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No I like the review scale for games, for me 60 out of 100 says its above meh but don't go showing your mommy, she won't really be proud.
About 70 is worthy of a rent. Above 80 and I'll buy it if it interests me.

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Really? Lambo's cost cost 80 dollars more than Fords these days? Fords and Lambos are the only dedicated cars available in the market these days? Please don't make stupid comparisons just so that you try make the Vita seem so much better than the 3DS.
Now that the 3DS is dominating the VITA suddenly they aren't competing handhelds anymore? Suddenly VITA exists on some higher out of reach plain on it's own?? Gimme a break!

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Except Maseratti's don't cost 80 dollars more than Civics and aren't the only other car in competition with Honda and still getting royally beaten. . .in their own home country.
Not saying you're saying that. Just sayin'

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Reaching a little bit aren't we? Original logo featured a raccoon as well, 20 years ago. Sly is old but not 20 years old is he? Surely not gaming news?

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Cliff, you'll be back.

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A sad day in gaming when a 6 is something to celebrate no? I think we should just accept that this game just isn't critically impressive. Some will enjoy it, others will hate it, some will pretend to like it while spending more time defending it than they do playing it.

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Raw deal. I had an error 74, they gave me a new console 3 days later. Came to my door too, didn't have to ship out anything.

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Indeed. Nobody complains or claims the reviewers are paid or biased when the reviews are positive. An astute observation.

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Are the reviewers wrong about Declassified but right about Persona 4?
Edit: Just furthering the discussion, was not meant as an attack of any kind, please do not take offense.

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Mmmmmm, want! Oh and the DLC is cool too

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He's talking bout lifetime sales. Or at least I think he is.

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Did you try the 3 year warranty?

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