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I'm quite glad that this was announced prior to E3. This means Sony's conference will be able to showcase the games. I still think the PS4.5 (Neo) should be bundled with the Vr to make it more of a beneficial option to upgrade.

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Seriously why comment if you are not interested?

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There is no source and I can't really see this site being that creditable? If it happens great, L4D is a possibility.

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Might as well get the ball rolling with this comment then! Good luck all. :)

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Who designed this site? I can't even focus on the article because of all the adverts!

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Thank's for your comment and for checking out the review :)

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Why was this article approved?

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Seriously, Rocket League needs to be on this list.

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I'm not stating that. Just on the PS4 I have more friends I tend to play online with. I would of got more use out of it if it was on the PS4. I haven't been on Origin for long so I don't really have anyone to play with so, it got boring quick. I know it's not on the PS4, I didn't state it is. Clearly didn't read my comment.

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Played it for roughly 3 weeks and was bored very quick. Purchased on the Pc but would of got a lot more use out of it if it was on the PS4. I imagine Evolve will go down a similar path Titanfall did.

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I would like to see Cod 4, MW2 and MW3 in a collection. Would be nice to revisit those games with updated graphics.The campaign and multiplayer was great (except MW3) If it could only be one titled remastered I'd go with Cod 4 for sure.

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Sort it out you little troll.

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I've always favoured quality over quantity. There's so many classic games that can be beaten in 30 minutes or less and they use to cost £50.

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You absolute tool.

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How many will end up on ebay at double the price?

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This article was not paid by anyone to say anything so, you've got your facts wrong there I'm afraid. We're not that kind of site.

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Have spoken to a few local retailers in Watford (uk) and they still have stock of xbox one no PS4's. There is also more pre-owned xbox ones than PS4s. Same with game stock also, some retailers only have a few titles in stock for pS4. Xbox one has full stock of titles.

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It didn't notify me that the article was already up. If it did I wouldn't of shared it to N4G.

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I happen to think the game is better than a 5, I would say at least an 8 and that is being generous but it is better than the first MOH on the 360,PC and PS3.

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