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Naughty-lite. Am going to order this on-line.. as most are going to.
Hope some developer out there will do a Kangoku Gakuen ( Prison School ) game in VR.

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GranTurismo has proven itself to having really impressive physics, but if I had a question to ask to Mr. Kaz-san is that - are the automaker that have permitted their vehicles on the game - is there a signed agreement with Sony Polyphony on not having damage until players reach a higher level on the game to sustain damage? ( so as to keep the vehicles looking as brand new as ever? - for presentation sake ).

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Have never played any MMORPG before but if this ever gets released on PS4. I'd definitely buy it for the fact am simply super-impressed by the look of the entire range of female/male/alien/monster character designs, the costumes ( or modded no-costumes ), the animations.. just the overall entire look/feel, basically the atmospherics of this game astounds me.

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Has the same stiff plastic design as Pulse Elite.. so my worry is that it would have some weakness somewhere around the ear cup or headband area which could eventually crack/snap. ( My Pulse Elite cracked at the ear cup area ).

On another note saw these headsets which looks really comfortable and built quite well - but seems to have very limited **software issues -- ( 16d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment

Also new - Playstation 4 Platinum Wireless Headsets -- ( ).

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Needs to have 2TB as standard ( and hope in the future a 3-to-4TB ).. 1TB just isn't enough anymore these days.

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Looks like a double cheeseburger sandwich as compared to normal size burger for PS4/PS4 Slim..

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Reminds me of Jane March and a little bit of Winona Ryder. Hot.

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Thinking more like save the best for the last.

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Looks compact enough., do think target group would be new audience to PS4 and collectors'.
I would rather wait for NEO.

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Driveclub really has become a very iconic game for the PS4. It's another benchmark racing game title.

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A big YES. Blacklist is probably the BEST game of the series.

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You should see the game nude mods, now that is good. As good as the Resident Evil ones I have seen.

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Oniksiya -- ( )

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$US500+ ( ) -- I don't think so.

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I loved playing Journey so am going to get this game just for that alone. Games like these are clearly more directed to one's soul, it's just being at that moment.

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It's a bit of a creative take/homage to the character, meeting people/giving fun to a few kids and adults in conventions, getting social media time.. maybe even become popular and get discovered in films.. really don't see anything wrong in that.

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Hands down film would still win with story-telling, why? It's just more easier and less time consuming than with games that have vast sequences plus you have to deal with game-play related factors that needs to gel with the story.

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I'm never going to buy a wheel/combo for any console. Am done with them. These are only compatible up to a certain point in time with consoles.
They are only great for PC use.

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$250 for a paint job? Just NO.

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