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God of War 3 is on there.

I agree though. Terrible list.

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DJ Hero?


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Yes, it does...

But why did you write it?

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I absolutely LOVE Tim Schafer's games! Brutal Legend was awesome for the metal alone. Sure, the RTS aspects got a bit tedious, but I was fine with it.

Costume Quest is dream!

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I lol'd.

:) Bubbles.

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Simon tells the truth though.

Kotick is just a JERK!

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Dante is teh emo and totally suxxorz now because I'm an adolescent who hates on a certain group of people, despite the fact that "emo" is a thought process and not fashion sense.


If Dante is emo, why does he look SO FREAKIN' HAPPY IN THE VIDEO?!?!?!

You guys are such tools.

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You're in a great majority of people who hate "emos" because they're completely out of touch with self-awareness.

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I love Ninja Theory.

I love Devil May Cry.

I'm not judging yet.

It may be different, but you guys can suck it up. :)

Edit: I'm with Ceekay.

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Can't wait to play it!

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That's just wrong...

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There may be slight differences in multi-plat games, but only a couple are different enough for anyone to notice. Bayonetta and The Orange Box come to mind. Both were patched later as well, to improve the issues.

Don't troll. You'll get reported. I know...because I'll do it.

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Dead Rising 2 and Enslaved about both very well developed games on both platforms.

From one gamer to another...just enjoy the games, man.

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I'm sorry to hear that, but it works just fine for the rest of us.

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So is sex.

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Very few people in this world can lay claim to such masterful work.

Thank you, Mr. Ueda.

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You couldn't finish Shadow of the Colossus because of the frame-rate...


That's a new one.

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Actually...I want the Move navigation controller as the left side of the controller and one identical to it on the other side...with the four shapes instead of the d-pad.

Don't connect them either. I want them separated. It'd be more comfortable.

Give us the OPTION to connect them though...and you've got the perfect controller.

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It could have been done better.

Better music.
More memorable looking actors.
Better lighting.

It COULD be better.

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Important question:

Does it make the game fun?

Seriously...I think I'll just wait for Hot Shots Golf.

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