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Why all the disagrees, SexyPrawns? #11.1

That's exactly what THEY want, man.

Don't give in!

Edit: That's exactly why Sony did this! So guys like you would actually buy PlayStation Plus! Lol. I love PS Plus...but it's a matter of already having the content or not. I had most, but I expect great things. Haha. Castlevania demo is exclusive to PS+ for awhile. #5.2

I tried it.

The patch won't work with the US version of HVB. :( #3.1
Step Up (I'm On It) by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster?!?!?!?!?

Good info, man. Bubbles. #6.1.1
Bahaha. Who reported him? I honestly didn't. I wouldn't have called that trolling. #5.2
Dear God...

It's beautiful. #5

I plan on making a GOOD live-action Pokemon movie someday. I'm not kidding. It will be good. #4

Please gain access to the Lord of the Rings license.

PLEASE!!! #5
Battlefront and Battlefront II were PERFECT for this! Get into an AT-AT and just obliterate them! #5.1
1. Surviving High School
2. Angry Birds
3. Tilt To Live

/thread #12
*looks at Quantum Theory scores*

*blocks the word "Famitsu" from appearing anywhere in his browser* #7
"Call of Duty Selling Out"

Title fixed. #2
Maybe that's because the PS3's lineup is far more diverse?

In all seriousness, you guys should play some Little Big Planet or Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2 or Move or MGS4 or inFamous.

Maybe they didn't sell as well as Gears of War...

...but they're all extremely fun games.

Yes, I love Gears of War. Well...I love Gears 2. The first Gears dragged on for me. It had better multi-player though. I hope 3 fixes that...b... #4.1.1
Lol. You have a wardrobe?

I play in a space about that size. It works pretty well. #9.1
You have Fatal Frame 4?!? How is it?!? It's my favorite survival horror series. I NEED TO PLAY IT! #8.3.1
That and it had full button mapping also.

I know that doesn't make up for the "clunky controls", but still.

I felt that the controls were perfect, but to each his own. :) #3.2
I am beyond excited for the HD remake! I've played a good 200 hours of SotC! I never got through Ico though. :( I didn't hear about it at launch because I was still pretty young and didn't have access to most of the information about games. I read about it in PSM when they were talking about SotC, but never thought twice about it. I played it a couple of years back and absolutely loved it! I just never got to beat it before my friend needed it back. :( I can't wait to play bot... #5
Yeah, I might pay that for it also. Most would not though. Lol.

Bubbles. #3.1
Exactly. The R.U.S.E. demo is at least in the US/Canada store. If you don't live there, just make an account.

Btw...Start the Party is really fun! I highly recommend it! #1.1.2
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