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Waiting with positive anticipation for The Last of Us movie adaptation. #12
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Will be getting this game day one.

Could just be a moustache, beard and side burns thing that's going on with the game which is making game a lot of these so-called game journos' overreact? #26
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Gameplay footage shown in that video is mighty impressive!

This is the number one game I'll be getting first when I finally put down my money on an XBox ONE. #14
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Reading and seeing footage of these VR ( and AR ) goggles looks really impressive, just hope they also deliver in the other important aspects of *reliability, *durability, *responsiveness and *upgrades/updates ( for this and future gen release for games, PC/consoles ). #4
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Would love see Bloodrayne get a full overhaul in looks and gameplay.. maybe design/build her character/moves using as reference a cross between Lara Croft and Bayonetta. #12
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Game just gets better and better.

It almost seems like DriveClub were two different games, the launch game which was plagued with on-line problems and the present one which is just a gem and still evolving with improvements.

If you own a PS4 this game is a must-have. #9
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I just think Sony or Microsoft or both will come out with a slim/lite version to time it with Nintendo's next console.

Purely for business ( either to take away some gloss and sales ). #11
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Let these developers finish their work and stop yammering. #8
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Compared with VR goggles I do believe this AR/HoloLens will have more uses with gaming as with other real-world topics/issues.

VR has a more focused area like gaming only or engineering/design only etc.

Do think *responsiveness and *updates will have to be worked on properly for these ( VR and AR ) new-tech gadgets. #53
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Was terribly disappointed with the WRC Series games ( first and third, luckily I bought them as dirt cheap pre-owned copies ) on my PS3.

The tracks were the main problem, especially on the 3rd that was just badly designed it was frustrating to play. The hairpins and turns were just too close and as many that it just felt so wrong and not realistic.

Dirt3 was actually more enjoyable.

Just hope the new developers would be able to see the probl... #12
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Great tech along with VR.

My only questions presently are:

1) **responsiveness ( just like in the trailers would it actually be achieved? ).

And then how long will these goggles last when it comes to updates..

2).. **compatibility with this-gen and future-gen consoles? ( I'm putting this out because will it be like the various expensive steering wheels out on the market that are only compatible up to a point with certain... #8
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Feels like I'm viewing a very good CGI movie trailer.

Footage is really impressive. #69
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Augmented and virtual reality tech will definitely revolutionize a lot of markets, including gaming.

Do believe they are already in use for car manufacturers, design engineering purposes, military and such. #4
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So is this basically augmented reality but in a different name., right? #5
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The months of October till December 2015 will be one of the best time for gamers'. #17
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Stunning visuals, great game play/re-play value.

One word to describe new Japanese tracks - flowing! #8
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Less that 2 months and counting.

This gonna be a great game! #14
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Tears just sometimes fall from my eyes every time I look at those sweet raindrops falling from the CG-sky above and onto the windshield..

..and now heat haze, rainbows and cherry blossom trees. #13
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It's being compared with a lot of other really good PC/console sim-racing games out there at the moment so it must be that good.

Definite must-have and collect here. #5
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GranTurismo really needs to move forward in a very big way I think.

I just hope the new audio techniques they would introduce with GranTurismo 7 will be seriously good and can be adjusted in the option menu.

Also hope night race, specifically lighting will also be improved in a big way ( GranTurismo 6 really had bad vehicle/background lighting. On some long winding desert races the darkness overpowers the CG-headlamps like it was black-fog ).

I don&#... #17
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