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Not a fan of the game series but will be getting Blu Ray movie version.

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Think they tried to make her look like Megan Gale ( Mad Max Fury Road ) who was one of the picks to play Wonder Woman..

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Yes.. but not at full price.

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If the game has VR support, why doesn't it have Sony's new VR-box cover banner? -- ( ).

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XBox ONE present pricing should "at least" be the basis for PS4 RoTR version. It is what buyers' are going to gauge when they go and get the game at retail outlets.. always has always been.
Definitely they shouldn't sell the game at full price. They could, as it is their right.. but I think it's just incomprehensible and highly illogical.

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Respect and to be mindful is what Blizzard need to do.

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Yes except for the morally rigtheous.

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Think the game will pick-up in sales just for VR alone. A lot would be investing/saving up for PSVR.

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XBox ONE presently selling for 30. We'd be lucky if retail outlets sells PS4 version for around the 24-27 mark.


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Sony makes good products, they even make great products but also really bad ones.

4K/HD/3D screens are good, but the likes of Samsung, LG is giving them a very tough competition.

PS4 I think is a great product along with their upcoming VR headset.

With hi-fi audio equipment it's a hit and miss for them. Sony only makes mediocre receiver/amplifiers, some of their headphones are really good and worth collecting, while some are quite ...

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VR Kangoku Gakuen..

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Maybe they should revive and develop the next-gen Drunna - Morbus Gravis game in VR.

The review of the game is honestly awful I think because you simply cannot build/re-imagine the graphic novel with the CGI-tech during those times ( ).

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Beside the LeTour cycling games, I'd like to see a Downhill Domination, Downhill Mountain Biking.. maybe a BMX XXX(?!) do a comeback in VR.
Mountain Biking on VR would be a fantastic experience and a health benefit.

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Priorities/agendas of Nintendo is less than Sony and Microsoft.

Fact that they are always a generation behind their competitors' means by the time they embrace VR, Sony and Microsoft has moved on to the next new tech.

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One of the best if not the best looking special edition control pad of any game so far. And being modular ups the ante even more.

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They need to ditch 500GB and just sell 1TB and make 2TB mass production, not just in limited quantities.

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Yes to 2TB and 4K Ultra HD *Video. I like it a lot.
This is what the XBox ONE should have been/had from the start.

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Good stuff, like the modular aspects a lot. Prices from $125-$160 ( PS4 ) isn't too bad at all I think.

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( Ready *at Dawn - not Ready & Dawn ) Order 1886 is unfinished. Sony needs to give them a chance to complete it. Ready at Dawn just needs to put game play as their main focus and rubbish QTE.

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