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They have more than that already
If you include PS3s but apparently that's not what he meant. I doubt they can (or should) get 50% of the stand-alone player market with the PS3 out there. I'd say it's better to sell a PS3 to a movie fan and hope he'll also use it to play a game or two (unless they still sell them for less than they cost to manufacture). #1.2
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this story is just bullsh!t
Think for a moment: What would be the benefit of having this 'exclusive' for 360?! How many people owning the PS3 version will think "Gosh, I'll have to run out and get the 360 version as well". Exactly, none. So it might end up earlier on 360 due to some technical difficulties on PS3 or maybe they just don't have enough staff but MS certainly didn't buy a 21-day exclusiveness for a map pack... #31
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Multiplatform games suck anyway, I personally don't buy them. #31
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well actually EA's cash cow last year was the PS2... #12.1
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Lair was a good game but arrived at the wrong time...
Had Factor 5 released a game like Lair in two-three years time, when not just hardcore gamers would have owned a PS3, the game would have been a success.

As it is, it's a good game but with controls people used to having analog sticks in their hands 24 hours a day are not willing to adjust to. Anyone who actually played the game will attest that it plays well and the motion controls add to the game experience. I applaud Factor 5 for this high risk approah. We need more of this in... #20
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losing money always matters...
That's why MS dropped the HDD from the 360. The losses on the original xbox were so big, they couldn't afford that again from an investor relations POV. While they have plenty of cash, investors epxect them to build high margin businesses with it, like the windows and office businesses are. If the 360 will fail as the xbox did, they will have a hard time convincing shareholders that continuing in the console business is a good way to spend their money. #54.1
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#2 - No they're not. MS's strategy with 360 is sell the base hardware for a normal price and then charge a (large) premium for each and every accessory. In that way they want to minimise the loss on the hardware. If they let go of this strategy, it will have a significant negative impact on the Return On Investment of the 360. And after the xbox debacle (from a financial POV) shareholders are watching them more carefully this time around.

#6 - I agree, definitely hard to predict.... #44.2
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@ 2.3
Not sure what you’re trying to prove here, but I quickly glanced through your headlines but a lot have nothing to do with Sony themselves whatsoever.

On E3 2005 Sony’s show trashed that of the 360 much to the dismay of xbox fans (the hardcore gamers, including journalists). Afterwards the media and a very effective internet viral marketing campaign struck back because of the use of target renders. A quote was taken out of context (Resistance was running on actual PS3 hardware, K... #3.9
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@ 10.1
Which only adds to the point he's trying to make...

But the 8.8 is world wide, article just looks at US.

But it's quite clear the 360 is in fact the most expensive console if you want more than just the basics, hence people spend a lot of money on all those nice, little premium priced options... ;)

While attach rates and stuff are all nice, in the end the number of consoles sold is the most important metric. That's the only thing third parties look at. I... #12.2
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Your analogy doesn't hold
Mercedes can sell fewer cars than Honda because it sells them at a higher profit margin. In console-land, the cheapest console (Wii of course) is sold at the highest profit margin, while the more expensive consoles are sold a little above manufacturing cost.

But in the end they are all consoles and it's a bit naive to assume that the average consumer will get both a Wii and a PS3/360. The hardcore will have all three of them because of their different strengths and exclusives. Bu... #4.2
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I liked the game a lot, though it became kind of a drag to me near the end. Not because of gameplay but the story got weaker.

But after ICO and Folklore, it's the most beautiful game I've played on any console, ever. Must admit that I haven't yet played Shadow of the Colossus though... ;) #6.6
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"17+million units out there"

There are definitely 17+ million units out there (shipped from Microsoft), though it's very probable that the number of consoles sold to consumers is much lower (probably in the millions lower).

MS has shipped 17.7 million consoles. Only 10 million buyers have made use of their free trial Live subscription (which gets you a free game when you first go online and register). This is a big discrepancy for a console who's prime stre... #1.6
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Might be that they'd anticipated GTA4 to be released within the fiscal year and additional console sales because of that. Now that GTA drops to the next, those sales might come a little later.

Damn, I ran out of bubbles! ;) #20.2
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It sure was a shame to see Clover fail commercially. Without creative minds like them, gaming as a whole will not move forward. There are people that want more than just a graphics update.

Good to see they started a new place. Hope this time the money will come as well. #6
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Like I said before, I understand that it might not be best business practice to hold out content for one region in order to finish it for the other and do a simultaneous worldwide release. But the least Sony could do is when they publish something in de US to tell us when it will be released in Europe. Would remove a lot of disappointment each week. #6
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MS has sold 17.7 million consoles to shops. But it's not clear at all how many actually ended up with consumers. NPD sales are a better indicator but these don't add up to the 17.7 million as they're only for the US.

I'm not suggesting that every 360 buyer will go online (at least once) with his new toy but the 'tie rate' of Live seems a rather low given that the console's primary strenght is in fact Live. So this warrants an investigation, which I haven't seen anywere in the 'pr... #8.5
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but then they had to change it all and make it multi-platform...

Anyway, the review score amazes me in that, so far, an HD graphics upgrade was enough to warrant a high score. There's nothing on PS3 or 360 that's a big leap gameplay-wise from the last gen. There's only the graphics and so far that was enough, much to my dismay. #3.4
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@ 6.2
Might be, but 7.7 million people out of 17.7 million (about 44%) not using their free trial xbox live subscription seems rather high. That means not going online even once to download a demo, a trailer, or just to check it out briefly. There's more to Live than just online play of course.

Furthermore, the strongest selling point of the 360 is Live integration. Coupled with xbox's hardcore gamer demographic it's less likely that a buyer doesn't care at all about such a service. Un... #8.3
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Valid question...
"The only company that seem to outsell their predictions are Nintendo, how long can the Wii train keep on rolling?"

Though it could be more positively phrased: "Is there any reason to expect the Wii train to stop?".

In the gaming media people keep referring to the Wii as some sort of fluke: "yeah, it might sell like hot cakes now, but this can't continue too long".

The game media (a.k.a. hardcore gamers as I keep repeating)... #17.1
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Interesting link
about console sales...


The writer is a big Apple fan and not so much of MS but he does raise some interesting points. E.g. if MS shipped 17.7 million consoles but only 10 million owners used their free xbox live try-out, where are the other 7.7 million units? All sold to people without an online conn... #8.1
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