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Think the article is 95% spot-on. #33
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Really liking Project CAR's various array of camera angle options., think a lot of gamers' will be enjoying this feature once it comes out on consoles. #2
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This is just a matter of bumping the hue on your HD screen option.

Honestly the writer doesn't have any artistic talent at all.

Made the atmospherics worse. #26
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Am going to wait and get proper info/comments from gamers' who have bought VR firstly before I decide.

Especially am interested about reliability issues.

First impressions are a given ( mostly positives ) but it's the long term usage I want to know.

Just some need to know comparison between Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus which Project CARS will be compatible with ( 1d 8h ago by level 360 | View comment
I can see a lot of hyped-up/fast paced but forgettable CGI special effects.

Am kinda worried about this. #6
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Pretty sure Sony/Polyphony are taking a lot of notes from new games Project CARS, DriveClub, Assetto Corsa etc. to make sure GranTurismo 7 will live up to expectations.

Do think GranTurismo 6 is holding up really well for a now 2 or 3? year old console game. The physics especially on GT6 can still impress and yes everything that is connected with audio needs a lot of research and work. #12
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Maybe from it's VHS looks to DVD player size.

I hope Microsoft would offer a white version on the get go.

Do think they wouldn't name this XBox TWO ( in reference to PS2 ), Microsoft might actually give it a name. #17
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Sometimes..well most of the time the AI can be brutally defensive add those grassy area/dirt patches which can take precious seconds off but it does add to the game's character and gamers' to persevere more and keep us on our toes all throughout the race.

Very good footage there. #3
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Think on the next Dead or Alive series they should put some time and effort to get the hip/ass and waist-to-floor get their own adjustment options on the menu. #10
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Great that PC is where you can really push the boundaries of gaming..

.. but with it you have to be prepared firstly that you got spare money to spend and accept the constant hardware upgrades if you really want to experience the best out of your PC.

For me presently, console is still the way to go. It's only mostly the games that you need to spend money on and maybe a few DLC's, with some ( or a few gamers' a lot ) on accessories. #42
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Am slightly mad that another +2 more weeks has been added to the March release date.

Hell what can you do but wait.. #1
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Definitely not going to skip this game.

Read most of the negative headline criticisms on this site and others and leading me more to believe this game is going to be good enough. #4
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Bloody Hell not another delay.. well at least 2 more weeks can be forgiven. #19
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If it fits the entire plot especially like Bayonetta's campy theme or Lollipop Chainsaw's hack-and-slash b-movie style sex comedy why not?, but if this was done in games like The Last of Us, it will definitely cheapen and devaluate the message the game was striving for. #3
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I'd like to see Bayonetta versus Bloodrayne or Bayonetta and Bloodrayne together fighting the baddies/bosses just so that it can go cross/multi-platform. #18
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Biggest difference that I did notice instantly is the **sense of speed that DriveClub conveys to the gamer that Forza2 is sorely lacking especially inside the tunnel footage in both the in-cabin and back/3rd person view.

DriveClub has a truer perception of speed, while in Forza2 you definitely know it's only a game and is quite clinical.

Sound-wise DriveClub also takes the cake. It has better engine/bodywork and all things background related audio more so... #24
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Ivy Valentine is all CGI-great womanly curves. Top pick.

Chloe Frazer of Uncharted is also a minx. #3
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As with those photos especially the 3rd, it's like Lara is looking more like a grown-up Ellie from ( The Last of Us ).. #21
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Think nowadays new game titles don't run-out on release day so pre-ordering isn't really necessary anymore.

Also retail/game stores don't also give out a hefty discount if you pre-order a game like they used to. #18
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Lara's many journeys and encounter with the baddies and strange unbelievable bad bosses, the many plots and puzzles in the game are the things that make her more sexy than just being CGI physically good looking.

And with it the writers' do deserve a big thank you/congratulations for a job well done in the character build-up. #11
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