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That's just a cent more than PS4 Gold Wireless..

..think the way things are going for the WiiU that price actually sounds right. #11
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Seriously hope they don't belittle and muck it up.

Saw a mock-up Seinfeld CGI set and it simply looked so fake and cold. It was uninviting as a laboratory. ( http://thecreatorsproject.v... )

My Neighbour Totoro is an all time epic film. #3
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I'm looking at this more as a stop gap fix or filler if you will since there aren't really a lot of new titles to choose from at the moment.

All the really cool new games we're all anticipating for won't be out till the last quarter of this year.

2015 will be the time when the (un)friendly competition between the 2 major consoles is going to start. #37
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Between 6-to-8 months of waiting for all consoles I'm guessing..

Immensely impressed by the audio quality.

And the CGI Audi R8 violently shaking, squealing across the track would definitely bring a proper sense of focus to any gamer.

I'd even be willing to invest on PS4's VR "Morpheus" just for this game. ( http://www.wmdp... #11
Reason why I'm still holding out for one.

Still waiting for the really bad-ass games to come out. #5
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Besides the script/story telling having a lot inconsistencies, the graphics does already looked supreme and simply cinematic on the PS3.

I just sort of think the difference would be minimal if they remastered it for the PS4.

What they should remaster for the PS4 is Splinter Cell: Blacklist, I'd definitely buy and play it again. #36
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For the really really casual gamer who has the extra cash to splurge on a niche market. #8
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There is going to be a stampede of pre-orders when SlightlyMad finally confirms the actual release date on all consoles.

This game is going to set the bar very high indeed which can only mean that others have to take heed and improve. #1
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First off because *all gamers', each and everyone across the entire globe have a very short attention span thus they think less and act out their rabid/fanatical attitudes through their comments more.

Also gamers' tend to think and voice out every single detail that is right or wrong about a *reboot game. ( especially technical, monetary details and others ) unlike film, music buffs. #8
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This gen of consoles are actually much much cheaper than when the PS3 and XBox360 ( from AU$600 upwards to AU$900 ) first came out. #21
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Game racing community on all consoles will definitely go bonkers when this game comes out. #10
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I'd definitely love to see a Splinter Cell: Blacklist version on the PS4/XBox ONE.

Also am positively happy to hear a Splinter Cell movie is on the way with a bevy of top notch people involved. #5
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For sure there are a lot of female game developers, writers and even game producer/directors..

..probably tell about your dilemma to them.

Sex sells whether it be an attractive/ugly man, woman, gay person, androgynous or whatever form of gender/sexual preference your into. #20
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Still on the waiting game's lists' here.

Reason being the games I'm really wanting to buy aren't out yet.

PS4 will be my definite first pick though. #34
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Knew that was coming.. was a great laugh indeed.

I'd pick both, but of the two I'll take PS4 first. #37
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He'll choose PS4 because as a geek/techy he ( and the show's producers ) will be much interested in adding Sony's "Morpheus" when it comes out and show Sheldon using it on a future episode. #77
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Might have to start saving up for Sony's "Morpheus" for the mere reason Project CARS is my most anticipated racing title and I do believe this is the type of game which car truly showcase the potential of VR-technology. #15
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This just saying they ( WiiU ) so desperate to have a really decent game to sell their down spiraling console.

On a *sort of positive note I think Project CARS will be heavily discounted on the WiiU in a couple of weeks time as shown with a lot of their other game titles. #13
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Another 7 to 8 months wait for this game's release on console is simply unbearable..

..truly mind blowing audio.

This game I think would be a great selling point for all competing VR-hardware and VR in general. #6
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It could.. but it will be very hard sell I think. Unless your willing to sell at a huge loss.

Big discrepancy and fluctuation on exchange rates for each country of origin as digital games have no barriers when it comes to area zone codes.
Think about this for a minute - sellers who live in a high exchange rate continent competing with those from the bottom.. who are you going to buy off from?

Also most likely on-line stores will catch up on this trend... #16
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