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Thanks., will be getting this.

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Looks aesthetically pleasing honestly, but main things to really watch out for with this headset is weight and weakness issue with the hard plastics.

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I respect her opinion.

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After watching and seeing so many nearly photo-realistic CGI movies/games, these are just "normal/mainstream" impressive stuff.
Guess we've been spoiled by so many really good CGI artists' besides in the area of gaming.

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Another link -- ( https://dontfeedthegamers.c... )

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Design looks really appealing.. I just hope it doesn't have any future cracking issues like the Pulse Elite ( mine and I read a lot out there cracked at the *slider just above the *ear cup area ).
I'm thinking all the 3D Audio, Virtual 7.1 surround plus bluetooth and other various chips/wires within the headphone is going to add a lot of weight ( nearly 3 pounds is quite a lot - check the stats ) which in turn is going to make the plastics weak with constant use.

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Daring honestly!

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One game is led by a girl and the other is a guy so how can they be the same?

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Naughty " Buffys'" the Zombie Slayerettes..

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Donald Trump is the very snapshot of America's narcissistic society, where a sense of entitlement is on top of everyone's mind. So in a big way America you got what you deserved.
Mr. Trump might even surprise us all once he takes office.. we don't know..

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There should be a heading or a note with these type of footage - ( View Factual Footage in 4K )

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Thought the Switch ad was a bit confused.. why weren't there any kids shown with the Switch commercial? It was all 20+ and above who were playing games in the ad.

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I think and hope that any/all retail shops selling VR games should have a demo in place for prospecting buyers'.. or we'll see a lot of ( VR ) games being returned or replaced with another title probably.

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Naughty-lite. Am going to order this on-line.. as most are going to.
Hope some developer out there will do a Kangoku Gakuen ( Prison School ) game in VR.

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GranTurismo has proven itself to having really impressive physics, but if I had a question to ask to Mr. Kaz-san is that - are the automaker that have permitted their vehicles on the game - is there a signed agreement with Sony Polyphony on not having damage until players reach a higher level on the game to sustain damage? ( so as to keep the vehicles looking as brand new as ever? - for presentation sake ).

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Have never played any MMORPG before but if this ever gets released on PS4. I'd definitely buy it for the fact am simply super-impressed by the look of the entire range of female/male/alien/monster character designs, the costumes ( or modded no-costumes ), the animations.. just the overall entire look/feel, basically the atmospherics of this game astounds me.

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Has the same stiff plastic design as Pulse Elite.. so my worry is that it would have some weakness somewhere around the ear cup or headband area which could eventually crack/snap. ( My Pulse Elite cracked at the ear cup area ).

On another note saw these headsets which looks really comfortable and built quite well - but seems to have very limited **software issues -- ( 129d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment

Also new - Playstation 4 Platinum Wireless Headsets -- ( ).

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Needs to have 2TB as standard ( and hope in the future a 3-to-4TB ).. 1TB just isn't enough anymore these days.

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