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Now that's how you show the positives of VR-tech and the experiences people keep after having a go. #3
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Oh hi Tia Carrere.. let's do a movie soon.. oh sorry I'm mistaken. #5
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I'd like to see them properly re-create the physics of SUV's/pick-up trucks and then include models from various companies like ( Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6X6, Lamborghini Urus, Maserati Kubang, Porsche Macan, Cadillac Escalade, Ford F-150 Raptor, Dodge Ram Rebel, GMC Sierra etc. ) Also include tracks ( lots of steep angles with mud ) that would suit these types of vehicles. #4
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I don't really like Cloud.

It's not as safe nor secure as everyone's been led to believe. #14
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Definitely Project CARS with the rain effects and look of the vehicles and a few camera view angle.

But think Turn10 did a fine good job with Forza 6 just the same. A couple of improvements still. #18
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Internet speed and services around the world differ like day and night in some areas. #34
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It's not just a one person show.. it's the entire team working as one creative unit. #12
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At least you get to romanticize about these dinosaurs and still get to see and feel how it's like in a way before they bow out of production..

Mt. Panorama is getting more and more popular especially now it's being featured in a lot of other racing game titles.

Thinking Circuit of the Americas ( Austin Texas ) is going to be next.. #6
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As i said before think about the amount of money each and every Nintendo NX gamer has to add** in a years' time in purchasing extra data blocks from their internet providers' in downloading all those games. Another thing - internet services are different in various countries.. some good and fast while others very slow and expensive.

And then add** the SD cards or whatever disc to save those games.

Now think about how a one time cheap Blu Ray/4K hardwa... #9
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Never heard anyone mention gamers' will have to purchase($) more data blocks from their broadband providers' when Nintendo does implement a no disc policy - think about this - add* up a years' extra costs' you have paid getting all those extra data block plus** the SD cards/chips to save all those games just in case you still want to have some sort of physical copy especially if the country/areas where you live still doesn't have a good internet connection service.
... #26
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Think the XBox ONE Elite will surpass all of the past and present gaming control pads. #41
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Ultimate collectible of a collectible of any collectible game. #42
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Hope it does happen.

Love to play my Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fatal Frame, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Rallisport Challenge and other great stuff on the XBox ONE someday and not take out my original Xbox from time-to-time only. #11
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I honestly believe that.

So many application for VR especially concerning science, engineering and with family oriented stuff like amusement centers and yes gaming. #13
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An intended** and very bad video representation of both games. #17
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Was talking to a **non-gamer friend recently and asked me what console should he buy for his teenage son's birthday.

I told him straightaway - what sort of game does he like to play?

And he told me his son wanted Halo - so quick answer XBox ONE. I also added there is a 1TB Halo bundle that could save him money.

Story -- to non-gamers' your advice usually helps -- but to another gamer/s it's mostly debates. #47
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China doesn't care about intellectual property/copyright protection laws.

JLR ( Jaguar Land Rover ) Evoque vs Chinese Land Wind X7 = ( http://www.carnewschina.com... ) also Range Rover vs Chinese Gonow GX6 (
The Last of Us

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

Splinter Cell: Blacklist #31
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The BassImpact on these cans definitely beats a lot of gaming headsets and good-to-high end headphones. It's just absolutely tremendous, I actually didn't mind them ( as other have ) because their sole purpose of giving that super extra oomphh on games and movies really delivered and is quite effective.

I just thought the build quality isn't as good - mine still works fine, but just a reminder to others who own them -- do be very careful in stretching the ear cups... #2
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Need for Speed and no cockpit view and missing the sun should have been the title.. #7
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