it better., it just feels racier with the engine/vibrating sounds while again with PS4/GT the trademark synthetic brake screech is always there and can be annoying.

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That is more than reality.. all the cars are thoroughly waxed that no dirt or grime will ever affect it.

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They need to overhaul Extreme Beach and make it into a sort of mix of Ninja Warrior ( TV show ) and Battle Royale ( cult Japan movie ). It would definitely fit the "Extreme" bill and then add more tearing clothing-to-nude w/ blood sim. Tweak and redesign the characters a bit.. add more hips and bum and not just concentrate on boobs.

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Good to hear Bayonetta is back on PS4/XBox ONE.. would be nice to see Bayonetta 2 be outsourced to an indie dev and re-mastered for PS4/XBox ONE.

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Use of so many QTE ( quick-time-event ) within the game was The Order 1886's biggest bane and downfall I think.
The visuals, the atmospherics and idea behind the various characters' was the best out there, it just wasn't utilized at it's best. And the game is too short.
I still loved The Order 1886 in all honesty just because of the many conspiracy theories within the narrative and back stories of the main characters in the game that needs to be explained mor...

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Expect a barrage of virus and spam.

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Needs to make a return on PS4 and XBox ONE.

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Try this because it is fact. - make sure to place any fragrant scented capsule ( and I mean anything - even a cheap fabric softener placed inside a small plastic bottle for instance ) next to your beloved PS4/or XBox. Cockroaches hate them.

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I thought the character looked a lot like Charlize Theron..
Like the look/feel of game play.

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Pure psychedelia, love the game.

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Solid plastic headband on Platinum is a big no no. Add possible weak link with the hinges.
I also think just comparable sound quality with nearly half price cheaper Gold wireless is quite disappointing.

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Depth of perception tricks you into making the smaller unit's screen larger.

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Wish they had moved to SBS or at least Ch.10.. probably got offered a lot more on Ch.7.
The ratings over at the mainstream channel ( 7, 9, 10 ) are going to be far more intense, so if they don't rate well the axe is going to fall on them harder and quicker.

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$65? looks more like 30+.

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Thanks., will be getting this.

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Looks aesthetically pleasing honestly, but main things to really watch out for with this headset is weight and weakness issue with the hard plastics.

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I respect her opinion.

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After watching and seeing so many nearly photo-realistic CGI movies/games, these are just "normal/mainstream" impressive stuff.
Guess we've been spoiled by so many really good CGI artists' besides in the area of gaming.

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Another link -- ( https://dontfeedthegamers.c... )

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Design looks really appealing.. I just hope it doesn't have any future cracking issues like the Pulse Elite ( mine and I read a lot out there cracked at the *slider just above the *ear cup area ).
I'm thinking all the 3D Audio, Virtual 7.1 surround plus bluetooth and other various chips/wires within the headphone is going to add a lot of weight ( nearly 3 pounds is quite a lot - check the stats ) which in turn is going to make the plastics weak with constant use.

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