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I think I like the saving idea in this one. While not infuriating, like the first Dead Rising, they are spaced out enough to continue that "I'm screwed" feeling.

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You guys are getting smarter.

You should change the profile pic though.

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You didn't play any other games?

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My PS3 is vertical...

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I agree. Lol.

I love both.

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It is. Lol. I freakin' love Bruce Lee.

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Guys...why are you talking about video games?

There's an article about sales that's only two links above this one. I suggest you discuss those. games...

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Microsoft is really good at one thing:

Keeping ONE thing in the forefront.

It was the slim.
Now, it's Halo: Reach.
Then, it will be Kinect.
Then, Gears 3.

While they don't release anywhere near as many exclusives for the 360...their marketing team and never-ending cash flow keep people buying their stuff. Strange, huh?

Look at Vista. That thing was a mess! When 7 came out, they pretended Vista...

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Do you have mirrors in your house?

Edit: I say that being fully aware that most of you are 360 owners... :)

And I'm ok with that.

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As a proud owner of both Halo: Reach and Move...

...I'm not going to tell you which one I've played more this week.

"Leon! You're such a fanboy!"

Yeah...probably. I enjoy good games on various platforms though. :) If anything, I'm a Tolkien fanboy.

This was a great week for the gaming industry. Reach sold extremely well, obviously. Move sold...meh. It's picking up via word of mouth though. Most p...

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I really liked COD4, but...the story wasn't as epic as MW2's. It was good, but nothing fantastic. MW2 had a more Hollywood blockbuster feel to it.

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Whoa whoa whoa...

Those are three of the highest regarded films in HISTORY, man.

You do realize that you're in a great minority when you speak that view. I'm not saying it's wrong to think that way...just that most people see LotR as possibly the greatest films ever made. I include myself in that lot as well.

I love The Lord of the Rings. I've been a huge fan since I was old enough to read. Those movies are nothing short of ...

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They'd have to do that thing where you unlock the trophy for playing against other people who have banged Mel B also. Otherwise, we'd never get it.

Basically, if ANYONE from Hollywood ever signs on the PlayStation Network...we're all getting the trophy.

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I'm actually buying this game. My manager thought I was crazy when I reserved it. Lol.

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Nice! I've loved these guys since I heard their stuff in Harmonix's first game...

In The Groove.

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Inception was contrived. It was a simple concept that he overcomplicated. *sigh* It's not a hard movie to understand, by any means. Donnie hard to understand. THAT was a good film though.

Inception was...boring.

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Props to the maker of the video for using the score from the original Gojira! Beautiful!

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No, it doesn't work. Lol. I've tried it multiple times after the update.

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