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In that video footage, first thing I noticed was GT Sport is more fluid, better draw distance.. but GT6 has better "close-up" graphics.
Do believe what GT Sport has in spades that other racing games ( of it's type ) don't is it's fantastic array of racing cars.

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Nothing against multi-player, but single mode is always the best.

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Physics engine on GT6 was already polished, Sony just needs to properly bring us the right audio frequencies with the engine sound, body rattles, brake screeches and other various effects which was seriously lacking in that game.

Thought the trailer looks good but really not much into pasting, photoshop features. Do like the paint/badge modding feature.

The game also badly needs new race tracks to show off. Honestly am bored with a couple of racetracks an...

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Can't tell on one of the video footage if Polyphony Studios have improved on matching correct and more visceral engine audio, but can still hear trademark and dreaded screeching brakes..

GranTurismo already had very good physics to start with, they just need to ramp up and match other racing games with the audio and maybe add a few really well worthwhile effects and other special features.

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This is just 1% of the haters' of Uncharted Series.

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Would be great to see VR porn with character design/physical manipulation similar to Black Desert.

One game I'd really like to see be given a second chance using VR is Drunna ( Morbus Gravis ). When it came out for PC the CGI-tech during those times couldn't recreate the look/feel/atmosphere of the graphic novel.

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Respect and focus on Uncharted 4 with the gamers' and sales' is more important. PS4K talks/comments can resume after things has settled.

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Just ran out space.. damn.. hate 500GB.. got me Samsung Seagate M9T 2TB just now..

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Possibly Microsoft looked at the spec sheet of PS4 "Neo" and decided straight away they needed to respond - business-wise and being the sole competitor of Sony.

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Game of the Century and more..

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I am gonna play and re-play this game for I don't know how many times and that's a fact.

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Heard it will be coming to consoles. Saw this on youtube -- ( )

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Everybody would be thinking now Auto Modellista.. PS2.. they've come out with a new gen?
And realize Auto-"Mo"-bilista, right.

Wish they would though, that is revive Auto Modellista, maybe keep cel-shaded appearance but in VR and very much improve the physics/AI unlike crappy original PS2 game.

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It wasn't as cool and a guaranteed sales as Jet Set Radio Future like from original XBox.

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Collector is basically geared towards multi-players. Not really into multi-playing, so the only material I could care for is the 48-page art book.. statue is ok, but would have been better if they gave out something you can actually use..

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Onechanbara probably the craziest if you actually recreate it for real.

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Honestly hope game devs would be able to greatly improve VR games after the first wave has been out.
Noticed most that have been shown/posted to gamers' are there to only promote VR but aren't necessarily moving ( in experience ).
Unless the games get to be *really immersive don't think putting out more than a thousand bucks ( VR headgear plus PC upgrade ) is worth it. Maybe sometime soon.. by then prices would have also dropped.

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Even though normal PS4 already supports 4K video ( and not games ) I think this is mostly Sony marketing trying to sell 4K again since there is *now actual movement and variety in 4K movies as compared to nearly impossible many months ago. Just check Amazon in the new release section of Blu Ray and click on any block buster movies, for sure you'll see 4K in the option lists'.

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The killing doors!!.. Quantum breakage!.. Nissan adverts/cars promos - those were the most amusing parts of the video game review.
Do think the reviewer's thoughts/rating for the game are honest and legitimate.

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If up to now you haven't bought a PS4, your in luck with PS4K.

To those who own "now" old system tough luck.. disappointment of owning old system sets in.. jealousy.. frustration.. and then acceptance. You still get to play games, it's only that some features game devs have implemented with "4K" you won't be able to access.

If money is not a hindrance, go ahead and buy PS4K even if you own PS4.

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