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Yeah. Sure was.

I think you need to lay off the plants for awhile though.

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Nobody knows that.

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Ah! I can't wait for inFamous 2!

Move support has been rumored, but I'd like to see it in action.

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The name "Terra Militaris" totally says, "Buy me!"

How intelligent are these developers?

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PlayStation Lifestyle had it up hours and hours ago. Lol.

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Report the story!

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How do you...put the faceplate on?

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I loved those games.

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It's not from them. It's from Team Ninja.

Trust me. Once Nintendo starts getting into more complicated game'll see bugs.

There were bugs all over N64 games. The stuff Miyamoto is involved usually top quality though. He is about as OCD as it gets for polishing a game. Gabe Newell being the exception.

I'd love to see Nintendo embrace that also.

Half-life 2 STILL receives updates sometimes. T...

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Let's be honest.

Most of those characters are Twisted Metal rip-offs.


Shadow was there. Sweet Tooth was there. Mr. Slam was there.

It looks pretty cool though. I loved Gripshift. This COULD be good. It's probably more of a racing game also...whereas TM is a full-on combat game. It's like a fighter with cars.

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Here's a solution:

Play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

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He's my favorite character!!!

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Not a big "MILF" guy...

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Kinect was designed with the intention of bringing a new technology to the forefront of gaming.

The technology is NOT there yet though! Why do you think Sony and Nintendo both passed on it?

As far as technology goes, Sony's got it. Have you seen a Bravia 3 engine television? Their 3D TV's? They are absolutely gorgeous! They know how to make hardware and advance the electronics industry.

Microsoft may have the funds, but they don'...

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It needs to go up!

Think about it.

The Wii sold at $250, correct?

Since the average, uninformed American is ok giving into a new technology that has little value beyond one or two fun weekends in a row...'ll sell.

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Gran Turismo 5 has F1 though. I don't see your point.


I DON'T like these types of games...and yet I'm getting Gran Turismo 5.

That should tell you something.

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Is it so wrong to want Dante in there?

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Import tax, bruthuh...

*in Desmond from LOST's voice*

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I would get it if GT5 wasn't coming out in a little over a month.

Sorry. :(

This was a great review though. It was well written.

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