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Really have high hopes with Project CARS, especially as it is being compared with sim-racers like of Assetto Corsa, iRacing and such can only be a good thing.

Advantage of Project CARS is that it' will be widely available on all consoles and is VR-tech compatible ( PC and console ).

My only disappointment being the extended date release next year, but hey if it's all for the betterment of the game. #2
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Only slightly disappointed since I was really anticipating it's release next month and I want this game to be the one I'd get when I finally purchase a PS4 console.. #10
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Really wish some developer would somehow pick Drunna: Morbus Gravis (PC) and totally re-do and make a next-gen version that is more worthy of the graphic novel series. #24
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Project CARS is more diverse since console gamers' will have access to it.

And later on if you're thinking of trying out/getting a VR-headset, Slightly Mad will have a DLC download to make it compatible.

As for the video footage, the audio in Project CARS is more realistic with the engine note and the hisses and other background noises.

But in that specific camera angle with the footage, Assetto Corsa better, it's not as elongated as Proje... #4
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Any form at's it's most basic core is always the easiest to understand. #77
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Was almost set that Project CARS would be the game I'd bundle with my first purchase of a PS4 console..

..well that has to wait, but I'm not at all disappointed.

Have high hopes when it comes next year that it will definitely deliver.

For sure they have seen the backlash -- well negative comments/outburst that has happened to the **other racing game. #34
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Maybe gamers' should also direct their questions to the developers.

( For sure some of these developers would answer back - it's a question of compromise, deadlines, capital finance etc.. or still trying to figure out Sony's and Microsoft's hardware capabilities.. etc.. also the art/CGI staff that these devs have in their payroll, are they smart, passionate, progressive enough.. )

Just think it's a lot of factors really.

I... #7
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Wishes for GT7

1. damage mode at the get go.

2. all cars whether they be premium, concept or older/used ones to be on par in graphics and get all cabin/interior treatment.

3. introduce/build more bigger,longer,newer tracks like Circuit de la Sierra. ( Maybe dump some of the really old tracks we see and use on every iteration of GranTurismo )

4. improve car and background lighting atmospherics during night time races.
... #19
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Hope they bundle DriveClub with Project CARS once it releases next month on the PS4.. #14
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The better the resolution the better to see the entire picture/video.

It's just the facts. #70
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Gamers' need to ask this question first ( this goes for all types of steering wheel upwards to 300 bucks ).

1) Will the price ultimately be worth it excluding the other cost add-on option compatible peripherals?

2) This is important*** - how long will the software updates last? ( for this gen but what about the next-gen ) and how many games will it be compatible with?

3) Can you or your parents really afford it? Honestly?

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He should get a life.

Juvenile commenting. #23
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Am going back to control pads and will never ever spend another cent on any expensive steering wheel other add-ons that has a very limited support/compatibility issues and update time span.

I'm done with them. #3
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Am a fan of Paolo Serpieri's ( Drunna ) but the PC game was utter rubbish.

Hope some independent game developer could pick this up and properly do a next-gen release. #25
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Don't judge headphones because of their looks or because they are popular.

Try out different brand and listen for awhile, get accustomed and look for really good features that you think sets each of your choices apart.

Don't believe or be swayed by others.. it's you ears, you be the judge. Everyone has different preference. #5
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Looking forward to Project CARS the most because I'm very much interested that it will have VR-enable.

Am very much anticipating what Sony's Morpheus would be like to experience VR first hand. #6
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Looks like a great game with it's hybrid open world set-up and good on Microsoft Studio/Turn 10 for getting new gamers' into the fold but do think it will be short lived when the competition arrives sometime soon.

Also be aware the XBox 360 version ***doesn't have weather effects, for sure to get the XBox ONE console/game disc if you want to experience this feature. #9
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Don't think GT7 will ever go the way and be like the open world of arcade/sim/hybrid Forza Horizon 2.

Do believe though it will build/add more larger race tracks like Circuit de la Sierra from GT6 into GT7 and still keep it's race sim configuration. #15
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Some did work like the first Silent Hill movie and the just released Need for Speed actually was quite good.

Looking forward to Splinter Cell. #10
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Just hope retail shops would offer a bundle deal on PS4 with both Project CARS and Driveclub.

Definitely would buy that in an instant. #21
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