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Even though the score is low, this review in general is poorly written and seems more of a rant than a review. What is going on with N4g recently?

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Can you PM your video of the big daddies fighting? Never saw that when I played through BioShock!

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Very nice, may pick this up.

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These opinion pieces are getting annoying. It's a games consoles, not a bloody Blu-ray media centre.

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Realistically if you have been waiting this long wasn't it kind of obvious it was going to happen? Mods are better on the PC anyway, console mods are pretty pointless imo. Each to their own of course. I don't think this is a big of an issue as it is. Seems like a lot of people want to hate on PlayStation at the moment.

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This is the way the site I write for does it too. No pop up ads just ads on the side and and at the bottom of content. Nothing worse than constant pop up adds or those stupid sites that make you click through pages and pages for two sentences and loads of ads. N4g staff need to be hotter on submissions and block sites that have malware ads.

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DDOS attack. I managed to get on after clicking square for about 20 mins. It's working fine today.

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I don't think that statement is accurate or true. It plays very different from both. I'm loving BF1 Beta, it's the most fun I've had with a game for a while.

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Haha! Played it last night and it was amazingly fun.

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Received my code! Won't be able to play until 7PM GMT - The working life :(

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It's a shame it's just so dull and uninspiring. I enjoyed the first tech test but after a week of not playing and going back to it again I have come to realise that it doesn't offer anything entertaining. It just misses the mark. Not a day one purchase for me, a sale purchase most likely for the single player.

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How did this article get approved? Like seriously?!

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I'm quite glad that this was announced prior to E3. This means Sony's conference will be able to showcase the games. I still think the PS4.5 (Neo) should be bundled with the Vr to make it more of a beneficial option to upgrade.

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Seriously why comment if you are not interested?

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There is no source and I can't really see this site being that creditable? If it happens great, L4D is a possibility.

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Might as well get the ball rolling with this comment then! Good luck all. :)

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Who designed this site? I can't even focus on the article because of all the adverts!

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Thank's for your comment and for checking out the review :)

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Why was this article approved?

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Seriously, Rocket League needs to be on this list.

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