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I decided to wake up at 3.50am (UK) to watch the conference as I thought "Nintendo are going to show some amazing stuff this time round, they have too" And I was utterly disappointed, Where were the titles? Where were the details? This is honestly looking like the Wii U again which is really bad for Nintendo's point of view in regards to sales and third party. I don't really want to risk buying a console I hardly know anything about at launch with little to no reassurance if...

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This was an excellent reveal it looked incredibly gorgeous too. Naughty Dog did what they best and showed two great exclusive titles, to their two biggest franchises. Bravo!

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What's the point with having a 4K consoles without the titles? That's the biggest issue with MS, they lack the tittles not the hardware. Sony's Pro is selling so well by the time the scorpio is released it will be difficult for MS to bring customers over on 4K alone. Needs titles or it will struggle.

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Golden Axe and Streets of rage for me!

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The thing is, even with all that power, they just don't have the games to show of the power. Gears Of War 4 is the best Xbox One exclusive without a doubt and it's taken this long for them to get a hit, whilst PlayStation 4 has had the success of Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank, Infamous Second Son, Until Dawn and the remasters. I want to see titles, not power.

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Yeeehaar! This looks beautiful.

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Not to be frustrated or anything but I have had the same news pending for 23hrs and this gets approved?

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I hope it showcases some new features and not just a minute teaser. I wonder if they might hold back some info until the PlayStation show in December.

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:') Tears of happiness. I can't wait to head back to Red Dead.

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Blagh this is just nonsense.

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You sound a bit bitter about Playstation.

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Easily the best title on the Xbox One, such a great gears of war title also. The coalition have done a fantastic job with this.

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Not a fan of Jim, I think he likes giving games low scores just for reactions etc. I don't care about this score or any of the others, it's just a pattern I've noticed with him.

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clickbait news and reviews like this really need to be blocked. Another site added to my avoid list.

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To be fair, I played IW at EGX and the multiplayer was a lot better that Black Ops III. It's futuristic, but not over the top which is the best thing. I know it's not classic COD but that's what MW remastered is there for. Activision have bad practices but I think the IW hate will change at launch.

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Even though the score is low, this review in general is poorly written and seems more of a rant than a review. What is going on with N4g recently?

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Can you PM your video of the big daddies fighting? Never saw that when I played through BioShock!

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Very nice, may pick this up.

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These opinion pieces are getting annoying. It's a games consoles, not a bloody Blu-ray media centre.

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Realistically if you have been waiting this long wasn't it kind of obvious it was going to happen? Mods are better on the PC anyway, console mods are pretty pointless imo. Each to their own of course. I don't think this is a big of an issue as it is. Seems like a lot of people want to hate on PlayStation at the moment.

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