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What do people NOT GET about wanting a 1:1 input?

Fail. #10
It'll never happen to you.

You're too cute to die. #17.1
I play Demon's Souls.
I can beat Contra without dying.
I play I Wanna Be The Guy for fun.

You, sir, are a tool.

"Continue?" gets a LITTLE annoying when it pops up every five seconds.

You guys are just so afraid of being emasculated by being okay with lack of dying that it's pathetic.

Grow up. #7.1.2

I can't wait for it! #27
That's Capelli. Nathan...uh... #19.1
Thank you.
If I could please have everyone's attention...

Look at his comment.

Not once did he show an ounce of loyalty to one company or another. He simply stated that this was a great game when it came out...and that he's glad more people will get to enjoy it on a different system.

THIS is what we should be writing!

Bubbles. #12.1
Why would you create an account on "News4Gamers" if you don't like playing GOOD video games? #2.1.1
*Pulls The Naked Gun out and watches it.* #12
Those would be terrible games...

...unless Sony Santa Monica and Quantic Dream did 300/Sin City together.

That would be so full of win! #11
Haha. The Equilibrium pic was awesome. I've seen tons of Pokemon memes, but that one's pretty awesome.

Edit: That's entirely possible. it so wrong to want an American Psycho game? With remastered Phil Collins hits?

The only studio I'd trust with that game is Platinum. #10

I know. #4.1.1
I give it to Payne. #6
Racist! #1.1.1
Obviously, I was right...since no one responded.

Why the disagrees? #3.1.1
The question is...

Would you rather them unthaw Master Chief or Walt Disney? #4
I'm with you. It was uncalled for.

"sucking MS's d***"

That's the uncalled for part. #3.2.1
James Cameron's Avatar is much better though.

Edit: You guys hate anything that more than one person likes, don't you? #4.1.1

Kinect is the result of good intentions and poor execution.

It's like The Green Mile.

Microsoft wants this thing to absolutely own!

They're all ready. People are anticipating it. It's sitting there waiting for them to pull the lever.

They just never wet the sponge...

...and Michael Clarke Duncan's head will explode, spilling blood and brain matter across the floor...this N... #5
I understand the author's problem though.

No video game is laugh-a-minute comedy.

That's because video games have much longer scripts than movies, usually.

The average script length for a film is 200 pages. Heavy Rain's script was over 2,000 pages. Yeah...

Even if David Zucker (Airplane!, Naked Gun) were to write a video game, the jokes would most likely be spaced apart. You aren't just watching a video game.... #11
"I'll attack his weak point for MASSIVE damage!" - Kai (Heavenly Sword)

Many video games are funny.

No One Lives Forever.
Little Big Planet.
Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.
Start The Party.
Conker's Bad Fur Day.
Oddworld. (All in the series) #10
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