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1) Dynamic weather needs to be on all sim-based racing.

2) Left-Right-Rear cockpit in-view to see competitors should be standard.

3) Better rules/flag system for multi-player - to weed out those who just wants to annoy others in the competition.

4) I'd like to see Microsoft/Sony agree on software updates, compatibility issues with steering wheel peripherals so we don't have to see the likes of ( G29=PC/PS4... #7
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I do think those zombie/monsters in the bunker sequence part really caught me off-guard.. like it totally changed the persona of the game from that point on., from mystery, adventure and then to horror.

Still a great game. #24
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With all the new and other future racing game titles coming in Sony Polyphony is clearly testing the waters with a few new ideas/options on GranTurismo 6.

I bet all of them will get passed onto GranTurismo 7 and maybe some more secrets will be revealed I hope. #13
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Uncharted 2 put gaming in general to a much higher level. That's how great it is.

Re-play factor is always a memorable experience. #7
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Just think in a way this affection/devotion towards Mr. Kojima is borderline creepy. #8
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Uncharted 2 only at (23)?.. beaten by Bayonetta 2 (11)?.. c'mon now. really? #98
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DriveClub beats Forza 6 on weather, but it's got a lot of other things going besides that.

The water puddle effects on Forza 6 works and is a very good addition.

I'd like to see Turn10 put out an update that would change the physicality/locations of these puddles so players won't be able to memorize. #24
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MS needs to hire better typo-spotters. #39
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GranTurismo 7 really really needs to be damned good with something different/or a new feature ( beside Vision GT concept ) to offer to beat Forza 6. #10
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Think Forza 6 is now the benchmark all-around racing game.

Sony/Polyphony needs to seriously ramp-up their ideas into the GranTurismo series if they want to get their no.1 place back. #6
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Concept cars are a way to gauge ( but not all the times ) what design language the various car companies would use/make in their future models.

In turn this is fueling the longevity/relevancy of GranTurismo 6.

(note) Do hope Vision GranTurismo section continues and gets passed onto GranTurismo 7 and furure GranTurismo games so we can see what ideas our future car designers' can bring. #8
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Just want to say:

Physics, handling including trademark over-the-water puddles, feedback from control pads ( excluding steering wheels ) Forza 6 has it in spades.

Physics, handling in **varying degrees of changing weather Project CARS is unmatched.

and add:

Turn 10 did an excellent job. I think presently it is the benchmark most accessible racing game with great physics, handling dynamics, number of vehicles, tracks and speci... #10
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Just got my 1TB Forza bundle and have to say.. really impressed! Wow!

First off the game is super accessible as a very good sim-based racing game if you compare it with Project CARS. A huge jump in improvement over the last Forza game I owned ( Forza 4 on XBox360 ).

Physics is the TOPS! - the water puddles/splashes really works and gets you off-guard when driven over! - Loving the feedback from the control pads ( especially in braking - like anti-lock brakes... #4
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2TB versions on these please.. #14
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Was just thinking.. by the time PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider release after one year - would it match XBox ONE reduced price from retailers? ( for sure after just a couple of months waiting a price drop is an accepted fact ).

This would be vital for gamers like me who own both consoles. #23
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Can definitely see the race to show unreleased footage on Youtube by gamers'.
Would be great if they can put out a price to whoever gets it out first.. heh he he.. #3
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Hate heights. I'm definitely gonna pee in my pants if I ever do that sort of stuff, but Wow(!) need to experience that in VR. #7
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They should sell the WiiU for around US$80 and offer this game as bundle maybe I'll buy it. #8
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It's just a joke that is more driven by pure **greed that suddenly these companies have implemented separates on all steering wheel peripherals.

Honestly everything that is connected *within the wheel for it to work should be standard in the box - not an option. It's the customers' that should be given the **right to decide if they want to upgrade and mix-and-match their preference with the stick shift and pedals.

Also at this time and present age... #6
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An underdog Limited Edition bundle deal I think.

Great color scheme referencing new-gen Ford GT., very understated. #3
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